The Reality of Chemical Spraying: peculiar air in NATO countries!

I’m in the UK, and relatively new to the chemtrails idea, but I’m also an occasional artist and noticed over the last couple of summers that it was impossible to get a clear blue colour in the sky as a reference.

Iain Carstairs

Photo: Iain Carstairs, June 25th 2014 (Bedford)

The skies were whited out with fimy, translucent silvery clouds that cut the sun off from mid morning.  Even if you know your lapis lazuli from your cerulean, this is a pain in the neck.

Iain Carstairs

In an effort to counteract the puzzling “Metabunk Syndrome”, I made a series of images to show people what a genuine, ordinary, harmless, normal aircraft contrail actually looks like. Debunkers play on people’s unwillingness to believe a problem could be so widespread in order to convince them that chemical sprays covering a formerly  pristine sky even in the height of summer and spreading to the point of completely blotting out the sun, is a perfectly normal feature of all aircraft. Only a very little investigation shows that none of them are CAA approved

I put it down to bad luck but when my Nokia ceased to function I finally bought an iPhone. One of the apps I downloaded was; as all ADS-B tracked commercial traffic was on there, with the known exception of the shorthaul Flybe fleet.

Iain Carstairs, Bedford June 25th 2014

Making everyone cross: these trails emerged as dense plumes from unregistered (non_CAA) white aircraft, on a very warm day when CAA aircraft were not leaving even the slightest condensation trails

Apart from them, it’s only military aircraft which don’t show up.  This would be very useful as my day job is to run a database of both scheduled and charter flights, which we sell on to agents and operators. We think we have pretty well all the UK departing flights on there.


Planefinder: pretty comprehensive

When I’d try to match a comparative blue from the sky and found it messed up with swirling strings of white muck, I would get the planefinder app out to identify the culprit only to find not a single spray plane turned up on it.  A white jet would be directly overhead, spraying away, but no commercial air traffic was present on planefinder over a 15 mile radius. I double checked with Daniels of pinkfroot and he assured me, yes, all commercial traffic, private planes etc, would be on there, in real time. All of them bar FlyBe? YES, he said.

consecutives_ 019

11 October: one of the last really warm days of 2012. This was the view overhead in the morning.  NATO states experience different rules of chemistry than other countries! Or is NATO air just different?

I started to watch them more closely, and read about the Appleman chart which shows conditions at which contrails form: this is a combination of pressure, relative humidity and temperature, all of which can vary by altitude.


Taken with an iPhone, April 16th 2013. Even the most ill-informed debunker will realise something is wrong here. The circled  inset is a genuine CAA approved flight on the same day a short time earlier, taken with the same iPhone and the same focus level, and overlaid with the chemtrails laid at the top (+10 min) and bottom (+30 min) to show identical scale and relative sizes.  No high altitude jet engine should produce great swirling, persistent clouds when ordinary CAA approved planes – using the same fuel and virtually identical engines – do not.

I also found a meteorological weather balloon site supplying these readings at all altitudes over Nottingham thus giving a very good idea of conditions over this area.  Even on the hottest days of the year, the sky was STILL criss-crossed with this weird, solid white muck from planes.  The white would turn to spidery trails which congealed with others to form a dull white mist over the entire sky.  If this was condensation, it was a radical and stubborn new form of it.

photo_ 007

And this was the view on planefinder application. Hitchin is about 17 miles to the south, Northampton about 20 miles northwest, Cambridge the same distance northeast. You will observe there are no commercial planes at all anywhere in the vicinity

We had a river festival in July; perhaps 10,000 people wandering out by the river. The sky went from a glorious blue in the morning to a zig zag, criss cross of white muck and spidery smut from at least 50 concurrent trails, more simultaneous ones than I’ve ever seen before. Why would anyone be carrying out this activity on such a beautiful, hot day when so many people were outside enjoying the weather?

consecutives_ 068

This was the view overhead by late afternoon. All the mess you see here, with the exception of some cumulus at the upper left edge, was hours-old trails from jets overhead, with fresh ones visibly being laid. The difference in size shows the colossal spread from a single, high density line.   Rather than dissipate as condensation would naturally do, these chemicals are highly persistent

So I checked the upper altitude readings and they were low minus 20’s – at least 15 degrees warmer than contrail air. At those temperatures contrails are impossible, not because I say so, but because of the laws of chemistry! Persistent, 6 hour white smuts are even more impossible, if something can be said to be beyond impossible.

