It’s Almost Like a Real Election!

The mind-numbing nature of the charade which is the US election has become undeniably obvious during the presidency of Barack Obama.  But during the current hysteria an exceptionally low water mark seems to have been reached in which both parties seem to have fielded identical candidates.  Thankfully one is black and one white, enabling even the most simple minded of voters to celebrate the one they prefer.

Even observers in the mainstream media have declared it impossible to imagine any difference in the outcome whichever candidate is elected.  Never mind a new hope, even the hope of a fair fight is now gone as swing state Ohio will benefit from Mitt Romney’s own Hart InterCivic voter machines.  Apparently so difficult is it to program voter boxes to count correctly even with a $100m development budget that Diebold are still struggling to claw back some credibility after promisuing to hand the 2004 election to George Bush.  In 2008, voters chose Diebold but this year I think the smart money is on Hart.

Rebranding a horror:

Extraordinary Rendition = kidnap and imprisonment

Enhanced Interrogation Methods = torture

War = Overseas Contingency Operations

Kinetic Military Actions = invasions

Disposition Matrix = permanent kill lists

In 2007, Obama was filmed in an agitated state at a pre-election rally swearing to end these crazy wars, close Guantanamo and bring our troops home.  In fact, if the troops were not home by the time he was elected, that was the very first thing he would do, “and you can take that to the bank!”  Yes, you could take that to the bank, if you want to be charged for passing worthless cheques.

As RT revealed on October 217, 2012, Obama has rushed through measures which mean all future Pentagon reps can make use of them without having to break the ice, as it were.  The Disposition Matrix (Washington Post) is a permanent kill list for future generations:

Once elected, he ramped up the wars and even recommended doubling troops in Afghanistan; Guantanamo is still open for business, and a new  fleet of drones are bringing Hell to the Middle East and making George Bush look more and more like a boy scout.  Like all charismatic sociopaths, Obama has a keen sense of what his audience wants to hear because his survival and disguise depend upon it.  But their emotional needs are irrelevant to him, as he is unable to empathise.

During the second staged debate – a fictitious duel worthy of the WWF – Obama was asked to explain his stance on the current weapons free-for-all in America.  This showed why sociopaths should never be allowed to improvise in situations calling for empathy: attempting to describe the carnage when automatic weapons are let loose in rampages within American towns, he struggled to find a word any ordinary person would have no trouble locating: appalling, tragic, horrific, obscene, disastrous, catastrophic, shameful.

He eventually settled for “these weapons which kill… an amazing number of people.”  This is an incredible thing for anyone to say, but as a person charged with trying to fix the problem, the mental lack is unbelievable.  At one point, as Romney tried to deal with the horror of mass slayings through the weird machinery of his own sociopathic brain, Obama could be seen grinning widely in the background.

June 2011: above, President Obamand wife display massive facial tension toasting Irish supporters. Below: Afghan girl, at the funeral of her entire family burned alive by accident in a NATO raid. There was no official apology and the incident was not reported in the American media. It would not be possible for an individual with healthy mirror neurons to organise and defend – such appalling outrages.  The talent which is most in demand among the leaders is therefore the ability to mimic normal behaviour, while carrying out massacres in the background. An MRI scan would easily bear this out

But the reason he could get away with absurd pledges to end all warfare, in a nation which thrives on war is because most Americans never realise the entire country’s wealth is spent at the Pentagon.  In 2001, Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld announced in a press conference that the Pentagon had stolen more than 2.3 trillion dollars, but strangely did so the day before 9/11 – September 10th 2001 – and even more strangely added that the theft was a matter of life and death. 

It certainly was: the next morning all reference to the largest heist in all of history was obliterated by the attacks, which by coincidence also obliterated the civilian accounting office in the Pentagon, up to that point busily trying to pin down how such a vast sum could have been stolen by the Pentagon itself.

On the Jon Stewart show, Obama revealed his mechanical, contrived sense of expression reacting to the Benghazi killings. “Here’s what I’ll say. When four Americans get killed, it’s not optimal.”

Trusting and easily seduced by an underdog fighting for justice, Americans are manipulated continually by the media.  The US Constitution forbids launching unprovoked attacks on other countries, and reserves the power of Congress to declare war;  Because of this, America has a long history of attacking itself in order to generate public opinion (see below).

