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The Scient-Autist at Work: in the Slaughterhouse

Sir John Beddington, Britain’s Chief Scientist, went on record this week with a statement intended to dispel mounting fears about the nuclear disaster unfolding in Japan.  According to this expert, because explosions at nuclear plants only endanger people living nearby … Continue reading

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Gene modification through lifestyle?

I recently helped a friend do some research on autism.  I was amazed by what I found – this condition, about which I knew very little before, has already been labelled an epidemic in America. Autism, and a milder version … Continue reading

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Extracts from Pandit Gopi Krishna, 1983

Let us suppose that a public leader, of the same mental constitution as Gautama the Buddha, Christ, Socrates or Gandhi, all famous figures of history, universally respected for the excellence of their character and model way of life, were to … Continue reading

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What’s the human cost?

I read today that the Ministry of Defence has spent £20 billion so far on the manufacture of 160 Typhoon fighter jets ordered in the 1980’s.  Due to rising costs, the project will cost 75% more than they thought; the … Continue reading

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Emotional Links to Genetic Health: Biological Heaven and Hell

I wonder when someone over at the Human Genome Project will research and document the effect of prolonged emotional states on the health of the genes? We already know that an emotional shock can trigger the onset of cancer by … Continue reading

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