Spray planes always lack the colourful liveries of CAA aircraft

The planes responsible for these incredible plumes are uniformly white, sometimes with a diagonal deep blue fuselage wrap-around just ahead of the tail.

Clearly these were chemicals. And strangely all the white smuts took the same shape and had the same persistence, on any and all days and altitudes, which you wouldn’t expect considering the huge variety of condensation dissipation and movement possible under all different conditions of air movement.

rain sample

Here’s the test result of a rainwater sample collected after three solid days of sprays. It was ludicrous – the sky was whitewashed from spreading plane sprays. The presence of Aluminum is odd – it is present in the soil but always bound to other chemicals, not as pure Aluminum. The Zinc is hard to explain too, as is the trace of Barium. These samples are typical of chemtrailed areas in which people, fed up with being sprayed, test the rainwater in an attempt to get some evidence.  Asked to explain this, critics go quiet, as they do when asked to explain why all the sprayplanes never turn up on commercial, civilian, tracking systems.

Just as a reminder, the image below is what a normal condensation trail looks like from a normal passenger jet, flying at about 17,000 feet.  Planes at 30,000 feet are very hard to spot unless they have some small condensation trail.


Normal passenger jet, around 17,000 feet, along with readounts. All pictures, including screenshots, were captured onsite using an iPhone.

These condensation trails cannot persist except under simultaneous conditions of very low temperatures and very high humidity at that altitude. There are some who, afflicted perhaps with “metabunk syndrome” (the psychological flaw requiring them to repeat verbatim everything which their government prints on paper, or recites into a microphone) deliberately confuse massive swathes of all-day chemicals so solid they cast shadows and resist even the dispersal effect of the wind, with tiny, localised conditions of frozen condensation.

Same day, different agenda

These are photos taken from my garden, the left ones about 2 hours prior to the ones on the right. Top left, an EasyJet flight to East Midlands from France, and below, a Lufthansa flight in the same direction, photographed from a different angle to show the moon; you can just make out the orange livery of the EZ flight. On the right, you have the colossal stream of characteristic twists, which all behave identically and resist dissipation, lingering and spreading out over quite extraordinary distances for frozen water in relatively warm sunshine.

That the trails observed over Bedford were all identical, regardless of varying temperature, relative humidity, natural cloud cover, time of day, plane direction, season or altitude can only mean their chemical composition imposes itself on the surrounding air, and not the other way around.

11 oct

Knowing the altitude of BA and AF jets from planefinder’s readouts to be 30,000 feet (9144 metres) and that they look roughly a third the size of spray jets and seem to move at a much slower speed relative to the ground, the spray planes must be operating much lower, perhaps around 20,000 feet, which on the day in question, had a temparature of -20.7C.

Here’s the Appleman chart, showing that permanent contrails were impossible that day whether at 20,000 or 30,000 feet. At 30,000′ the pressure was 304 and relative humidity 23%. But at 20,000 feet the temperature was only -21.5C with 30% relative humidity. The commercial planes at intervals throughout the day left at most a tiny white comma, and many times not even that: the trails were just not there.  The only trails were left by jets which did not show up as civilian, commercial or private traffic.  This conclusion isn’t open to debate, and it isn’t a theory – it is a fact which can be verified by anyone with an iPhone and at least one eye, and the ability to tilt the head skyward.


On consecutive days I measured the weather and noted commercial air traffic on our database (for example 468 Luton flights compared to 465 the previous day, 379 against 385 from Stansted) when the skies seemed identical in the first hours of morning at 07:30. On one, the sky would be a pristine blue with the odd AF or BA jet leaving a minuscule white exclamation mark at 30,000 feet as shown on planefinder.

On the other, the sky would be filled from horizon to horizon with a grid of disgusting white muck.  Having lived on the flight path to Heathrow in the 1960’s, and the flight path to Gatwick in the 1980’s, and having often travelled to Gatwick in the 1990’s to carry out work for tour operators I wrote software for, I can assure you the ugly smuts were never seen then, no matter the air traffic or time of year.


