The Evolution of Mass Consciousness

The recent popular uprisings in Ukraine, Georgia and Iran, and now Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Bahrain show what can happen when changes in mass consciousness reach a decisive point.  The same kind of events occurred throughout history, though they are generally put down to chance or external events, instead of factors relating to the brain.

The question is, why should a population for generations tamely endure an oppressive system and rarely express dissent, then at a certain point risk their lives to overthrow it?  The only possible answer is a growth in consciousness, which always depends on a development somewhere in the brain.

The same kind of irresistible growth is displayed in children.  They gladly accept  restrictions, placed on them for their own safety, and cheerfully co-operate with the authority of their parents, when young.  But as years go by, they experience a growing sense of rebellion, and try out their own ability to make decisions.  These developments all hinge on the brain, the proof being that in some cases of mental impairment, this stage is never reached, and the adult retains, more or less, the mind and dependency of a child.  But in normal cases, this urge towards independence has a deep and powerful source well beyond the control of the individual, and persists until by trial and error the adult becomes capable of handling its own affairs and finding its own destiny.

The conscious personality is only a passenger in this process, as in many others taking place within its biological home.  Despite the illusion which the ego generates, human awareness is sometimes the least significant of the myriad intelligences woven throughout the body.  The intellect lacks the ability to manage more than one or two processes concurrently; without its help, the body must organise growth, digestion, circulation, respiration, protein manufacture, healing, maintenance and hundreds of other complicated functions while neogiating human requests to move, eat, drink, talk, read, work, and so on.  The lungs never forget to breathe, nor the heart to beat, or the eyes to blink.  How this can be achieved without pause for a hundred years is a complete mystery to science because it refuses to acknowledge the existence of other intelligences besides our surface personality.  As long as materialists cling to this indefensible stance like the lame to a crutch, they will continue to lose credibility as more of the fantastic biological nanotechnology is revealed; eventually it will become obvious even to atheists that materialism, now little more than an archaic superstition, is holding back progress and will be discarded, though not before wasting many valuable years of opportunity.

Until then, we will have to put up with the chaotic din of nonsense repeated endlessly about Nature being aimless, lifeless and dead, while all the evidence points the other way, and the technology created by her continues to bewilder the brightest minds.  Even completely separated from the conscious mind, the body functions perfectly well every day during sleep: it is in this period that growth and repairs are mainly carried out while the human personality is helpless to interfere.  Modifications to the most complicated machinery on Earth are well beyond the intellect.  Although with effort we can refine our abilities to potentials set by the genetics, we can no more resist the urge to learn to move and communicate – the timing of which is another factor beyond conscious control – than we can permanently prevent the lungs from releasing or drawing breath.

We never force a child to walk or talk.  They enthusiastically attempt these difficult tasks and are undaunted by setbacks or lack of technique.  If a word has a complicated structure, familiar sounds are injected in the place of more difficult ones, making a child’s unique and endearing pattern of speech. Learning to walk independently is a painful experience with many bruises on the way, but even the most hesitant child persists until its aims are achieved.  This determination is remarkable, as it shows an undeniable resilience in the brain when the final aim is part of Nature’s plan.

In the case of young countries, even a restrictive government offers  advantages over a chaotic or unreliable nomadic system.  But power tends to corrupt individuals possessing it, which often makes them hang on past the point of overall benefit, into oppression and violence.  It is for this reason that excessive wealth and power are warned against by religion.  The prophets were intuitively aware of the laws of human evolution and the dangers wealth and power pose to it; their emergence was also part of natural evolution, forming a moral structure and a spiritual context for enormous numbers of people.

Just as the individual brain and corresponding ability of a child grows according to the unalterable goal of creating a self-reliant adult, the consciousness of mankind also grows, though with a broader context, and in an almost imperceptible way.  History is one long illustration of how the brain and the corresponding consciousness of very large groups of people evolve in tandem.  After a certain point, this growth cannot be held back by force without a distortion of the personality, an unnatural pressure to which the brain signals its alarm using annoyance, irritation and even anger.  Mass organisation can only arise from and be agreed to by mass consciousness, and its instruments are born leaders who bring order to a section of the race.

