9/11: When Religion Becomes the Patsy

Cheney reacting to his attack on WTC

Cheney – who elected himself vice president – casually watching the results of his attack on America; he shortly will profit by hundreds of millions of taxpayer money via his links to Halliburton. Cheney will shortly give a no-bid one billion taxpayer dollar contract to Halliburton for rebuilding Iraq, after paying Raytheon and Lockheed and KBR hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to destroy it. A good day at the office

9/11 was a disaster not only for America, but the entire world.   Since then, through the persistence of many conscientious individuals, it has become widely recognised that the attacks had nothing whatsoever to do with Islam, and cannot even be blamed on fanatics bent on punishing America.

If you want to see the clearest, most comprehensive and most lucid film ever made on 9/11, you must see this documentary by Nuoviso:


9/11 was the excuse which allowed America to launch its “War On Terror”, a phrase which sounds like a bizarre joke.  Since a specific enemy is never defined, such a conflict can be extended indefinitely and applied in any direction, even towards citizens within its own borders.  Pointing to 9/11, any protest is defined as treason.  Even the phrase War On Terror is a contradiction in terms, since by its horror and trauma, war is pure terror.  The unprovoked attack on Iraq has left 100,000 innocent civilians dead, and scarcely a single family unscathed.  Perhaps we should ask them how they feel about America’s War on Terror.

pentagon words metabunk

Government spook Mick West announces that an airliner has vanished, disintegrated, disappeared. The Pentagon later announce all the DNA of passengers on board – bar that of one small child – was retrieved. No, seriously!

The basic premise is that the human race is permanently in a state of aggression and must be spied on, or kidnapped and tortured, or bombed into submission.  In fact, if we exclude individuals with a mania for power and wealth, the human race has a warm heart, and always responds to acts of kindness, due to the expansive nature of the soul, guided, if sometimes in fits and starts, by its own conscience.  It is the architects of this War of Terror who are the freakish exceptions.  Bent on monopolising the energy resources of a planet, their actions are causing large numbers of people (even within their own borders) to seethe with anger at their savagery and Hellish weapons.  This fury serves the purpose of justifying more military action and whipping up more paranoia to stoke the tax dollars: the War on Terror becomes a mobius strip with an endless surface of escalating violence.  The Pentagon is currently trying to perfect a delivery system that will allow it to bomb any point on the planet within one hour, and advising that any malicious act, even mischief aimed at disabling internet services, is an act of war.  And all this from a country now over 14 trillion dollars in the red, one crisis away from bankruptcy.

The late filmmaker Aaron Russo spoke openly about his friend Nick Rockefeller who, privy to the thoughts of the banking giants, in November 2000 explained that a “catacylsmic event” was being planned in mainland America to justify the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, in order to gain control over the oil supply and allow an unobstructed gas pipeline all the way to the Caspian Sea.  The true purpose of the conflict is well documented from many sources, as the desire for a stronger military base in the Persian Gulf had long been a stated priority of the Pentagon and openly discussed. It was recognised that the American public was losing their enthusiasm for billions spent on weapons, and an early Pentagon memo predicted the trend would continue, “absent some cataclysmic event.. like a new Pearl Harbour.”

The most obvious clue that 9/11 was engineered and enabled by the Bush dynasty and its financial and military cohorts is that, though security might have marginally improved, nothing remotely approximating those attacks has occurred since, despite there being exponentially more individuals worldwide with a renewed vigour to strike back than there ever were before.  And far from being a highly efficient centrally controlled group of fanatics, investigations of bin Laden’s organisation showed it to be a rag-tag group of idealists with almost no ability to organise anything apart from impulsive, improvised roadside violence.

The impressionable suicide bombers used in marketplaces and police stations are selected for their low mental capacity.  Spotters are always located securely away from the target zone, ready to trigger the detonation remotely should the suicide bomber suddenly see sense or lose the will to die.  The bombers are looked down on as disposable fodder for promoting a political end and their death conveniently insures no trail of evidence or possibility of interrogation.  The architects of this roadside mayhem are far too motivated to profit from all the resulting hue and cry, and too astute to wire themselves up with TNT.

No Arabic names were on the flight manifests released by United and American Airlines the next day – a point at which no “hijackers” had even been named by the FBI.  No families ever spoke out to excuse or condemn the actions of individuals supposedly known to them, or stepped forward to claim their remains.  At least eight of the individuals named by the FBI were astonished to see their televised faces associated with the disaster and declared themselves alive and well.  Supposedly having caused the Pennsylvania crash, one Saudi individual said, “..I have never even heard of Pennsylvania.”