One last piece of evidence is a whistleblower, an ex-sergeant named Kristen Meghan, who after ten years quit her USAF bio-environmental engineering job in disgust when she found that attempting to warn colleagues they were being exposed to hazardous chemicals sprayed from USAF jets would get her 220 days in a military jail without interview.  The video is only about 14 minutes long, but it gives an idea of the anger which the governent’s increasing appearance as a military dictatorship generates even in its own employees.

kristen meghan

Even those with advanced Metabunk Syndrome – the need to mindlessly defend anything which the government writes on a piece of paper or reads into a microphone – will have a hard time dismissing Meghan’s inside story of hazardous chemicals sprayed from USAF jets


tues_sep_17_2012_ 060

An adjoining day with virtually identical air traffic and temperatures

Recently there’s been a lot of talk about geoengineering, the idea of dumping reflective aerosols at high altitudes from planes, to reflect sunlight away from the planet.  The engine mods are nil even if these aerosols are added to the fuel (as shown on the Disocvery Channel) because the only effect of the particles is to clean the turbines; the material must actually be injected into the exhaust stream because many witnesses, myself included, have seen rapid bursts of chemicals twisting in the wind, left hanging in the air, as if tubes were being flushed out at the end of their run.  Another common sight is the switch on, switch off of chemical trails, so that a completely clean jetstream is immediately followed by a clogging spray of chemicals.

Previous form:

FOI requests confirmed that in the 50’s and 60’s, cities across America were sprayed with radioactive zinc cadmium sulfide to see how many cancers would result. In St Louis, rooftop pumps saturated the Prewett Eigel Housing Complex – selected as it was home to 10,000 people, 7,000 of which were children under 12: the ideal way to test how deadly the long term effects would be.

Details in declassified papers reveal the proposed response to patients presenting themselves with radiation sickness.  US Radium was the American company linked to the experiment; they were the subjct of dozens of lawsuits after producing a radioactive fluorescent paint which killed many women handling it when embellishing watch faces.  This was the ideal substance for the military to add to their sprays; their experiments would certainly have impressed the notorious scientist Josef Mengeles.

The military used planes to spray the toxic chemicals in Texas, while using pumps on rooftops or mobile flat beds around St Louis.  The official line now? “That was a long time ago.. it’s time to move on.. it would be inappropriate to comment.”  Just to be on the safe side and obliterate evidence, the government then demolished the same St Louis housing complex they had been spraying morning, noon and night.

Combined with some form of chemical filament, the highly reflective alumina particles remain aloft for hours because of air currents and variations in atmospheric pressures.  The idea came from observing the effects of the Mt Pinatubo eruption, after which there was a decrease in temperatures around the world as the massive cloud blocked the sunlight.  Foremost among the expectant scientific types recommending money be put their way are David Keith from the University of Calgary, and Ken Caldeira, backed by Carnegie Mellon.

new scientist

There’s clearly a lot of money at stake despite the whole project being dubbed “reasonably priced” at around £5 bn per year.  May I say, as a taxpayer, how delighted I am to be funding the desecration of our skies and the injection of chemicals into our breating apparatus.  Money well spent, I feel certain!  Lots of consultancy funds can be found in this gravy train, and for a scientist, these chances to get a long stretch of paid research by big institutions don’t come along every day.

Especially bearing in mind how science has taken some massive blows to its credibility recently.  Sir John Beddington easily became the most derided geek in history when he gave a seminar to MPs that Fukushima was a storm in a teapot.  The same day the MPs dutifully disseminated this advice, the reactor exploded and thousands fled for their lives.  Workers volunteered to commit suicide attempting to put the fires out, and managers scrambled to hide the fact that reactor waste had been carelessly overstacked, to save a bit of money off the bottom line.  Beddington, unperturbed, looked up briefly from his microscope and said Britain had nothing to worry about – the worst thing that could happen would be a few thousand children dying of cancer, mainly confined to Japan – so who really cares?  It’s not our problem  – calm down dear!  Knowing his reputation now rendered him useless, cooler heads kept this brilliant scientist out of sight ever since.


25 Jul 2011: the town of Namie was completely abandoned after Beddington declared the disaster a trifle of no concern. His inability to form a cohesive picture of an utter disaster revealed a leading scientist as a dangerous imbecile. An area of 4,000 square miles still needs to be decontaminated – an impossibility; evacuated residents will never see their homes again.  Meh – so what? seemed to say the Chief Scientist

The GM experiment has shown that toxin-producing DNA stuffed into crops now lives in our gut thanks to horizontal DNA transfer, something strictly forbidden by Darwin but carried out by bloody-minded bacteria who refuse to read his books on vertical inheritance.  The heavily white lab-coated chemo industry is under fire, as doctors have admitted they’d never allow their family to suffer it, because it seems to actually spread cancer cells throughout the body while killing the patient off in a miserable, lingering death.  The steadily growing awareness that fruit and seeds contain much stronger cancer-killing machinery than science could ever imagine producing has also tended to put the boot in rather swiftly and firmly.