Interestingly, in the late 1920’s, a Berlin University professor gazed out of his window and witnessed an unkempt man talking frenziedly to a group of students.  What was strange, he noted, was that despite an incoherent rant, the speaker had thoroughly captivated the small crowd of onlookers, and seemed to be feeding on their emotions.

The ragged firebrand was Adolf Hitler, who had learned from experience to pick his audiences carefully, as some had a sturdier sense of reality than the impressionable students.  In a previous spell as a construction worker, Hitler harangued his fellow workers with political rants so continually that the foreman who sacked him later recalled he had felt an overwhelming urge to hurl Hitler from the scaffolding.  Nature does provide us with some defences.

Reducing troops?  Well, not really

During the first Obama-Romney “debate”, Obama casually mentioned that Romney proposed to give the military two trillion dollars, something Obama is already doing each year.  But this was said approvingly, as a genial aside, and only followed by a limply pointed question as to how might Romney fund this without raising taxes?  To which of course Romney protested his figures did not call for any tax rises at all, for the money could be easily conjured out of thin air when it comes to war.

This sleight of hand, in full view of the world’s media, was enormous: take $8000 for every man, woman, child and foetus in America and give it to the Pentagon, but focus people’s attention on tiny changes in tax, something easily manipulated to give the appearance of voter choice or later evaded altogether.  In fact the money will be taken away from voters whether they like it or not, and has very likely already been committed to drones, nuclear weapons, and invasions.

Monsanto’s unsupportable genetic claims required huge investment in the White House as their shop window.  In 2012 Wikileaks published US embassy cables threatening economic war against countries refusing to allow Monsanto to replace healthy food.  I spoke to Monsanto’s UK office four weeks ago and the next day received a call from a high level exec just returned from Brussels.  He dismissed all claims against their GM foods – including one by the Canadian government showing every pregnant woman tested, and most fetuses, had bt toxin in their blood, something Monsanto dismissed as impossible.  He promised me a full list of supporting research but never sent it.  Apparently the bacteria in our digestive system incorporate bt toxin-producing DNA from Monsanto corn within their own genome, becoming everlasting pesticide factories in our gut

He pledged to end political spying on citizens, and make government more transparent, and more benign.  Once elected, he introduced the NDAA which allows for indefinite imprisonment without trial, and is still attempting to force paperwork through which would allow him to kill US citizens without revealing why.  Money spent on hiding political processes from the US public has doubled even beyond what it was in the Bush era, a time when secrecy was required at every step to continue the charade.  In the meantime, drones are proliferating throughout the US, and used every week to slaughter people abroad, even US citizens.

In case you get the idea that US bases abroad are decreasing in number, the far right chart – information supplied by the US military – does not include Iraq or Afghanistan

To get around the embarrassment of incinerating mainly innocent men, women and children by accident, Obama’s administration claims anyone 16 or over is a military target.  Recently a 16 year old American boy was killed in Yemen, while attending a barbeque with friends, all of whom were also torn to pieces.  Anwar Al-Awlaki, a US citizen not convicted of any crime, was incinerated by drone, while 200 miles away his teenage son Abdulrahman was also bombed by remote control.

Both died immediately, while six teenage friends also at the barbeque died from their injuries two weeks later.  Media assistance helps hide the nature of “double dip” drone strikes, a nauseating phrase intended to confuse tasty treats with a murder process in which a massacre scene is created, then rescuers attempting to help the injured or carry away bodies are bombed, and lastly, the funerals, attended by family and friends, is bombed as well.  This American terror is leaving a lasting impact on two or three generations in the Middle East.

In short, there is no election process worth talking about in America.  There seem to be more Goldman Sachs employees in the White House financial machine than in Goldman Sachs itself.  The Pentagon and Wall Street are running things, and the political offices are a convenient facade to keep the support of people whose future wealth has been spent, and whose future has already been decided.