The same forces can be seen at work in the literary, scientific, industrial and artistic fields as well: sudden periods of improved perception resulting from the work of those possessing the right mental equipment to introduce changes at the right time, occasionally to resistance or derision at first.  These individuals often emerge in groups, born with ingrained attributes making them appear stubbornly eccentric, and even at odds with their peers: revolutionaries of a more benign cast.  Nature dealt with the oppressively restrictive 16th century religious institution in Europe, which was holding back evolution by forbidding – under pain of death – scientific enquiry outside of a strictly circumscribed orbit, by introducing a crop of brilliant intellectual minds whose purpose was to put these superstitious charlatans in their place and introduce a new wave of logical thinking.  But where a genius is too far ahead of their time, their ideas fail to take root until long after their death.  This demonstrates the need for a certain preparation of the mental soil, which, at the right time, can erupt like a tinderbox.  This is exactly what we are witnessing now in the Middle East, and in a more gradual form, in the worldwide descent of Western powers.

Ant carrying microchip

If consciousness did not evolve, there would also be no need to alter its political structures. There is no comparable development in the animal kingdom for the reason that their brains are static.  Insects, for example, retain the same kind of behaviour from one generation to the next; the fact that they never outgrow their social organisation shows there is no corresponding evolution within their brain.  They remain, more or less, fixed at the instinctive level on which they have always behaved, and for which their bodies and sensory mechanisms are completely suited.  Far from supporting the current theory of endlessly mutating genes, it points to an astoundingly precise process in which designs can easily remain fixed for unimaginable periods of time.

The insects – ants, spiders, mosquitos and wasps – found frozen in amber from the Jurassic period show no appreciable difference than those found today, after at least 65 million generations. And yet the ant has a substantial number of genes – around 15,000 – of which hundreds are dedicated to the sense of smell and perhaps 100 to the sense of taste.  Therefore they are far from simple creatures.  And the Coelacanths caught off the coast of Madagascar in the last 70 years show the same remarkable attributes as the Coelacanth fossils of the Devonian period – more than 350 million years ago.

52m year old amber specimens from India. The species Psocoptera (barkfly at left) was already 200m years old by then

The apparently gradual changes in the human brain are, by comparison, happening at lightning speed, and the continual renewal of social forms demonstrates that the goal is not the preservation of a particular kind of organisation but the advancement of the race as a whole.  As the mental capacity of a population expands, it will eventually attempt to reason with dictatorship; in some cases the transition can be handled peacefully and the laws gradually become more progressive and lenient.  If reason fails, the urge does not just disappear, but grows stronger, until the accumulated inertia is overwhelming.  In drastic cases, violent extremists are born with a charisma which propels them into the centre of events, but without any moral component, as if their sole purpose is to overthrow the hated regime.  Their emergence is not by chance, but a sign that a serious obstacle has blocked human evolution.  To Nature, the race is more important than the individual, and no one segment is more important than another.

This equality is enshrined in religious scriptures which offer the same path of enlightenment to all.  The impoverished citizens of the oil-ruined Niger Delta or the stateless Palestinians are as much a part of Nature’s plan as the wealthy oil barons or the Israeli forces.  Such obvious disparities of freedom are unnatural and not the result of malicious divine will, but malicious humans.  Were it not so, we would be powerless to solve the problem.  But the inequality, created by man, could be resolved by him, if not for the fascination of the leading nations with controlling oil resources, obligingly installing or propping up ruthless killers at the helm of countries possessing them, with exploring the galaxies, or with testing massive new supercolliders, all at a cost of hundreds of billions of dollars.  This means that nearly one billion people on our own planet are, at this very moment, for want of a little interest by the richest nations on Earth, going hungry.  This is a serious drawback of the intellect arrogantly working without any moral frame of reference: able to only focus on a narrow area of study, and only on a handful of parameters at a given time, and never able to predict events even a few days away.

2004: NASA employees congratulating each other on successful Mars landing approx 100,000,000 miles away. The corruption of the mind is an almost instantaneous result of wealth and power, and the arrogance they foster, much as infection and disease destroys the body when simple hygiene is ignored.

2004: child living on rubbish dump in Managua, Nicaragua. Distance from Cape Canaveral approx 1,000 miles. 79% of Nicaraguans live on less than $2 a day and 27% are malnourished: the highest percentage in any country in the Americas.

