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Divinity – a natural ideal for the mind

There does seem to be a tendency for all cultures, all peoples, to invent gods.  They may differ in detail, but I think I’m right to say- anthropologists will tell you – that all peoples have gods of some sort. … Continue reading

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Extra! Paradise damaged, religion not responsible!

Today Alex Hawkes of the Guardian writes that “UK riots were product of consumerism” – according to city analyst Tim Morgan, Tullet Prebon’s head of global research: “We conclude that the rioting reflects a deeply flawed economic and social ethos… … Continue reading

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Painter of the Soul: Isaak Levitan

Earlier this year a Russian friend asked if I would make for her a copy of a painting by Isaak Levitan, an artist I had to admit I had never heard of.  At a Van Gogh exhibition, to my irritation … Continue reading

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London Calling

You can’t leave a place for five minutes without finding someone has tried to change everything.  There’s a move afoot to turn the London Underground Map from the clear and sensible design of the 1930’s back into into the one … Continue reading

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Child of Religion: Antoni Gaudí

“A church is the only thing worthy of representing the feelings of a people, for religion is the highest thing in people”.. Antoni Gaudí We’re taking a few days off in Barcelona this weekend, and at last have a chance … Continue reading

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Darwinism’s little problem: eugenics

Whereas science is a neutral process of intellectual discovery, as interesting and  useful to those with faith as those without it, atheism is an interpretation of that science which declares consciousness, Divinity, Universal design, and by extension religion, to be … Continue reading

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Work That Brain!

Lately I’ve been discovering the benefits of meditation – I learned how to meditate when I was 18 but I think I overdid it, and my life being quite hectic and stressful, it seemed to make me oversensitive.  Eventually I … Continue reading

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