monsanto protest 1

Even the Washington Post had to report the huge rise in protests against the appointment of former Monsanto executive Michael Taylor as Obama’s senior adviser to the FDA. They created a new position for him to decide what went on food labels – very useful for Monsanto, whose scientists thought it a brilliant idea to create corn that manufactured neurotoxins in every cell. The great part was it created indestructible weeds and bugs, but was sold to humans – as long as the labels didn’t let on! Scientists start to look like highly dangerous lunatics

To all this we should add the discovery in 2012 that most of our genes are not “junk DNA” after all, a weird Darwinist idea pushed by scientists and based on the vestigial organs.  The same vestigial idea applied to tonsils and appendices, and as a result they were whipped out at every turn by surgeons dismissive of Nature’s sloppy engineering – only to find quite recently they were, respectively, a first line of immune defence, and a bacterial farm essential for digestion.  Their absence causes serious problems for the hapless victim, but no concern to the white coat brigade eagerly in search of fresh opportunities to display their ravishing skills.

The “junk DNA” gibberish was touted by Richard Dawkins to support the idea of a random creation – after all, what self-respecting Creator would burden a genome with 95% garbage to be faithfully duplicated at vast costs of energy by the work-weary cells? Creationists should note “..95% of the genome may as well not be there, for all the good it does.. the genome is littered with discarded genes that never worked, and never will.. 95% of the genome is nothing but useless junk.” (Richard Dawkins)

But Nature, as always, had a suprise in store.  It was found that this Darwinian scrapyard was actually an arrangement of switches, spare components, templates and toolkits so precise and hard to grasp that the finest minds had great trouble assembling its multi-layered purposes.  Instead of apologising for a slur on biological engineering which only arose from ignorance, in debate with Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks Dawkins triumphantly announced it was exactly what a Darwinist would expect.  Of course – why, they probably knew it all along!  Heads I win, tails you lose.

david keith

Strontium, barium, magnesium and aluminum? To David Keith, poisoning the planet is nothing to worry about – our grandkids can try and clear up the mess!

Be that as it may, at a recent conference on geoengineering Keith welcomes further oprobium on the heads of micro-focused scientists by exposing his own – far from uncharacteristic – reckless personality.  When questioned about the morality of dumping ten million tons of aluminum patricles into the stratosphere without having done any toxicology studies, and without bothering to read the ones already done which reveal that 10 micron particles of aluminum are extremely dangerous to human health, he grinned and shrugged:

“I don’t see it as a moral issue.. it’s more like freeriding on our grandkids.”

I’ve been in touch with Ken Caldeira and David Keith and they have nothing to say about chemtrails at all: they say their geoengineering would look more diffused, being at higher altitudes, and they swear it isn’t them.  Keith’s background is at weapons lab Lawrence Livermore, and a recording exists of him casually wafting ideas about, concerning how to wipe out populations using biological hazards dropped from planes, or hydrogen bombs, or creating tidal waves.

I would be willing to kill but never be glad to kill

The exact quote was “I would be willing to kill 18 Mississipeans to save 1800 New Orleanians..[unintelligble].. kill 180 Mississipeans” but you can hear it for yourself

Like other mass killers, is he hearing voices? Ken says he would be willing to kill 18 people from one state to save 180 from another.  This is known as eugenics, and in other circles, murder.  Because the people he would be killing are just ordinary types like you and I; the reason for our execution is that he, as a human being no different than you and I, has worked out he could save many more lives in other state.  Whathe forgets is that one human does not have the right to kill another, no matter what he supposes: for example by the same twisted logic, knowing that Ken Caldeira wants to kill 100 people to save 1000, someone whose mind is as twisted as his, might decide to save those 100 people by killing Ken Caldeira.

What Caldeira forgets, while in his pleasing intellectual bubble, is that killing innocent people creates a wave of shock and resentment in normal minds, and even revenge among the relatives and friends, or those who feel a kinship with the executed.  You cannot kill even one person, let alone 180, and hope to avoid this come-uppance unless you are a psychopath who cannot imagine the feelings of others.

A chief argument against capital punishment is that around the time of execution, the murder rate spikes in that state becauses those already on the edge of sanity decide if the state can take a life in cold blood, then they, too, must be entitled to do so under what they consider provocation.  The damage goes further still, as a society which engages in killing under the say-so of an ordinary person starts to lose their moral compass, delegating the ultimate decisions to others, and become insensitive to injustice.

No man is an island: something Ken would do well to remember in his laborious mathematical calculations involving the slaughter of you and I.

