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Of Phrenologists, Planets, Big Pharma, and Phoneys

Evidence of serious head injury Sometimes I wonder if there is any hope for the scientific mind.  This evening I read in National Geographic the following article on military head injuries: Since 2000 some 220,000 US troops have suffered traumatic … Continue reading

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Biological Strength of Spirit?

I read today that what can only be described as a group of geniuses in Illinois has been quietly making amazing discoveries about the molecular processes involved in DNA, including the fascinating field of epigenetics. The DNA contains four different … Continue reading

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Judging the Fabric of Society: the Buddhist Amygdala

“The amygdala pervades the organisation of thought and behaviour at all levels.” Ralph Adolphs, expert on emotion, memory and social cognition, California Institute of Technology “By attuning the brain to all manner of threats and pleasures.. the amygdala helps to … Continue reading

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The Persistence of Spiritual Vision: the Symbols of Jack Kirby

1. Humanity’s heritage: Symbolic thought I’m 71 years old.. I used to read the first science fiction books, and I began to learn about the Universe myself and take it seriously.  I know the names of the stars.  I know … Continue reading

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Genome Sequencing

According to the Independent newspaper, Life Technologies of San Francisco have developed a small machine called the Ion Proton Sequencer – which costs £149,000 – and are offering to  sequence an entire human genome in a single day, for $1,000 … Continue reading

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Thanks for Another Day!

This morning I saw a hearse making its sombre way along to the local church.  The sun is shining today and I felt so grateful that my time wasn’t up yet.  Although after today’s post, it might not be long! … Continue reading

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Synthesis and Understanding – the Spirit of Art: Tom Thomson

Yesterday an exhibition of paintings at the Dulwich Picture Gallery came to an end after nearly twelve weeks; it was called “Painting Canada: Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven”.  It was a really stunning display of 52 large canvases … Continue reading

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