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How Empathic are You?

I would be very grateful if all visitors could sign this petition to free a man jailed in Indonesia for not believing in God: It will only take a few moments and could bring some hope to a young … Continue reading

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A Wander Through Time

We’ve spent the last three days in London, a town we live near to but which we never get enough time to explore on a day trip.  I lived here years ago, in both poverty and wealth, and it’s fascinating … Continue reading

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As usual I’m a little late to the debate so was surprised yesterday to see that Richard Dawkins has offended the women in his movement by comments he made to an attendee named Rebecca Watson.  Watson felt awkward being propositioned … Continue reading

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The Human Race

An interesting graphic in the NY Times this morning shows the fastest Olympic sprinters since 1896: There’s a steady evolution of speed resulting in about 3 seconds over the period, but the pattern is very curious indeed.  If we discount … Continue reading

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History 101

..Now class, who can tell me how WW3 started, and how long it lasted?  Yes, Matthew – Please, ma’am, it was in 2013 when Israel bombed Iran.  “The war lasted for six weeks.  It resulted in the deaths of one … Continue reading

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