Killing to avoid killing

Ken Caldeira in conversation with Iain Carstairs

Like many intellectuals, they live in a bubble, think in a bubble, work in a bubble, and focus on whatever is on the tip of their nose: unconcerned about the sensibilities of people who see something seriously amiss in the skies – and failing to see that whether responsible or not, the inevitable exposé will wreck their own credibility – they casually waft away the danger posed by injecting 10 megatons of 10 micron particles into our lungs. After all, what interests them is the science.  Now, that is fascinating. All else, including the devastation of the planet on which they live, is a trifle of no concern.

Pounds, Shillings and Sense

I noticed a very odd phenomenon recently, and that is the appearance of shills.  The word, bandied about by bloggers, puzzled me until I understood that a shill is a person usually without any personal backstory and no credible web identity.  They spend virtually all their time online “debunking” the ideas of activists trying to draw the public’s attention to strange phenomena such as chemtrails, or massive concrete and steel buildings collapsing without any apparent cause, but being blamed on bogeymen – that is to say, invisible, super-powered terrorists.

One particularly noxious individual on YouTube claimed it “proven” that an aircraft had hit the Pentagon’s accounting offices on 9/11, when the hole was not quite that of a garage door.  When I asked why the Pentagon had failed to release any photos from around 86 cameras, plus cameras over the motorway, plus local hotel cameras which could easily have shown a colossal aircraft a few yards away to shut everyone up, he simply said, “it’s been proven.”  I asked how the Pentagon could have produced the DNA (which denatures at about 60C) from all passengers if the plane had vaporised, as claimed, in what must have been a 3000C fireball.  But if the plane had vaporised on impact, how did another hole appear three concrete layers deeper in the Pentagon? And if the plane really did fly at ground level at 500 mph, why didn’t the ground effect suck the wings into the ground, when the lawn directly beside the tiny hole remained unscathed? “It’s all been proven,” he limply replied.

I later found out, through his own admission on a separate site, that he had been sectioned for a psychological disturbance and had been given the task of “debunking” to secure an earlier release.  In due course his profile disappeared, to be followed by another in which the same coarse grammar and the same debunking claims were bandied about, with the same obnoxious, and yet ignorant, manner.

Having made a few observations about chemtrails in the online world, I was intrigued to see the appearance last week of one Michael Vargas on twitter, denouncing me as a crazed conspiracy nut.  Every attempt to introduce credible scientific evidence was met with a hail of sneering, caustic abuse.  Having dealt with militant atheists I was used to this, but ever curious, I read through around a hundred of his most recent tweets and found every single one devoted to denouncing chemtrail activists.

Ever the opportunist, I contacted all his opponents and managed to widen my activist circle by about a dozen goodnatured people, all of whom had credible evidence of some kind of geoengineering activity directly over their heads, something apparently common to all NATO countries.  Some had rainwater samples showing thousands of times higher readings of barium and aluminum than was deemed safe, and one had even registered radioactive snow, using a geiger counter which ticked merrily away.

kc sunshine blockers

Perfect for spray days and holy days! The KC30 and KC135 in Meghan’s spray ops resemble commercial aircraft, and for good reason – they’re all made by Boeing

But reading Vargas’ “blog” I saw it had ceased being updated somewhere in 2011; apart from information about a VW camper for sale, it offered marketing scam after marketing scam, from pet food wholesaling to retail investment expertise.  The writing was also curious: although purportedly by an individual, it seemed generated by a corporation, easily discernable after a few paragraphs.  On Vargas’ twitter account there were no personal photos, no identifying information of any kind.

So I was fascinated to read about the experiences of a paid shill who found himself unable to continue a lifestyle based on deception, understandably so as the normal mind prefers truth to lies, and even the most dishonest individuals eventually find a way to unburden themselves of past deceits.  There are those who make good money from debunking sites – easily detected by their mindless parroting of everything the government either writes on a piece of paper or recites into a microphone, from fluoride to 9/11.  The question is, who is paying for all this debunking?  Follow the money, and you’ll have your answer.

But these shill sites rely on ignorance, and their credibility is severely dented by the unexpected appearance of individuals such as Kristen Meghan the former USAF biologist (see photo, above).  Initially skeptical of chemtrails, she noticed that unmarked planes laying massive white smuts overhead were identical to the refitted, white-sprayed KC30 and KC135 on her base.  Part of her job was to sign for canisters whose material data hazard sheets revealed carcinogenic metals, oxides and powders.  Her suspicions were confirmed when soil samples from her back yard located on the flightline, revealed sky high levels of the same materials.  It doesn’t take a Nobel Prize winner to figure out what was happening, and that NATO was a part of it.  “When people deny chemtrails,” she said in one radio interview, “I just laugh. You can show some people the actual evidence and they still won’t believe you.”

