How Empathic are You?

I would be very grateful if all visitors could sign this petition to free a man jailed in Indonesia for not believing in God:

It will only take a few moments and could bring some hope to a young man whose life will seem to be ruined.

By jailing him, Indonesia has failed to set a good example of the God they claim to believe in; in doing so they justify his opposition and commit the same crime themselves – actually, they have done far worse: they have brought disrepute to the name of God.

Many thanks,


Direct page hits: 1,418   petition clicks: 23
22 August FtT page hits: 50  petition clicks: 2
23 August FtT page hits: 50  petition clicks: 1
24 August FtT page hits: 40  petition clicks: 2
25 August FtT page hits: 45  petition clicks: 1
26 August FtT page hits: 45  petition clicks: 0
27 August FtT page hits: 45  petition clicks: 0
28 August FtT page hits: 85  petition clicks: 1
29 August FtT page hits: 67  petition clicks: 3
30 August FtT page hits: 55 petition clicks: 0
31 August FtT page hits: 55 petition clicks: 1
01 September FtT page hits: 34 petition clicks: 1
02 September FtT page hits: 43 petition clicks: 2
03 September FtT page hits: 66 petition clicks: 0
04 September FtT page hits: 68 petition clicks: 1
05 September FtT page hits: 46 petition clicks: 0
06 September FtT page hits: 58 petition clicks: 0
07 September FtT page hits: 56 petition clicks: 1
08 September FtT page hits: 58 petition clicks: 0
09 September FtT page hits: 53 petition clicks: 1
10 September FtT page hits: 88 petition clicks: 0
11 September FtT page hits: 61 petition clicks: 0
12 September FtT page hits: 78 petition clicks: 2
13 September FtT page hits: 73 petition clicks: 2
14 September FtT page hits: 63 petition clicks: 0
15 September FtT page hits: 51 petition clicks: 2
At this rate it will take 2.5 years to reach 1900 signatures: coincidentally the same length of time he has been sentenced to prison

About iain carstairs

I have a great interest in both scientific advances and the beauty of religion, and created about 15 years ago with the aim of finding common ground between the scientist and the believer, and to encourage debate between the two sides.
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2 Responses to How Empathic are You?

  1. Sunni Ship says:

    There should be no compulsion in religion – this is what real Muslims believe. Sadly our leaders have a political agenda of their own and are ruthless. Let’s hope the good Muslims of Indonesia and the Ummah get him freed soon. Inshallah.

    • Yes, forcing anyone to do anything creates a new problem, as well as not solving whatever original conflict which caused that person to resist pressure. Religion came in the first place from within; it all started with hidden experience of a handful of people. The mass form of religion grew from the desire of very large numbers of people to understand and be guided in these spiritual ideas. The essence of religion is to experience something within in orer to understand; and that’s also the goal.

      So forcing people to do one thing or the other cannot be said to be a religious idea, and must have another motivation altogether, like al ust for power or wealth. Like the weird spectacle of Obama and Romney in a debate both pledging two trillion dollars to the military as if they were promising to buy a loaf of bread! This is presented as a logical and reasonable idea which people should subscribe to, while not being reasonable at all for a country 15 trillion in debt, with no gold to backup the currency, and half the country in a state of poverty. Things are seldom what they seem!

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