2004: Martian Rover cost including extensions: $948,000,000. Equivalent to adequately feeding every starving person in Nicaragua for a year.

One glimpse into the world of life is enough to show that laws cover the rise and fall of the human race just as they cover the rise and fall of continents.  The racial consciousness, acting through brains in tune with it, has produced legends – not in only one society but all over the globe – of higher forces taking human shape to correct situations created by man’s animal nature.  But the leading intellects, discarding racial instinct as mere superstition, cut themselves off from Nature.  The result is world conditions deteriorating so quickly that even the advanced nations are caught off guard.  Meanwhile, atheists declare it a golden age in which science might one day solve every problem, even while the civilisation which it has built is crumbling, and even crashing down around their ears, as a furious Nature shakes the human race out of its besotted stupour: the only way to correct the problem on a global scale.  The atheist actually congratulates itself on its cleverness while a little further down the road, one billion people starve.  Champions of pointlessness such as Richard Dawkins claim there is no intrinsic purpose to life – some get lucky, some don’t, thanks to random, blind physical forces.  To him, there is no cause or effect.  Treating such autism as wisdom allows a society to be maintained across a fault line: when the stresses cause the inevitable ruptures, they are simply pointed to as proof of pointlessness, allowing the ugly charade to be repeated.  The blithe dismissal of the colossal human misery caused by the actions of the most powerful nations on Earth shows the grotesque, freakish distortions of the mind which follow arrogance, in the same way that putrid, festering sores quickly follow a lack of proper hygiene on the physical plane.  Both are the inevitable result of ignoring natural laws.

Men of terror such as Robespierre, sensitive to injustice and prepared to take any means to put an end to it, fulfilled this function when all forms of peaceful transition were denied.  His speeches were so charismatic that he could alter the views of any audience, and it was largely this quality which galvanised public opinion, already seething with dissatisfaction, and focused their energy in a revolution. “Terror is only justice prompt, severe and inflexible; it is then an emanation of virtue; it is less a distinct principle than a natural consequence of the general principle of democracy, applied to the most pressing wants of the country.” While in his private life he was unfailingly honest and charitable, he had no qualms about extending the now systematic executions to include political rivals.  A reign of terror began in which the streets of Paris ran with blood.  The revolution attracted the power-hungry, and took on a life of its own as personal scores were settled with killings via “the national razor” carried out practically on-the-spot, and on virtually any pretext.  It ended with Robespierre’s execution: his jaw already shattered by a gunshot during his arrest, he was guillotined face up, in agony.

Mr Dirty Deals himself - with Colonel Gaddafi

Protestor for democracy: victim of Libyan armed forces, Feb 18, 2011.

Keeping terrorism going: PM Cameron with Field Marshal Tantawi in Cairo; Cameron is visiting Egypt, taking along eight weapons salesmen.

In the same way today, there are violent extremists, indifferent to any sense of mass suffering, bent solely on the subversion and overthrow of the West, because in this case, its lifestyle and support of terrorist heads of states has become a threat to the safety of the race.  America currently sucks down more than 35% of the planet’s energy resources, often for frivolous or murderous ends.  The very existence of this unique class of revolutionaries is a sign that inequality is in urgent need of reform.  The excess of wealth seen in leading nations is not only crippling to the third world, which must support it through a global form of slavery, but a danger even to those possessing it.  The degeneration clearly visible in wealthy societies (passing completely without comment by modern evolutionists) is also not a product of chance – the evolutionist’s single answer to the billion-fold complexities of evolution – but a sign that the margin for safety has been exceeded and decay has set in, as the health of the individual genetics also depends on Nature’s laws.  It is not a malevolent deity but ignorance of these laws which is behind the volatile situations in front of us now all over the world.

Computers from Europe and the USA dumped in Ghana where the computer wire and parts are burned to recover copper and other metals. Workers, including children, from the poorer northern region of Ghana do the filthy, dangerous work and sell the copper to buyers, who send it to China or India

The rise of Al Qaida is a shocking but utterly predictable development in which mighty Western powers, armed to the teeth, and bent on controlling and burning up the energy resources of an entire planet without any thought to the future of mankind as a whole, are being brought to account by Nature.  It is the architects of modern society, prolonging this shocking form of cannibalism, who are actually to blame for the present horror.