Whatever is going on, is being done with our money: the difficulty is not just getting people to think critically about what they see in the skies – it’s also in getting them to look up.

london on august 16 2012

London, August 16th 2012 – the hottest day of the year! The Mayor of London’s office replied to my query with: “we can’t stop planes flying overhead” .  I wonder, can even politicians be this ignorant, or are they simply running out of excuses?

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I have a great interest in both scientific advances and the beauty of religion, and created about 15 years ago with the aim of finding common ground between the scientist and the believer, and to encourage debate between the two sides.
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11 Responses to The Reality of Chemical Spraying: peculiar air in NATO countries!

  1. Jacqui Denomme says:

    Hi! I was interested to find your blog and particularly so to read it this week as I’ve had a longstanding interest in the chem-trail phenomena. I live in London, Ontario, Canada and used to observe them in the sky when driving my children to school at the north edge of town. There was no way that the local airport traffic could generate the numbers of trails criss-crossing the sky in the fashion that was happening above me. During one period, I would drive out at 7:30 in the morning, the sky would be bright blue, and within an hour the whole ceiling of my city would be grey. This went on for months. It made no meteorological sense to me so I went poking around the internet. It did make me feel better to know that other locals, who knew more than I did both about climate and air-flight were noticing this too. However, I could find no explanation. This all happened say five years ago and I’ve sort of ‘let it go’. Tonight however, I did another check of activity in my area and found this film
    and this article although there are many others. Just a share. All very interesting stuff for sure.

    I’m enjoying your articles.

    All the best-

    • hello there – I hadn’t realised the extent of this spraying. For a while I lived in Kitchener Waterloo, another regional town. I don’t think I ever saw an airplane once! You’d think they’d leave the smaller places alone but this is what makes me think it’s a centrally organised thing.

      Here in the UK in the 60’s a biowarfare lab caled Porton Down managed to get authority to spray some large areas of Britain with biowarfare agents, to see what the result would be, and how many people would present to doctors or A&E with symptoms. This went on for some time; they actually had some kind of cobwebs in the chemicals to help them carry over longer distances. Over in America they rigged up some radioactive particles in a gas form and sprayed low-rent apartment buildings for a very long time, around the same time as we were sprayed, I believe. The childhood leukemia rate increased as you would expect. And this wasn’t a one or two day affair – it went on for years under the guise of “protective research”.

      So the idea that the government would never experiment on its own people is silly. If they cared that much, they wouldn’t send children off to be blown apart or traumatised to the point of suicide in grotesque wars to support big business. Therefore in the absence of any explanation, anything is possible, and bearing in mind the shills and denials, you’d have to assume they’re up to no good. After all, if it were some kind of chemical to improve everyone’s health and intelligence, you can bet they’d be all bragging about it. You’d never hear them stop talking about it and trying to hog the credit. So it’s nothing like that, and that’s a certainty. Even NASA is in on it, as they have some weird new pages, with the crudest possible illustrations, all about how kids should look up and see a persistent grid of white muck trails and study them, as if it’s the most normal thing in the world.

      Thanks for writing – and if more people spread the word, NATO would soon have to come clean and at least explain what they’re doing, instead of this nonsense about condensation!

  2. louise ridder says:

    None of this makes sense. How many ‘airplanes’ are flying everyday, laying the chemtrails? How much jet fuel is used everyday, and what is the cost? Who are the pilots? The chemtrails dissipate or eventually blow away, so will these ‘airplanes’ have to fly everyday forever into the future to maintain the ‘sky’ they need? This has a strong element of insanity to it- having to do the same thing over and over, with no end in sight, in order to carry out some evil, crackpot agenda.

    I live in the USA, in the state of Georgia. I have noticed for several years that some of the chemtrails are vertical. What kind of ‘airplane’ flies vertical while spewing a chemtrail? What kind of ‘airplane’ makes a perfect ‘X’ while spewing a chemtrail, or makes a perfect checkerboard, or makes an INVERTED PENTAGRAM while spewing a chemtrail over a populated area?

