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Wise Wittgenstein

This is part of an illustration – altered to feature different text – by Dave Mckean on p102 of Richard Dawkins’ The Magic of Reality: McKean proves to be an imaginative illustrator, caricaturist, draughtsman, digital manipulator, portrait artist, cartographer, graphic … Continue reading

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More Non-Random DNA Wonders

Links to the following five research articles are given at the end, for those who wish to delve more deeply, but the gist of each remarkable point is as follows: (1)  The codon bases have a non-random correlation with the … Continue reading

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Dreams Do Come True!

A few months ago I had an intriguing dream.  In it, my mother and my late father were sitting beside each other behind a white desk, leaning forward expectantly towards me, and looking very bright eyed and happy.  Above the … Continue reading

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Life and Death

Three articles in the news caught my attention this morning.  Firstly the death of Joe Simon at 98, co-creator with Jack Kirby of Captain America, who first appeared in December 1940. As Simon relates in his autobiography, he was one … Continue reading

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Modern Advances in Intolerance

If anyone thinks intolerance ceases with the dawn of reason, think again!   Tell me, of what use is knowledge if it makes one permanently spiky, hostile, ungracious or bitter toward the rest of the human race? I started more … Continue reading

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Welcome to Bedford – No Limits (to council salaries)!

It is hard to understand but people no longer have any respect for others, or for the law.  I live with two children on a narrow, one-way street, with a 20 mph limit.  When I moved in, it seemed to … Continue reading

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A Calming Influence

I’ve been a little too strident lately.. I’ve got to get off my soapbox.  Anyway, this painting is about three quarters done now.   It was from a photo taken when we went to Bodnant Gardens in Wales, 18 months ago. … Continue reading

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