Underwriters Laboratories certified the steel used in WTC.  Kevin Ryan, an executive at UL wrote to NIST that “the buildings should have easily withstood thermal stress caused by burning jet fuel.. they were certified to ASTM E119 (requiring samples to be exposed to 2000F for several hours).  The steel applied met those specifications ..even un-fireproofed steel will not melt until reaching red-hot temperatures of nearly 3000F. Why NIST would imply that 2000F would melt the high-grade steel in those buildings makes no sense.”

Three years later, the 9/11 Commission forgot to mention the rather important fact that the supposed terrorists apparently either seemed not to exist or had not been missed by their family.  Osama bin Laden declared he had nothing whatever to do with the massacre; the Taleban even offered to hand him over for trial in a neutral country if it meant NATO would stop blowing up Afghanistan and butchering its people, nearly all of whom had absolutely no idea what “9/11” meant, other than it being constantly referred to by the military as a reason for their invasion.   Although taken aback by this very reasonable offer, Bush’s reply was simply, “we don’t need any trial: we already know he’s guilty.”

Of the suspected Al Q’aida members in a flying school (individuals already known to the FBI) some were referred to as “dumb and dumber”, possessing such poor English and mechanical skills that they were tactfully advised to leave.  Instructors expressed doubts as to whether they were even capable of driving a car. These same individuals were supposedly able to achieve complete success in taking over four large airliners full of people, overpowering military-trained pilots, mastering hugely complex aircraft and disabling all the alarm systems, using only small knives and box cutters, despite crews of the remaining flights having been warned of the first takeover, by the FAA.

Bush on Air Force One, September 11 2001

Besides the bizarre, identical collapse of three colossal commercial buildings,there were huge explosions from the basements of all three buildings, and they started before the first plane even hit.  A maintenance worker for ten years, William Rodriguez personally rescued fifteen people from the towers, and assisted firefighters by unlocking access doors to enable the rescue of worker trapped there.  Rodriguez heard and felt at least three massive explosions going off down in the basement levels within seconds of each other.  During his subsequent rescue efforts on the upper floors, Rodriguez claims he heard explosions going off “all over the building.”

Felipe David, a colleague, who was working at the far end of basement Level-1 across from Rodriguez, fell victim to the second explosion. David was walking towards a supply room when the entire wall suddenly exploded in front of him. Burned beyond recognition, David managed to stagger towards Rodriguez. Willy took one look at the man and froze. The skin on his face had almost completely peeled away exposing raw, pink flesh, and the burnt skin of his outstretched arms was hanging horrifically, “like sheets of loose cloth.” David was the first casualty whose life Rodriguez saved by carrying him up to paramedics at street level, after which he returned to the basement in spite of police orders.

John Mongello, a colleague of Rodriquez, was in the lobby of the neighboring South Tower when the first aircraft plowed into the North Tower where Rodriguez was located. It would be another sixteen minutes before the second aircraft would rip into the one Mongello was in.   Yet, within a minute of the first plane hitting the North Tower, an elevator in the SOUTH Tower exploded right before his eyes. Mongello and others were literally blown backwards by the blast, as people—many, horribly burned—began to run shrieking in pain, shock, and sheer terror.  (coupmedia.org)

Firefighters and police reported explosions as having blown out floor after floor in sequence prior to the collapse.  Clearly the timing of the detonations, presumably overseen by Silverstein’s crew, were the result of some confusion.  Perhaps smoke billowing from one tower to the other confused them.  Rodriguez and Mongello both testified to the 9/11 commission, but not surprisingly, their remarks were excluded from the report and no reference was made to the explosions.  The report itself was so amateurish and its conclusions so stupid, that at least one commission member quit in disgust.

Rodriguez became an outspoken figure and was feted by the Republican party, and offered strong political backing if he gave up his quest to tell people what he had seen on 9/11.  He refused, and was immediately abandoned by his new political friends.  Then witnesses who reported basement explosions started to disappear: suicide, gunshot wounds, and so on.  Rodrqiguez still campaigns for people to understand that the buildings were brought down on purpose.

But even ignoring the testimony of eye witnesses clearly impressed and even injured by explosions in the basement, the events leading up to 9/11 are clues which completely give the game away.