    There is more strange stuff. I have seen and heard of all of this here in the USA. My theory is that it would be illogical to spend money, jet fuel, pilot hours flying, etc. long-term, doing the same insane thing over and over everyday. The ‘airplanes’ the general public knows about, can’t fly in this manner, and it makes no sense to a normal mind. So what to think? The chemtrail agenda is other-worldly, and is done by ‘aircraft’ we know nothing about and the ‘pilots’ of these ‘aircraft’ are not what we think they are.

    This is the only thing that makes sense to me. It also explains why the ‘aircraft’ do not show up on radar and do not talk to Air Traffic Control. Commercial pilots have reported having to take evasive action to avoid these ‘aircraft’ spewing chemtrails. Therefore, other-worldly, quantum physics, nanotechnology, secret ‘aircraft’ and ‘pilots’ and black ops technology that the general public knows nothing about, etc., seems to me how it is being done.

    Some of the wicked agenda is obvious even to the most obtuse person because we are all affected now by the deadly metals, diseases and chemicals they are spraying, and the deadly weather they are creating by laying the chemtrails. Good news is, the end of the story was written before the beginning, and we all know, even they know, how it will end. Thanks for writing an excellent article and for your Blog!

    • Well, thanks for writing – I had a rainwater test which I’ll put on the post as well. It shows Aluminmum and Zinc, strangely enough. It was gathered well away from any contaminants, and in a sterilised container, so I can only assume it came from the rain.

      I think what has happened is simple: Caldeira used to work at Lawrence Livermore and they were discussing (there’s a recording of this) how to weaponise the weather. The Pentago has already gone on record as wanting to “own the weather” by 2025. None of this can be “debunked” because it’s a matter of public record. I don’t think Caldeira is in favour of weaponising the weather, but he certainly thinks in terms of some people may have to die that others may live. He’s mentioned this too. As all of this has been recorded, it can’t be denied.

      He’s no longer in the weapons business but I think sometime in 2001 someone at LL hooked up with the other big players, like Monsanto and the Pentagon (before anyone with Metabunk Syndrome tries to ridicule that, Monsanto own Blackwater now – a gang of mercenaries) decided it’d be a useful tool to have, and they started experimenting with it.

      Th eprogram is so vast that I suppose no one entity wanted to take the blame for it, so Monsanto thought, well, if soil has aluminum in it, our stuff will grow and nobody else’s will, so why don’t we let that happen. The Pentagon meantime van play around with HAARP and perhaps there’s people at LL who are experimenting with toxins and viruses. Certainly in Ukraine there was an attempt to spread viruses in the past, via vaccines. Some friends over there reported a huge wave of disorders, but it wasn’t publicised withinthe country that a batch of vaccines had been tainted (inexplicably!) with, I believe, avian flu or some other flavour-of-the-month virus. People there still don’t know how it all kicked off.

      The planes are not on CAA ADS-B systems, which only leaves NATO. The pilots have probably been told they’re saving the planet with geoengineering, but meantime people in Monsanto are sitting back giggling, while the Pentagon must be wetting themselves with excitement that they get away with it for so long. Meantime I can only presume sites like Metabunk – which strangely always takes the government line in fluroide, 9/11, Sandy Hook and other obvious frauds – say chemtrails don’t exist because they’re paid by the same arm of the government that gets convicts to go online and make absurd claims about 9/11, like the Pentagon flight 77 just evaporated, and so on.

      Bilderberg met last Thursday to today, Sunday. In those days there have been zero chemtrails here in the South East, that I can see anyway. This evening – here they are again!

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  4. Interesting to note only a couple of people have responded to your serious research for this post. We have been bothered by aerial muck spreading for some years. We think that those who are behind this behaviour should be certified insane. They’re dangerous characters who would, I’m sure, fail Jon Ronson’s ‘Psychopath Test’ (interesting book) if nothing else.

    I saw Meghan’s talk and listened to the despicable David Keith. Along with all the other evidence and that of our own eyes, it beats me how anyone can be in denial, but they are. Quite a number of people we know think it’s a conspiracy theory. Well, I suppose that makes them feel more comfortable. The fact that our skies are being sprayed with dangerous chemicals is horrendous. Presume the powers behind the practice leave the skies over the areas where they live and work, clear and blue. Bastards.

    The crazy weather we’re experiencing is in part, I’m sure, down to geoengineering. As I said, insane.
    Below is the link to my short piece about the subject – as my blog for Angloinfo isn’t meant to be too controversial, I have to keep a tight rein on myself but sarcasm is allowed! However, I can at least, raise subjects and hope I get people thinking.

