Art and Religion

Digital photogrammetry being used to record 3D images of the micro-topography on the tops of the lintels at Stonehenge. (

An article in the Independent this morning revealed Stonehenge to be a trove of carved art, prompting surprise that art could be found in what was assumed to be some kind of religious structure.

One all-knowing commenter sniffed, if it’s a temple, it can’t be an art gallery.  This kind of micro-thinking, where everything is compartmentalised into one box or another, whose definitive category must never be questioned, is the enemy of creativity, the very bane of progress.

A chapel can’t be an art gallery and that’s final

Why can’t a temple be an art gallery? Name a single temple, cathedral or church that has no art in it! Those buildings are themselves works of art – look at Cologne Cathedral, or the Sagrada Familia.  Christopher Wren was an artist before he was an architect: the first detailed drawing of the brain was done by him. The same goes for Michelangelo – artist from childhood, and later hired as an architect only because of it.  It seems you can’t separate the two.

Is it art, or temple? Come on, speak up – you can’t have it both ways!

The only architects who were not artists seem to be those cretins who designed boxes as town halls, dreadful apartment blocks and horrible council offices which after only a decade or two are torn down in despair at their secular ugliness. It’s safe to say Cologne Cathedral will not suffer this fate, nor St Paul’s, or Rome’s St Peter’s.

Toronto’s Royal Ontario Museum had a refit recently. Thankfully it’s Darwin’s picture on this discordant shocker, and not that of a creative genius

Art was mankind’s first endeavour: Zambian finds show pigments and grinding tools 400,000 years old. Ancient man in Lascaux walked 25km to dig the pigments he needed for his cave art out of the ground. Digging up oxides and ochres was even man’s first mining operation. Gobekli Tepe is covered in art, and it seems now that temples were the basis of the first towns, not agriculture as was previously thought.

Designed by acountants: Petrobas HQ, Rio de Janeiro. A monument to fiscal responsibility and yes, it is actually finished – which is about the best thing you can say about it

Religious feeling is saturated with enthusiasm and artistic creativity – what do we go to find in the Sistine chapel? A miserable list of council bylaws and proposed siting announcements? No, the Hell with them – we see the greatest painting ever created by man. So as for the surprise at the idea, or the debate about if a temple can be an art gallery – well, if anything, they are one and the same thing!

Engineering miracle or flying art gallery? No, it can’t be both – on this council form I can only tick one box or the other!

About iain carstairs

I have a great interest in both scientific advances and the beauty of religion, and created about 15 years ago with the aim of finding common ground between the scientist and the believer, and to encourage debate between the two sides.
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One Response to Art and Religion

  1. moshiya888 says:

    We look at a flower and say, its beautiful, we look at a person and say he or she is beautiful, the same with trees music and the same like the Sistine chapel and other ancient sites, but what is beauty and what is it to recognize? Does not the word recognize imply that something has to be known already in order to re-cognize?

    A pattern that is found that is in ourselfs also, the pattern of the petals of the flower, the positioning of the branches and leaves , the proportions of those ancient sites, just like the old masters use these proportions known as the golden ratio, to name just one, as there are several other proportions that are part of us too, so what we re-cognize is part of ourselfs, the old masters, the ancient enlightened like hermes Tr , the wisdom keepers all knew these proportions , they can be found in all ancient religious scriptures.

    We could say rules of nature, we consider ourselves smart, even find pride in our discoveries , we came up with an A4 size of paper we say the greek invented Pi , the musical ladder etc. But all we do at most is re-discover the proportions in nature. Science is looking for T.O.E. this great theory of everything, but the only thing that stands in the way of finding it is EGO. THIS TERRIBLE DESEASE CALLED EGO-LA.

    We consider ourselves higher on the evolutionairy ladder then those who’ve gone before us, but let’s have a closer look at for instance the Bible ( but we could take the Vedas, or Koran or even Plato etc.) It’s full of those proportions; I will take just one of them for now, the cubit: it was to be taken to build the ark, the temple the citywalls and so on, now among the so called scholars they will like to debate about the actual size of the cubit, but that is given in for instance the Bible too, it is not just a size but proportion too, by the way we pride ourselves in having invented the mile or metric system, wrong – they are proportions too, so what we considered as our proud invention is an inborn recognition of our own proportions too as we too are part of that whole.

    But let’s get back to the cubit, and I will for those interested explain how and where these treasures are hidden within the text appart from the obvious mentioning of the cubit and the proportions given. The cubit, take a cubus of a diameter 1 and take a sphere with the same diameter 1, or both with a diameter of 10 or 100, calculate their volume and their difference in % 0.5236 or 52.36 that is the cubit, the royal cubit and only with this measure will it all become harmoniously clear.

    Let’s first look at this as a measure by itself, and multiply it by itself, 0.5236 x2= 1.0472 , 0,5236 x3=1.5708, 0.5236×3 =2.0944 , most will not recognize these numbers yet, but bare with me,0,5236×4=2.618 yes one of the golden ratio proportions, but let’s continue, 0.5236×6=3.1416, yes I know some will say o coincidence, but we go on, 0.5236×8=4,1888 the formula to calculate the volume of a sphere.

    So 3 of them you can recognize, wonder how could they build the pyramid? Now look at a bigger scale, plato gave us the greatyear 25920 , let’s take that as its circumference and divide it by 3,1416 and we get 8,250.572956455309, so? Well multiply it by the cubit and you get 4320, or scaled down or up 432 or 43200 , and this was given as the length in the Vedas too, a duration, but it is the old musical scale too. On its own one might still say coincidence, but these cycles and patterns all fit perfectly into one and only one particular shape, also described in the Bible, but that’s for another time.

    Once that structure is known, our solar system is a PERFECT match and a greater picture emerges, as above so below.yes there are many who play around with these sacred numbers, and you can always get to where you want to go, just like so many who play with the so called Bible code. But there is only one structure that fits them perfectly and not one iota out of place. Just a little hint to this stucture that was known and will point to this one source, the foundation of all major religions, Pietry did a lot of research when the pyramid still had some coverstones; he mentioned the cubit as 52,36 centimeter. 235.62mtr was the length of a side thereof, did they not find this boat buried there that would take them to the nuad?

    And g-d said to Noah build yourself an ark 300x50x30 cubits and 300x50x30 x 52.36 = 235.62 so we say they took some books and left some out and it was decided without any structure in mind, 39 books in the old testament and 27 in the new 3927 (66 all together) 3927×6=23562. And he collected the animals in pairs of the galectic ocean (zodiac) into the ark , the fish or vesica piscis , the kabbalistic tree
    the hexagon and pentagram, even the story of Bethlehem and the star of David all a perfect match, not simply a star in the night sky, but one gigantic clock that gives you locations, times, proportions and events.

    Science was knowledge of the creation religion from the word to unite, in latin, but persons, from the latin persona which means mask, of ego took it apart. Astrology, biology, physics, all these branches fighting to be the one to find this one principle behind everything not looking at the tree that brings them to the roots. But I won’t be heard because I am not one of them, no title, no budget to defend, no Nobel prize to be given, just a simple soul that was less conditioned by humanity’s geatest downfall Ego-la, an unknown traveler onlong the road.

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