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A Wealth of Ideas

After a year without TV I think now its most toxic effect – other than its repetitive nature, and relentless marketing – is in creating the expectation in us that new ideas should arrive fully formed and polished, with great … Continue reading

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Following One’s Bliss

Why does the concept of destiny seem out of fashion?  Probably because a pre-ordained role doesn’t seem compatible with doing whatever we want, having it all and creating our own reality.  Perhaps our concept of destiny seems muddled up with … Continue reading

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Holy Smokes! Science and Religion Goes Viral

Maybe it was the fruit essay? Today Science and Religion launches the Fruit and Goodwill Project!  Find someone down on their luck, homeless, and give them a small carton of cool, tasty berries fresh from the supermarket.  It doesn’t have … Continue reading

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Giving Meaning to Data

An interesting article today about how NASA manages to turn overwhelming amounts of data into meaningful symbols: It looks like a post-impressionist painting by an artist such as Van Gogh – but it’s actually a Nasa map of heat in … Continue reading

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Mandatory Tests for Fatal Diseases in Politicians

I think it’s high time we grew up and demanded proper MRI scans to test leaders for signs of sociopathic tendencies BEFORE they get into power, and start wrecking the planet. Their massacres and wars and torture operations would speak … Continue reading

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I Am a Victim of Big Pharma

I guess healthwise I haven’t been so lucky.  Aging like everyone else, I’ve been forced to rely on a mix of very powerful drugs – many with unknown side effects – to deal with what doctors call “age-related health issues”.   … Continue reading

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Fasting and Alzheimer’s

In “The Story So Far” I listed 20 points showing how science validates and explains spiritual practices, including information about how fasting somehow ramps up the signalling chemicals and neurotransmitter activity in the brain, helping decisions and magnifying the power … Continue reading

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