Thanks for Another Day!

This morning I saw a hearse making its sombre way along to the local church.  The sun is shining today and I felt so grateful that my time wasn’t up yet.  Although after today’s post, it might not be long!

I was thinking, they have all these checks to make sure people don’t take 100ml of fluid or a pair of nail clippers onto an aircraft, with perhaps good reason.  At least, since Larry and George took down the World Trade Centre to launch invasions and tighten the grip on Middle Eastern oilfields – and collect $6bn in hastily arranged insurance money – all of which I can understand and appreciate.  But how is it that people are allowed to walk into the highest positions of government without a single check being done on their brains?

Here they are, voted in on a tide of equal parts hysteria and cash, to make decisions about prisons, nuclear weapons, medical research, healthcare, drug addiction, euthanasia, abortions, mental illness, overseas slaughters and a hundred other things which affect possibly millions of people, not just the hundred or so flying to the Isle of Wight, but there is never any kind of checkup by qualified people to give an indication whether they have any mirror neuron activity, oxytocin production, capacity for empathy, or liability to childish tantrums.  Links to weapons companies?  Shush now, child – we’re busy chanting slogans!

"Drill, baby, drill!" They went a little quiet after the Gulf spill

They could have a scanner on the way into the White House like the ones in airports, to quickly check the MRI activity.. run a few checks on empathic reactions, look for sociopathic tendencies and so on.  It wouldn’t take long – and think of the lives it would save.

“I’m so sorry sir, scanners show zero empathy.  Would you come with me for a moment..?  I’m afraid you’ll have to give me those nuclear codes – yes, just for now if you wouldn’t mind.  Of course, you’re quite right, it’s probably all a mistake – these machines, eh?  They can send a man to the moon, but – well, never mind, we’ll do our best to clear it up in a jiffy.  There might be a teensy delay – I’ve just seen Mr Mugabe and Mr Blair go through.  May I get you a coffee?”

The most that actually happens is the New York Post finds they lit up a spliff in college, but even this is soon turned into a public relations success as they come clean.  And who really cares?  The real problem is once they walk into that office, they can do years of damage, bring the world to its knees, incarcerate all their enemies, tear up the constitution, build black hole prisons, kidnap innocents, launch wars, allow Glaxo to experiment on orphans, torch World Trade Centres, decimate the rainforest – the planet’s lungs – wreck the ozone layer and steal money from hundreds of millions of taxpayers, funnelling it to their weapons-happy friends. 

“Ah, hold on – 100ml of Evian?  I’m ever so sorry, ma’am, you’ll have to leave it here with us.  We can’t take any chances you know!”

Understandably, everyone wants to stop the criminal mind from entering their shops or living in their neighborhoods, or getting on one of our airplanes.  But running an entire country and changing the destiny of a planet?  “Oh, right this way, sir – we’ve got you a seat at the UN and your limosine is being cleaned now.  And may I say, oh, what a splendid suit you’re wearing!

Mass killer montage: they all seem very good with their hands. I put their total tally at about 150 million dead, but that could be on the low side. Thank heavens they never tried to take tweezers on an airplane though

These zero-empathic sociopaths are wily critters - they get everywhere (Bush Sr with Eisenhower, Nixon and Kissinger)

About iain carstairs

I have a great interest in both scientific advances and the beauty of religion, and created about 15 years ago with the aim of finding common ground between the scientist and the believer, and to encourage debate between the two sides.
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5 Responses to Thanks for Another Day!

  1. Buddhaboy says:

    Oh Iain, it is not so bad. Mitt Romney is coming to save the planet.

    Hey, i applied for a job in Hertforshire England. Any first thoughts of the place you can pass along? My family and I are seriously considering leaving the states. You only live once, ya know. Feel free to email me if you dont want to post on this message board. Thanks Iain, keep up the good work. 🙂 LJ

    • Hertfordshire has some nice places – villages and so on. Towns like Stevenage have very little to recommend them, but I had an office in Hitchin for 13 years, until it got so busy that the boy racers made it impossible to work in peace, and the traffic made it impossible to use your car. I lived in Henlow for ten years, which is a very old village mentioned in the Doomsday book. Herts has a lot to recommend it and you’ll enjoy the pubs and curving roads, countryside, fields and so on. The other great thing is that it’s near an airport – Luton (Bedfordshire) – which is a terrible, terrible airport (they should just save time and shake you down on your way in – taking every last single solitary piece of cash before you find your flight) but thanks to the low cost airlines, is the doorway to Europe.

      You’re also not far from Stansted, which is much better run. So you can reach Barcelona, Paris, Cologne, Portugal cheaply- in a couple of hours. It’s brilliant. Or you can take a train to London St Pancras – which is a tremendous station, with really good restaurants, shops, statues, you name it – and from there get a train to Brussels or Paris, if you feel inclined! London is also a world of possibilities.

      There are art galleries in London which are only 90 minutes away from you up there in Hertfordshire, and from Hitchin you’re close enough to Cambridge – maybe 17 miles – which is a fantastic town if you like old buildings and history, quaint shopping districts and quiet riverboat tours. Hertfordshire has been looked after by its councils.

      In short – stay within reasonable distance of a train station and you won’t regret your adventure to the UK. You’ll expand your mind and see the world!

  2. Buddhaboy says:

    Awesome – Thanks for the recommendations. Who knows, maybe we will cross paths one day. Maybe you can set up a book signing for when your book is to be marketed. Thanks again, mate.

    • I think it would be great to meet – I can certainly help you find your way around London, for a start. There are some fabulous places- science fiction shops, comics specialists, guitar specialists, covent garden with a huge apple shop right next to a crafts market. No town on earth like this one!

  3. I don’t know how it is in the UK but here in the states we have a two party system where each party picks the biggest scumbag they can find and then tells us to pick one of them, and we call that freedom/democracy. But you have a large majority who believes this is a good system, which probably just proves your earlier post about the state of mental health in the states.

    May be part of a larger problem: Scumbags get into politics, while decent people go about trying to do good things. Anybody who deserves these jobs is not applying for them – or, if they are, their applications are being rejected.

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