    • Thanks for the link, which I’ll be sure to check out. But yes, the weird geekishness of men like Keith and Caldeira goes unnoticed, as does a somewhat darker flaw in their character.

      Caldeira comes from a a weapons lab background; he worked at Lawrence Livermore, which is responsible for nuclear weapon maintenance. His mind is perfect for applying nuclear weapons. He was confronted at a public speaking engagement by an activist who accused him of having proposed dropping biological weapons from planes to wipe out foreign countries (ie, completely innocent populations sitting atop oil or gas which the US government lusts after). He continued to deny it, until someone played him the actual tape of him saying it. He had not only proposed dropping these things from planes but trumped it by blithely saying it’d probably be easier to use nuclear weapons, perhaps to cause a tidal wave. Flummoxed, Caldeira fled, blaming the activists for what he’d said.

      At another meeting he is filmed saying “I would be willing to kill 18 New Orleanians to save 180 Mississipians..” later changing that to “killing 180 to save 1800”. The audience found this amusing, but he was serious. On Twitter I confronted him about that and he accused me of making light of a genuine conundrum. This man actually thinks he should be allowed to decide to slaughter innocent lives when in his opinion lives canbe saved elsewhere. I pointed out this is called murder, and the inevitable result is a wave of revenge from families and loved ones and the society of the massacred. Even those he had “saved” in his weird mind would be damaged, as I tried to show in “9/11: When Religion Becomes the Patsy”, where teenage children (females especially) show a steep rise in mental problems after America declared war.

      These men are certifiably insane. At a 2010 House of Commons Science Committee meeting about GeoEngineering, MPs fawned over David Keith’s “expert” opinion that we “must poke the system to see what happens”. Can you imagine someone this reckless, completely without morals, being allowed to tamper with the ecosystem of a planet? But in a world where everyone wants the latest science, these people are treated as heroes. Nobody cares that Caldeira and keith don’t have the most basic grasp of human rights or even of science: Caldeira’s summary of ocean acidification is jaw droppingly inaccurate, and Keith ignores decades of research on the dangers of nano-scale aluminum.

      We’d better all have our umbrellas ready!

      • Yes, they are certifiably insane. As for the fawners, I suspect too many of them are scared to disagree with policies for fear of losing their jobs or, if they squeal, more than their jobs. Following your latest post, I did a bit of surfing and came up with this site –
        I’m sure you’ll have come across it, but just in case not, I think it’s pretty conclusive.
        Incidentally, I feel sure that:
        1) Conspiracy theory propaganda is put out by people hired by those responsible for whatever the ‘wrongdoing’ is to put people off the scent. I’m sure you will have tracked some of those who shout ‘conspiracy theory’ on some site or other and discovered their provenance is decidedly suspect.
        2) Do we know how many people directly involved with the chemtrail business have signed the Official Secrets Act or equivalent in the US or whatever country they’re from? And no doubt many have families whose welfare they wouldn’t jeopardise by whistle-blowing. As we know there have been some really dodgy disappearances/accidents/so-called suicides of people who are considered a threat of some sort, either to governments, the military or big business.
        We’re in the grip of some decidedly evil forces.

  5. Shauny bish says:

    Thank you ! All the things I would have said and done if I’d have known how to go about it !………I’m a tree surgeon and fencer outside every day and been observing these things for 10 years ish ….. Just thank you for your time and effort ….thanks …..shaun

    • Thanks. People everywhere are waking up to this, and wondering why they didn’t notice it before. By the way, to prove that goverment shills like Mick West can’t possibly believe that a daily phenomenon purely from non-CAA craft is nothing at all, I challenged him to take a lie detector test.

      I contacted a police-authorised LD expert near where West lives in California, and this expert confirmed to me that lie detector tests are relied on to such an extent that anyone applying for a police job has to take one, and this expert was called to give evidence in court on several occasions. He would ask Mick a series of questions to which the answers could only be YES or NO, at a cost of a few hundred dollars.

      Mick at first seemed keen. Then probably someone said to him, “are you nuts? If you fail the test that’s the end of Metabunk!” So he crawled away saying it would be a waste of time and money. But the money is mine, and the total time would have been 30 minutes. A BS artist is always liable to be unmasked; whether it happens now or in the future is irrelevant.

      Here in Bedford, the naked contempt which the MPs have for the people has become obvious; Nadine Dorries has borne the brunt of it, as she actually admitted on Twitter she refused to do anything about chemical spraying of people she’s paid to look after – because she didn’t like it being brought to her attention. Well, I supposed that’s quite understandable then.

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