Who exactly is the architect of modern society, of modern civilisation?  The materialist, and largely atheistic, mind.  In the animal kingdom, even the humble ant, with its tiny brain, makes certain every member of the group has its fair share of food.  The same example is set by herds of animals; even the sick and the weak are allotted their share.  But modern civilisation departs drastically from this simple, sane example.  The result is warfare, terrorism, and massive civil unrest, all on a global scale.  It is the 20th century, built by highly evolved logical minds, which, lacking any moral or spiritual component, has exceeded all others in the slaughters which have taken place from one end of the globe to the other.  Entire generations of young men have been hurled onto massive bonfires, in World Wars the like of which have never been seen before.  This suicidal race has climaxed in the construction of nuclear weapons – specifically designed to literally flay the living skin off tens of thousands of innocent members of our own species with a boiling wind which roasts them alive – men, women, children and infants – simply because they do not live in our country.  This is how twisted and sick the modern intellect has become: having declared that God is dead, religion to be nonsense, Nature witless and blind, and having pronounced man the freak product of random molecules, the leading intellects are busy raping the planet of its resources, and perfectly prepared to massacre any members of their own race who stand in their way.

Nigerian massacre

This disastrous state of affairs cannot be blamed on any other source: the result is that at a time when the human race should be basking in success and enjoying the fruits of its own brain, the brain itself is refusing to co-operate with the stress and pressure, and the genetic seed is deteriorating right before our eyes.  Mankind has become a rebel to Nature – with virtually a band of crooks, killers, robbers and sociopaths at the helm – and taken a path away from one aligned for it, destined for evolution to greater heights, and harvested degeneration and insanity: Nature’s answer to the arrogance of the intellect.

Organiser of some of the worst massacres of modern times. Monstrous companies such as DOW assisted Kissinger by designing weapons (with the help of Nazi criminal Otto Ambros) such as Agent Orange, Napalm, and their masterpiece - White Phosphorous. Half a million Vietnamese children have been born with appalling deformities as a result of Agent Orange - with not one penny in compensation from DOW, or the USA.

A map which Nixon and Kissinger made possible

The laughter and derision of the atheist, and their infantile suggestion that we blame “a non-existent God” for the problems of mankind is a dreadful display of ignorance.  There are evolutionary laws as consistent and unavoidable in their application as the laws of physics.  To flout these laws, sacrificing the all-important long-term evolution of the race in exchange for extreme luxury and wealth in the hands of a few, invites a disaster which can only be blamed on our way of life.  The Food and Agriculture Organisation reports that almost one billion individuals today are malnourished, that a child dies every four seconds from hunger, while the leading societies seem to be, with their own hands, destroying the brain.  The genetic deterioration which has already set in among leading nations – inexplicable increases of ADD, autism, depression, schizophrenia, illiteracy, obesity, Alzheimers, anti-social behaviour, disinterest in work, escapism, alcoholism, drug dependency, psychotics, depression, bi-polar disorder, violent crime and so on have not arrived by chance.  They are not the result of “God needing better quality control” as one atheist gleefully suggested.  They are the natural outcome of a lifestyle glorifying the material world at the expense of moral and spiritual development, against all laws governing human evolution.

Modern day inequality: even the ant, with its tiny brain, knows this isn't how to construct a society.

There is no other explanation for these ominous trends, not to mention the rise in suicide (all over the world, rates have increased 5-62% over the last ten years according to the World Health Organisation, who claim that mental illness will soon be the number one health problem worldwide) even among the young, and in societies where ease of life is commonplace.

How could it be possible in such a well ordered, finely tuned world governed by laws from the atoms to the galaxies, that man’s astoundingly complex genetics, working perfectly without any assistance from him, could obligingly take any shape his whim dictates, and indulge all his weaknesses?  Why do we constantly search for laws of physics, of planetary motions, of chemical, atomic and molecular behaviour, while at the same time assume that in an an existence comprised of all these elements, man is free from any natural law, and can establish any kind of lifestyle without violating natural checks and safeguards to preserve the race?  The sole responsibility for this appalling ignorance lies with a materialist philosophy declaring that Nature is dead, that status and wealth are the most valuable possessions of a human being, that spirit and consciousness are, more or less, unintended rubbish in a dead Universe.