For example, it was known that certain extreme factions were indeed dreaming of using airplanes as weapons, and this alarming fact had already been reported to President Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Condoleezza Rice.  But this could not be admitted after 9/11 without an accompanynig explanation as to how they were allowed to get away with it.   Ignorance was judged to be a lesser sin, which might also gather sympathy, and more importantly allow the far-fetched ideas of known extremists to form a pretext for the destruction which followed, when in reality no chance existed of anyone mounting such a massive attack.

The purposes were manyfold.  They included:

  • to place military power in the hands of civilian government
  • push the Patriot Act through Congress
  • justify more tax money to defence spending
  • enable Raytheon to secure ambitious new contracts
  • rid the Pentagon of an entire army of accountants tracing embezzled funds
  • destroy embarrassing paperwork related to corporate fraud on the part of Republican sponsors, all kept in WTC7
  • enable Cheney’s Halliburton to tool up for a new war in Iraq, and claim all the reconstruction contracts afterwards, while actually building US military bases instead
  • justify the execution of Saddam Hussein, originally a US ally until he started stepping on the oil pipeline
  • propel Bush to a position of greater popularity (the good cop, bad cop scenario)
  • enable enemies of the state to be kidnapped and tortured by criminal-led states such as Egypt, Syria and Uzbekhistan, or in Camp X-Ray at Guantanamo Bay
  • justify the invasion or Iraq, and later Afghanistan, to secure oil reserves and guarantee a gas pipeline through Afghanistan to the Caspian Sea.  Additional plans were made for Iran and Syria and left for some future opportune moment.
  • Israel too, would benefit, and be encouraged to continue wiping out Arabs, as Shimon Peres said, at the time, of the 3000 US deaths: “It’s very good.. well, not very good, but it will generate sympathy for Israel”

Explanations have never been offered as to how a volatile group of hard drinking, profane, half-trained half-wits could outwit trained airliner crews, avoid fighter jets positioned minutes away from interception for over an hour, and perform such precise, high speed, high G-force manoeuvres that specialised USAF pilots later watching film of the events were in awe.  Nor was there any explanation why a selfish braggart such as Mohammad Atta would give his life for a God he cared nothing for and freely cursed, in order to generate sympathy for the oppressed, when liable to such acts of selfish violence that for revenge, he once disembowelled a pet cat belonging to a girlfriend who jilted him.

The rogue fanatics, if that is what they were, were therefore ignored as harmless, just as forty years earlier, Lee Harvey Oswald was encouraged in his grandiose, imaginary schemes.  Oswald was probably the most useful patsy in the history of America, until 9/11.

Each of the four flights commandeered for the attack either originated from airports far from their targets or flew hundreds of miles west before turning around.  Over the most heaviliy guarded corridor on the planet, while the FAA realised the planes were off course and not responding, three had the freedom of the skies and went untroubled by fighter squadrons all morning.  Rumsfeld remained in hiding, and Cheney counted away the 40 minutes to impact while Transport Secretary Norman Mineta looked on in astonishment

In 2004, public pressure from 9/11 widows finally forced Condoleezza Rice, one of the architects of the attacks, to give sworn testimony to Congress as to whether the Bush administration had an idea that aircraft could be used as missiles, or if Al Qu’aida would attempt to strike inside mainland USA.  Claims of ignorance had been repeatedly made by the Bush administration and FBI, and even by Bush himself, for the reasons given above.  To support them, amidst waffling and claims of not remembering much, Rice nervously referred to a memo which Senator Richard Benveniste in particular was very keen to find the name of.  After stalling for a while, saying she could not recollect, and attempting to fluff away the time with polite, meaningless corporate-speak, Rice claimed the memo “was old information.. and did not in fact warn of any coming attacks within the United States.”

Senator Benveniste, aware that it was only the persistence of the widows which had forced Rice to testify, had no patience for these tactics and demanded the name of the memo, whereupon Rice can be seen taking a deep breath, suppressing a vocal tremour, and finally admitting she “believed.. the memo was called something like.. Bin Laden determined to strike inside the United States.”  The widows were visibly infuriated by the truth: that the Bush administration were in the know from the beginning, although nobody who had awareness of these far-fetched ideas then could now admit that the attackers were incompetent, undisciplined and politically marginal individuals – after having blamed them for such a devastating blow against the most heavily armed country in the world.  At this stage, in 2004, it was still generally believed that terrorists had hijacked the airliners, so the questions were (1) why hadn’t they been prevented from doing so, since such plans were known in advance and these same suspects already being monitored and (2) why were the planes not immediately shot down, instead of being given the freedom of the skies, which at least would have saved thousands of lives?

