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Religion for Atheists

I’m currently reading an excellent and uplifting book by atheist Alain de Botton called: And in the spirit of giving stuff away, I will send a copy free – no matter where you are in the world – to the … Continue reading

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A Plea to Scientists!

There are many scientists who read and comment on this blog, for which I am, and my other readers are, I am sure, very grateful.  So I have a plea which I hope will find fertile ground. Evolution, as we … Continue reading

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Seeding Planets for Life

This isn’t breaking news, but it’s still interesting:  the Royal Astronomical Society announced last year that super-complex molecules of 24 atoms have been found in interstellar space. A few years ago in 2004 it was revealed in Astrophysics Journal, that … Continue reading

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Rebranding Atheism

The atheist movement has become politically charged in an impressive way with the entrance of Sean Faircloth.  This likeable politician has tried to harness and redirect Richard Dawkins’ efforts, which began to founder, perhaps for want of tangible long-term goals … Continue reading

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The Impressionable Mind

After the collapse of the USSR, the Pentagon was faced with an embarrassing problem for the war business: the sudden absence of an enemy.  Accordingly, the CIA put great effort into funding and training new bogeymen, one of which became … Continue reading

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Truth: A Strange Substance

I remember Gopi Krishna once saying that truth is a strange substance, that it grows stronger in adversity and enlarges itself in the face of opposition.  With this in mind I have confidence that the hijackings which took place on … Continue reading

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