Victims of one of Saddam Hussein's gas attacks, in 1988. Saddam was installed and supported by the West (a favourite Ba'athist quote was "we rode to power on the CIA train") and thousands of pro-communist intellectuals were tortured and killed when he took power. The names were provided by the CIA, to ensure he had as little opposition as possible. Saddam's massacres were overlooked by America, and even blamed by them on Iran, in exchange for oil. Later, America tried to starve the country of vital food and medicines - killing, in the process, 500,000 Iraqi children (a price a smiling Madeleine Albright declared "well worth paying") in the hopes they might overthrow Saddam and save risking American troops. His massacres were later used as a pretext for his execution, again by America. None of this had any link whatever to religion: it was all about oil.

Can anyone imagine a more foolish position for a thinking consciousness to take, than declaring dead, unintelligent, lifeless matter to be superior to it, and to continually announce its own unplanned, temporary, aimless, insubstantial and completely meaningless existence?  The truth is the exact opposite: it is consciousness which pervades the universe, and intelligences of vastly superior types to man existing not only side by side with him but throughout the different dimensions of the universe, and highly active within every cell of his body.  Since only consciousness can detect consciousness, the colossal secret of religion is that the human brain has an astonishing potential.  If a product of favourable genetics, and not overburdened by a crippling weight of meaningless facts and trivia, material goods, stress and worry, if voluntarily co-operating with evolutionary laws – striving to diminish ego and be of service to others (the basic tenets of every religion) – the human brain can purify its own subtle chemistry, inextricably linked to the emotional state, and using simple practices, slowly develop the neuronal power of a specific chamber to gain access to this dimension of consciousness, while retaining all of its original intellect, perception and personality.

The constant visualisation of an eternal wisdom or almighty intelligence is not done, as one atheist smugly claimed, “to satisfy the demands of the invisible floating sky papa”.  It is to develop the specific area of the brain capable of perceiving consciousness itself, and which, like other neuronal areas, responds quickly to the use to which it is put, and slowly magnifies its own power.  This is the reason for the emotional colouring in worship and thoughts of divinity, for emotion has the effect of embedding an experience within the personality.  “The mind assumes the shape of the object it pursues” – which explains the emotionally deadening effect of a materialist lifestyle valuing property far more than human life, and reflected in deterioration of the mirror neurons, the biological home of empathy.  The aim of religion is to keep an evolutionary ideal in front of the eye of the mass of mankind; images of individuals both human and divine represent mankind’s future destiny, to develop in wisdom and in morality both, to earn a place alongside much higher forms of life, which populate the Universe from end to end, some in recognisable forms and others which it is not possible to imagine.  The evolution of the brain is far from complete, and nobody yet knows what wonders are contained with it.  The abilities of psychics, mystics, creative geniuses, and the bewildering displays of masters of chi energy all give hints as to the future normal possessions of mankind.

That religion is abused by those seeking wealth or fame is a testament to its inherent power within the mind of man. In the same way, power-hungry individuals, gold-diggers, sociopaths, marketers and even entire industries are built on the back of mankind’s sexual impulses, without their unscrupulous ways leading to the banning of sex.  The sexual nature and the spiritual nature are intertwined within the biology of man; their period of recurrence and the arc of their influence differs widely, but forcibly suppressing either one can lead to ugly distortions of the personality, a fact completely lost on crusading figures such as Richard Dawkins and the anti-theists, who for their own personal reasons maintain a vendetta against established religions, without ever considering that these institutions only exist because of a worldwide demand for them.

The experience of cosmic consciousness is overwhelming, and shatters in an instant the illusion of unarguable solidity which the physical surfaces presented to the senses create; an illusion to which we only become more attached when striving endlessly for earthly goals, while ignoring completely the inner world.  It is seldom appreciated that the emotions of wonder, of contentment, and of happiness flow from the brain.  They do not come from physical objects.  The experience of these is a measure of our own inner dimension; all beauty and nobility, all kindness and all the lasting works of art, all add to this process of inner growth.  The brain is capable of creating these without the expense in time and energy that luxury demands; this is why religion emphasised charity and unselfishness: to dissolve the chains which bind the human mind to the earth, and promote a healthy inner growth.