In fact John O’Neill, a senior anti-terrorism expert within the FBI had been tracking Mohammad Atta for some time and had demanded to know why his reports were never acted on and Atta not apprehended, but was told to cease and desist or lose his job.   He quit, and was helpfully given a job in the World Trade Centre as head of security, 19 days prior to the attacks.  He perished in the inferno.

John O’Neill

On September 10th 2001, the afternoon prior to the attacks he had spent months preparing for, a strangely frank Donald Rumsfeld announced that the Pentagon had lost $2.3 trillion dollars – spent but unaccounted for.   That’s $8000 for every man, woman and child in America.   Jim Minnery, a former US marine turned accountant, later gave a CBS interview in which he related his attempt to track down a single Pentagon scam involving a “mere” $300 million.  Criss-crossing the country trying to trace the financial records, he claimed “My director even asked me, ‘why do you care about this stuff?‘ which took me aback!  My own boss, asking me why I wanted to do a good job!  [As to the money:]  ..We know it’s gone – we just don’t know what they spent it on, and that’s where the corruption comes in: they have to cover up the fact that they can’t do their job.”

As Rumsfeld was no doubt expecting, the next morning 9/11 took everyone’s minds off this now trivial issue.   By coincidence, 34 of the 65 staff of Resource Services Washington, an army office of civilian accountants, were eliminated in the attack on the west wing of the Pentagon, along with all their man-years of paperwork.  The standard procedure after a building collapse is to allow 12 days for survivors to be found, in protective cells and air pockets formed haphazardly under the rubble.  But nine hours after the explosion, amidst masterful play-acting of squinty-eyed heroic resolve, Rumsfeld announced “it is inconceivable that anyone could still be alive.”  Having already had medic teams sent away from the scene under the pretext of “more incoming flights”, he ordered the surviving structure knocked down and the rubble carted away.  The rebuild contract was worth more than $700m and was awarded three days later to old friends Hensel Phelps Construction Co., in Chantilly, Virginia without the need for open bidding.

Later, Rumsfeld’s public testimony before the 9/11 commission was equally bizarre. When Gorelick asked the Secretary of Defense what he had done to protect the nation—or even the Pentagon—during the “summer of threat” preceding the attacks, Rumsfeld shrugged and replied simply that “it was a law-enforcement issue.”

Gail Sheehy, interviewing Pentagon staff, reported:

Where was Rumsfeld on 9-11? I put the question to the commission’s vice chair, Lee Hamilton, following the release of the report the commissioners call “the definitive account of 9-11.”

“We investigated very carefully Mr. Rumsfeld’s actions,” said Hamilton. “He was having breakfast with Congressional leaders, and they hear a plane has hit the Pentagon, and he runs out.”

“He had to have been told before the Pentagon was hit that two trade centers were hit and the country was under attack,” I suggested.

Was the commission comfortable with the fact that the country’s Secretary of Defense was not in the chain of command or present in the Pentagon’s command center until all four suicide hijacked planes were down?

“I’m not going to answer that question,” said Hamilton, and turned away.

Precautions were also taken to ensure no fighter jets were scrambed to spoil the plan.  A June 1st order consolidated intercept authority in the Secretary of Defense (Donald Rumsfeld) requiring his approval for any intercepts that might involve deadly force. This order stripped commanders in the field of autonomy in responding to crises such as happened on 9/11.  And conveniently, after the staged attacks, Brig. Gen. Montague Winfield reported “..for 30 minutes we couldn’t find him.”  The failure of NORAD was therefore completely Rumsfeld’s fault: had he ordered the planes shot down, all the lives in New York could have been saved.  He therefore made himself scarce for as long as possible.

Robin Hordon, a Boston air traffic controller with 11 years’ experience, soon realised the nature of the threat: “..on September 11th I’m one of the few people who really within quite a few hours of the whole event taking place just simply knew that it was an inside job, and it wasn’t because of the visuals, the collapses, whatever.. I knew about four or five o’clock that afternoon because ..normal protocol is to get fighter jet aircraft up to assist,” said Hordon.

Multiple war games were scheduled for the day of 9/11. While one exercise, Northern Vigilance, involved the redeployment of interceptors far from the northeast corridor, other exercises, Vigilant Guardian and Vigilant Warrior likely confused the coordination of response to the attack. The failure to protect America from these self-attacks has gone completely unpunished.