The mirrored body language of the Obama-Romney team is that of lovers or members of a barbershop quartet – though a butchershop duo would be more apt.  Obama wandered through the first “debate” aimlessly throwing out clichés as if clearing out an old cupboard, with nothing of any conviction to say; his frenzy of determined resolutions in 2007 was that of the sociopath eager for a new aquisition and promising anything necessary to get it.   Even now puzzled voters try to make excuses for him, desperate to maintain the illusion.  Perhaps sensing his inability to deceive on an adequate scale, Obama has lost interest in performing, and there is a growing sense there is nothing to choose between one shop window dummy or the other


Addicted to war: America’s long history of attacking itself

In 1898 America declared war on Spain, after the sinking of the USS Maine near Cuba.  The determination of the US government to use film as propaganda meant the first movie theatres in America repeatedly showed film of the blazing vessel and the sailor’s funerals, justifying a proposal to secure the area with force.  In fact the war had already been prepared in great detail, an obvious requirement but a trivial detail lost on an American public furious for revenge.  Only in 1980 – nearly one hundred years later – was it admitted that the explosion had nothing at all to do with the Spanish.  A complete confession was still avoided by blaming explosives being stacked too closely together in an engine room, but the result was that the entire Spanish fleet had been wiped out, and the US now had bases extending a maritime influence and launching pads towards South America, and surprisingly in South East Asia. Surprisingly, despite the Spanish innocence, the US did not hand all this advantage back with an apology.

In 1915 the sinking of the Lusitania heralded US involvement in WW1, killing 1280 people on board, including 100 US citizens.  But what later emerged was that the US had transmitted information to Germany to the effect that a special cargo of weapons was being transported to England under the guise of a civilian ship, leading inevitably to the charge of using passengers as human shields.  Of course no weapons were present, but the desired outcome was achieved.  Researchers recently uncovered papers proving that an American banking cartel had extended the first world war by artificial means, to get around Germany’s bankruptcy, declaring that the real danger lay in the war ending too soon.  One woman was so traumatised by the knowledge that her own country had perpetuated the worst massacres in hhuman history that she had a mental collapse and never worked again.

In 1941, Pearl Harbour generated a wave of fury which propelled American involvement in WW2, something Prescott Bush had advised against because of his perception that Europe was an irrelevance, and Hitler would soon overrun it with superior power, and that Britain would collapse even with American help.   The Japanese attack was known about in advance, but information was held back from the Hawaiian port.  Admiral Kimmell watched with horror the utter destruction of his ships and crew, later testifying:

“we needed one thing, which our own resources could not make available to us.  That vital need was the information available in Washington, and the intercepted dispatches, which told when and where Japan would strike.  I did not get this information.”

Later the carefully orchestrated Gulf of Tonkin scene justified war in Vietnam, with 60,000 Americans killed, and half a million Vietnamese children deformed by Agent Orange, invented by Otto Ambros, a Nazi fiend snapped up by the US military after WW2.

Public hysteria was again whipped up for the first Iraq massacre.  The tearful depiction of babies being thrown from incubators had America in an uproar but was in fact a carefully tutored performance given by a well connected Kuwaiti royal.  “It’s not about oil, it’s about democracy,” whined Bush Sr, despite the obvious fact that Kuwait was not a democracy but a repressive regime in which women were second-rate citizens.  So disinterested was the oil-spoiled Kuwaiti royal family in the outcome that they flew immediately to London and sat the entire conflict out in Claridges.

9/11 was simply one more such attack.  Necessarily horrific, it became the launching pad for the oxymoronic “war on terror”, an imaginary war designed for a Pentagon hungry for arms sales, and to justify invasions left and right.  Every citizens’ right that has been withdrawn – the right of due process, the right of a fair trial, the right to avoid undue searches, the right of privacy, the right to travel unhindered – the mob leader wrings their hands and whines, “don’t you remember 9/11..?  Don’t you care?  Are you not a patriot?”

This war, unlike the farcical wars on drugs or poverty or the war on Vietnamese civilians was ideal for the Pentagon because no winner could ever be defined.  The war could be launched in any direction and towards any imaginary opponents – even those within America’s own shores.  In a well-publicised interview, filmmaker Aaron Russo related how Nick Rockefeller admitted to him in 2010 that the proposed war on terror in response to an upcoming event was nothing but a joke: “how can you have a war on terror?  You can never define a winner!”.

The nature of this particular aggression to turn in on itself, and the vast cost to America – $2 trillion per year – has shown how the Pentagon has become drunk with power and disdaining of those it needs most for support: America is now brutalising its own people via the NDAA, the TSA, highly aggressive police tactics, and ever-increasing secrecy.  In an era of fast-rising public consciousness and social media, this is a suicidal course of action.

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I have a great interest in both scientific advances and the beauty of religion, and created about 15 years ago with the aim of finding common ground between the scientist and the believer, and to encourage debate between the two sides.
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