Modern dispute in Palestine: Israel, armed and backed by the world's leading nation, the USA, is terrorising an entire nation in order to take their land and water.

But in a final grim assault, the atheists seize on inconsistencies in the human institutions of religion to mock the spiritual scriptures of mankind, instinctively held dear by billions upon billions of normal, peaceful human beings over thousands of years.  The real reason for the instinctive revulsion felt in sane minds towards a theory promoting the superiority of dead matter far over living consciousness becomes obvious when we see the ominous genetic deterioration now taking place, and global chaos unravelling the materialist structure of society, right before our eyes.  The fantastic genetic machinery, the work of millions of years’ evolution, is being wrecked in one or two generations, as the evolutionists, drunk on their own smugness, declare it a trifle of no concern to them.

Richard Dawkins is thrilled with the disaster which is modern society - as it collapses all around us. As well he might be - successful, respected, affluent, intelligent and a spokesman for the benefits of logical thought. "I am thrilled to be alive at time when humanity is pushing against the limits of understanding. Even better, we may eventually discover that there are no limits."

Revolutionaries do not concern themselves about the deaths of innocent people: their aim is widespread disruption and even war, to bring down the maniacs who, lost to all sense of restraint, have put the luxury of a small group above the welfare and safe future of a planet.  The voluntary dismantling of these inequalities would automatically solve the problem.  The choice is always there.  But the corruption of the intellect caused by  unnatural wealth makes it cling to power until the bitter end, seeing enemies on all sides and lashing out with armed might left and right, in the death throes and the last gasps of an unsustainable, doomed, society.

The same forces are in motion worldwide, and the same political tenacity is in evidence in the West, which employs mighty armies and Hellish weapons to inflict horrific suffering, spread terror and subdue resentful populations.  But Nature shows no respect for armies or the glittering cities of the rich.  When man’s greed for power and luxury endangers humanity or its home, the Earth, it can take a period of horror to remove these blocks and ensure the safe, if less glamorous, future evolution of the race.

About iain carstairs

I have a great interest in both scientific advances and the beauty of religion, and created about 15 years ago with the aim of finding common ground between the scientist and the believer, and to encourage debate between the two sides.
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9 Responses to The Evolution of Mass Consciousness

  1. nel says:

    World is unfair.
    thank you for your article. I hope this can help people think about where our society is going

  2. joyia11 says:

    Thank you for this article, it is deeply in tune with the project I’m working on.
    There’s a song you should listen to that goes perfectly with your article. It’s called Humbling River by Puscifer:
    Your article helped me to understand the full meaning of it. “Nature, nurture, heaven and home. Sum of all and by them driven.”
    I hope and pray we make the quantum leap necessary to change our world. But I know that all change starts with the individual. In my own corner I do my best “to be the change,” as do we all, I hope.

    • What a beautiful song – I took the time to learn the chords to it – it’s very simple but very powerful. That film shows how it is – atheist or believer, we’re all in the same boat and we all want peace on this planet, and food for everyone. It’s not really much to ask. If you want to publicise your project, let me know – we’re getting about 400 hits a day here which is pretty useful. Evolution of consciousness seems to have moved from animal to human, to local, regional and national. Religion has also helped, making groups of people feel empathy beyond the borders of countries. Religion prepared the ground for science, and science has accelerated evolution, and now many people are starting to think globally. This is a huge leap from where our animal mind used to be. If enough people think globally then surely these problems will start to be felt globally, and solutions will be demanded. Everything helps, I feel sure of it! Thanks for your letter and good luck with your project

      • joyia11 says:

        Thanks Ian. Your blog is a big help with my project. I’ll let you know when I want to publicize it. Lately I have been reading transcripts of the Beyond Violence talks Krishnamurti gave. He goes into the root of all violence and conflict in the world. Really good read.

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  4. farrukh nadeem says:

    All over the world , All victims are the Muslims.Allah Help Us!!! Make us Pure & strong to fight against evil.
    Muslims want to spread fragrance and purity of life to others but Evil want Hunger & blood of human .

  5. We stumbled over here coming from a different web address and thought I
    may as well check things out. I like what I see so now i am following you.
    Look forward to looking at your web page again.

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