  • NORAD learned of the hijackings only after long and inexplicable delays. For example, NORAD’s timeline blames the FAA for alleged 18- and 39-minute delays in reporting the deviations and transponder shut-offs of Flights 11 and 77, respectively
  • Once it learned that Flights 11 and 175 were headed to New York City, NORAD failed to scramble interceptors from nearby Fort Dix or Laguardia, choosing instead the distant Otis base in Falmouth, MA
  • Once it learned that Flights 77 and 93 were headed to the Capitol, NORAD failed to scramble interceptors from Andrews Air Force base 11 miles from the Pentagon, choosing instead the distant base in Langley, VA
  • Fighters already in the air were not redeployed to pursue the jetliners. For example, two F-15s flying off the coast of Long Island were not ordered to fly cover over Manhattan until after the second tower was hit.  The F-15s from Otis supposedly reached Manhattan a few minutes after the second tower hit, but were not redeployed to pursue Flight 77, which was headed toward the capital
  • F-15s and F-16s scrambled to intercept the attack jetliners were flown at less than one-third of their top speeds  (http://911research.wtc7.net)

The FBI released its list of hijacking suspects within three days of the attack. Five of the named suspects proclaimed their aliveness and innocence after seeing their mug shots on news reports. Yet the 9/11 Commission repeated the same list of suspects without even acknowledging that there were any problems with their identities.

 “Mr Al-Hazmi is 26 and had just returned to work at a petrochemical complex in the industrial eastern city of Yanbo after a holiday in Saudi Arabia when the hijackers struck. He was accused of hijacking the American Airlines Flight 77 that hit the Pentagon.”
Telegraph UK: Sept 23, 2001

“A man by the same name [Al Sheri] is a pilot, whose father is a Saudi diplomat in Bombay.  I personally talked to both father and son today,” said Gaafar Allagany, head of the Saudi Embassy’s information center.
LA Times: Sept 21, 2001

Mr. Al-Omari, a pilot with Saudi Airlines, walked into the US embassy in Jeddah to demand why he was being reported as a dead hijacker in the American media.
BBC: Sept 23, 2001

 [Said Al-Ghamdi] “I was completely shocked. For the past 10 months I have been based in Tunis with 22 other pilots learning to fly an Airbus 320. The FBI provided no evidence of my presumed involvement in the attacks.”
Telegraph: UK – Sept 23, 2001

 [Ahmed Al-Nami] “I’m still alive, as you can see. I was shocked to see my name mentioned by the American Justice Department. I had never even heard of Pennsylvania where the plane I was supposed to have hijacked.” He had never lost his passport and found it “very worrying” that his identity appeared to have been “stolen” and published by the FBI without any checks.
Telegraph UK: Sept 23, 2001

Others accused of organising the US attacks were Ameer Bukhari, who later died in a small aircraft; Adnan Bukhari, a Saudi citizen still living in Vero Beach, Florida, and Amer Kamfar, a Saudi flight engineer resident in Makkah.

As for Mohammed Atta, his whereabouts are unknown.  It is thought he may have flown some of the drug run flights from South America for E-Systems, a company with heavy ex-CIA management acting as pivot between parent company Raytheon and the Pentagon.  One of E-Systems’ specialties was cutting edge flight software and components.  Some of their other activities, and reports from employees can be read here.    Either way, Atta’s last girlfriend, a Florida dancer, admitted he drank heavily, ate pork, and often cursed God.  Bad tempered and aggressive, Atta boasted of secret service contacts, spoke Hebrew and was not even remotely religious.  Although this has not been confirmed, his father in Cairo later claimed he was still alive, but in hiding from American “black ops”.

There was never a “single scrap of paper” linking bin Laden to the Bush attacks, as the FBI repeatedly pointed out.  Even more puzzlingly, bin Laden, despite his stated opposition to Israel and America, explicitly denied all knowledge of the attacks.

An amateur video produced by US authorities shows an actor, wearing gold jewels and using the wrong hand to write with, pretending to be bin Laden and claiming responsibility.

As a further destruction of 9/11 evidence, bin Laden was traced to a house in Pakistan, shot through the head in front of his hysterical family, and his body dumped in the sea.

No hijack code signals were sent by the pilots of any of the doomed aircraft.  And as for the technical nature of the diverted flights, the massively high G-forces, top speed and highly accurate manoeuvres were described by one USAF pilot as the work of “either a superb fighter ace, or remote control”.

The phone calls supposedly made from the planes were strangely calm, with an absence of noise in the background.  In fact one man even identified himself to his own mother, using his full namehttp://shoestring911.blogspot.com/2008/07/shockingly-calm-phone-calls-from-planes.html

Flight 93 was not taken over by heroes, because it was shot down by two Sidewinder missiles fired by a North Dakota fighter pilot named Gibney, who was later decorated, quite rightly, for valour in appalling circumstances.  Cheney’s stand-down orders and the complete failure of NORAD to protect America – their sole purpose – were never explained.  The engines were found 5 and 8 miles away from the crash scene.

Norman Mineta

Transport secretary Norman Mineta testified that Cheney monitored the incoming Pentagon flight for 40 minutes, insisting that nothing be done.  Minetta sat directly across from Cheney throughout the crisis, watching a subordinate give repeated advice about the progress of the plane, and finally, when it was “ten minutes away”, asking, “..do the orders still stand?”  whereupon Cheney whipped his head round and shouted, “of course they still stand! Have you heard anything to the contrary?”  Later, to get around this sworn testimony, Cheney denied being at the meeting at all.

At least six air traffic controllers who dealt with two of the hijacked airliners on Sept. 11, 2001, made a tape recording that day describing the events, but the tape was destroyed by a supervisor without anyone making a transcript or even listening to it, the Transportation Department said today.

The taping began before noon on Sept. 11 at the New York Air Route Traffic Control Center, in Ronkonkoma, on Long Island, but it was later destroyed by an FAA quality-assurance manager, who crushed the cassette in his hand, cut the tape into little pieces and dropped them in different trash cans around the building, according to a report made public today by the inspector general of the Transportation Department. [New York Times 5/6/04]

In the two days prior to 9/11 Stock Exchange commentators found huge levels of “bets against” UA, AA and Citigroup insurers, but “bets for” Raytheon Weapons, who gained the Iraq contract in the next few days.  Their conclusion was that insiders had advance knowledge of the attacks.

Silverstein made the puzzling decision to buy into the money-losing, asbestos-ridden WTC and immediately insure for $3.1bn per terrorist attack, only weeks before 9/11.  Marvin Bush was a director in the firm which organised the WTC security and oversaw the many evacuations and test drills in the weeks leading up to 9/11, and the “elevator replacement” operation which saw each floor secured, heavily guarded and tenants locked out while, presumably, the buildings were wired with thermite.

Under a Freedom of Information request, the New York City Department of Buildings (DoB) reported in June 2011 that no permits for elevator modifications were issued in the 1990’s or 2000’s for the World Trade Centre, and no records exist in their Building Information System for any such application, or any subsequent permit.  Their letter confirming this can be seen here.  The excuse given by Silverstein Properties to the lack of elevator maintenance records was that the paperwork was destroyed when they detonated the buildings.  But the DoB now confirm that no such repairs were ever requested or carried out.

The NIST report was delayed by more than 440 days instead of being rushed through as an urgent matter in a major crime.  No effort was made to explain the presence of thermite as detected by many independent scientists, and no effort at all was made to explain the complete collapse of building 7, which had only a few minor fires on the middle floors, and yet collapsed into a pile of dust.  The most convincing witness was Barry Jennings, a NY housing officer who, interviewed on the scene, lucidly described the devastation to the lobby caused by huge explosions under the lobby of building 7, a building from which at that very moment he and a colleague were trying to escape.  He died days before before the NIST report was released, in such mysterious circumstances that to this day, no information can be found about his death, or the whereabouts of his family.  A private detective paid to hunt him down later – bizarrely – returned the money to his client with the plea, “never contact me again.”

Gen Rick Baccus

There are many within the US Military and the Pentagon who are extremely angry at the way the self-attacks were used to put power in civilian hands.  On March 28, 2002, General Rick Baccus was placed in charge of Guantanamo Bay’s Camp X-Ray.  He was removed from his post seven months later, and reported to have said: “I am not prepared to torture innocent people.”  After his departure Rumsfeld placed the camp under the command of individuals who were.

April Gallop, an Army Officer who was stationed at the Pentagon on 9/11 is now suing top govt officials for their possible role in the attack and failure to evacuate the pentagon with prior knowledge of the impending attack. In a recently published article by Raw Story, April’s attorney asserts –

“The ex-G.I. plaintiff alleges she has been denied government support since then, because she raised ‘painful questions’ about the inexplicable failure of military defenses at the Pentagon that day, and especially the failure of officials to warn and evacuate the occupants of the building when they knew the attack was imminent” said Veale in a media advisory.

Gallop…. does not believe that a Boeing 757 hit the building. Her son sustained a serious brain injury, and Gallop herself was knocked unconscious after the roof collapsed onto her office. (Pilots for 911 Truth)

Her claim is supported by data from the plane’s supposed “black box”, released by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), which indicate the plane passed over the building at very low altitude, just as an explosion and fireball were engineered by other means, a planted bomb or bombs and/or a missile. [Gallop]

Rumsfeld’s main defence for America was manful squinting

Contrary to law, the evidence from the scene of all the crimes was removed before any chance of a proper investigation.  The National Transportation Safety Bureau, the agency that normally investigates aviation disasters, was not allowed to study the crashes.  Recordings of interviews with air traffic controllers were destroyed.  The 9/11 Commission even repeated the FBI’s original list of suicide hijackers, without acknowledging that at least eight of them were alive and well after the attacks.

Toronto is hosting some impartial hearings into the 9/11 killings

The Bush government’s eagerness to clear up the crime scene at the WTC was so great that firemen still searching through the rubble for the remains of their fallen colleagues had to organise a protest to demand more time.  In February 2007, the International Association of Fire Fighters issued a letter which asserted that [then NY mayor] Giuliani rushed to conclude the recovery effort once gold and silver had been recovered from World Trade Center vaults and thereby prevented the remains of many victims from being recovered: “Mayor Giuliani’s actions meant that fire fighters and citizens who perished would either remain buried at Ground Zero forever, with no closure for families, or be removed like garbage and deposited at the Fresh Kills Landfill,” it said, adding: “Hundreds remained entombed in Ground Zero when Giuliani gave up on them.”

Even worse than this, the radios given to firefighters were declared useless in 1993, and only replaced by more defective ones by Guiliani in March 2001.  But these radios were bought through a crony of his and were also defective.  As a result, the order to firefighters to leave the WTC so that Silverstein’s crew could demolish them on cue was not heard by more than 300 of them, who died in the explosions and collapse.  But Guiliani, to put a gloss over the corruption which led to their deaths, told the 9/11 commission that the firefighters were heroes who disobeyed orders in order to try to save more lives.  The fury which bereaved families understandably feel towards Guiliani followed him around continually until he was forced to limit his appearances in New York.

Even now the health problems suffered by 9/11 first responders and firefighters have been ignored by the government of New York and the insurers, who hope to run the time out in complicated paperwork and denials from legal teams, to avoid paying compensation.  This is in stark contrast to funds spent over at the Pentagon: military spending increased for every year since 2001 and topped $1.2 trillion in 2010, at least 15% of which cannot be accounted for.  When asked whether this huge drain on resources contributed to the economic collapse, George Bush stated “no, I think it helped the economy, by giving jobs to Americans.. what caused all the problems?  Probably we were building too many houses.”   One has to say, this is an incredible contribution for a sane man to make.

For obvious reasons Bush was not interested in an investigation while memories were still fresh and evidence might be still lying around, and managed to stall the creation of a commission to investigate the self-created disaster for 441 days, eventually wangling a Bush insider, Philip Zelikow, to the top spot. $15m was assigned to find the roots of the most shocking tragedy in all of American history: by comparison, NASA’s Challenger investigation cost $175 million.  Professional architects, firemen, police, engineers and widows have therefore demanded a proper investigation and at this moment, a four day seminar is being held at Ryerson College in Toronto, to air and discuss the massive pile of evidence contradicting the government’s muddled and confusing, and quite unbelievable stories about their own attacks.

Reportedly, a rift developed between Bush and Cheney during Bush’s last months in power.  If so, it was a far cry from the Bush who only agreed to speak to the 9/11 commission if he was granted immunity, if his testimony was off the record, and if Cheney accompanied him.

9/11 was an appalling setback for the civilised world, leading to expanding US military power in Iraq, Afghanistan, and, they hope, Iran and Syria.  But there is no evidence linking it to Islam whatsoever.  The understandable fury towards Islam was completely misplaced, and should have been directed instead to those who engineered the disaster, the same ones who hoped to benefit most from it.

Sociopathic tendencies: Bush, with the highest execution rate of any governor in American history once mocked a condemned young woman who begged him to spare her life (“Please don’t kill me,” Bush mimicked, in an interview with journalist Tucker Carlson).  He refused to commute the death sentence to life imprisonment for a mentally retarded young man.  But as president, he set aside the entire prison sentence of his friend Lewis “Scooter” Libby.  Bush had a broad smile when announcing in his second presidential debate with Al Gore that Texas was about to execute three convicted murderers.

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I have a great interest in both scientific advances and the beauty of religion, and created www.scienceandreligion.com about 15 years ago with the aim of finding common ground between the scientist and the believer, and to encourage debate between the two sides.
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12 Responses to 9/11: When Religion Becomes the Patsy

  1. Buddhaboy says:

    i dont know what to believe anymore, which i think is what they want?

    • It is confusing – I’m almost tired of thinking about it. For a country now $14 trillion in the red, none of it made any sense at all. If the attacks were due, as was claimed, to American support for Israel’s attempt at exterminating the Palestinian people, then invading Arabic countries could only make the situation even worse. It must have been the stupidest, most wasteful and most damaging series of events in living memory.

  2. naeem says:

    Being an Afghan myself and knowing the author personally, I would like to say that I could not have put it better myself. All praise goes to Iain for all his exhaustive efforts in uncovering what has been the work of the devil, its disciples, and all those that believe in satan.

    From all the Depleted Uranium used in the ammunition of Nato and the American air-force, polluting and poisoning our land, to killing over 100,000 Afghans, including installing the most corrupt government in the world, a continued extraction and sale of opium in the form of heroin as their prize, the west has only guilt put upon themselves over and over again.

    I can only say that the curse of all praying Afghans will one day hit them so hard that they will wonder where and why it happened. 10 years without proper infrastructure, no real progress, $50Bn worth of so-called aid of which 90% has been siphoned off by the people at the top, mostly those responsible for distributing the aid. A long standing culture decimated by corruption, land grabs by the thugs (warlords) that America openly supports, a lesson in how not to run a government.

    The people are sick of all the problems they face; they do not like any foreigners because of their continued support of this corrupt government consisting of former KGB/CIA/ISI members that are continually supported by Nato and the west. So it is plain and clear, no one really wants USA or the west in Afghanistan, except those that have something to lose, those that have accumulated illegal land grabs worth in the Billions and wealth from narcotics.

    Instead of spending some money in large infrastructure projects like steel, power, cement, and promoting local participation of extractive industries, they are actively selling the country’s assets to the highest bidders, under the illegal laws enacted through this illegal installed puppet government. What was this all for, except for the hand of satan helping those neocons (Wolfowitz, Libby, William Kristol, Robert Kagan, Elliott Abrams, and Zionist sympathizers’ Rumsfeld, Cheney, & Bush etc) that that say “Perpetual War through Deception” in their doctrine, causing untold suffering in Iraq and Afghanistan, and deceiving their own people. It’s time the US stood up for their rights and stopped the Zionists running their lives and their government.

  3. Sunni Ship says:

    It’s sad that the world religious leaders did not speak up against this monster-in- your-face-lie. Our spiritual and world leaders are 1st degree cowards, so they cannot be trusted by honest people. Thank you for this post – thank God goodness still lives in you. SALAM

  4. “I have a great interest in both scientific advances and the beauty of religion, and created http://www.scienceandreligion.com about 15 years ago with the aim of finding common ground between the scientist and the believer, and to encourage debate between the two sides.”

    This is great Iain. You may also know the quote by Einstein: “Religion without science is blind, and Science without religion is lame.”

    To get us into the better world we all desire, we are making a spiritual re-connection of Man to Planet here:


    The world we can create will be limitless in our abilities to co-create with the Creator and is certainly a far cry from the miserable, oppressive and destructive one we have now.

    Do stay connected with us.

    In the meantime, here’s some food for thought regarding conscience and the connection to the moral Universe:


    • Wow, thanks very much for that link – lots there to look at. I’m sure a few people will be checking that out as time goes on. I read yesterday something John Lennon said, regarding his peaceful protests – something the effect that the authority will try to goad you into fighting, because once you’re violent, they know how to deal with you. What they can’t handle is peacefulness, and humour. I saw another video yesterday of a big hefty American police officer, in Lincoln, I believe, kicking a woman in the head – she was already handcuffed, and sitting beside the road. He put all his weight into it and gave her a massive kick to the head, and floored her, knocked her out cold. Lennon was right – the authority guarding this vast military complex has no idea about anything except violence. The only worthwhile opposition to this is peace and spirituality.

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  6. Sunni Ship says:

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    Favourite article on 9/11

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  8. Jahilliya says:

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