A Scientific Defence Against Vampires

In my search for useful cancer information I came across a site this morning called www.chrisbeatcancer.com, about a young man from America who turned to a raw vegetable diet in preference to chemotherapy, after an operation to remove a large tumour from his colon.

He refers to a recent study excitingly named Antiproliferative and antioxdant activities of common vegetables which greatly encouraged him.  In this ingenious study, extracts from common vegetables were applied to tumour cell lines and the results monitored.  You can read the full report here, but one quite incredible conclusion was that of all the cancer types tested, garlic stopped each one in its tracks!

The results are summarised in charts shown below (click to magnify):

vegetables against cancerThe vegetables are listed in order of efficiency at preventing cell proliferation, with the most effective at the lower y-axis and the least effective at the top.  I was impressed enough to start eating garlic raw, and it’s worth noting that by comparison, the more popular lettuce and carrots had no noticeable effect on most cancer cells tested; in general, cruciferous and allium vegetables were the star performers.


The burning in your mouth from garlic is caused by the Allicin molecule. Why?  It’s probably all those sharp letter H’s

It’s strange how popular literature often reflects truth, perhaps completely inadvertently.  Perhaps it is this very trait which makes an idea popular, appealing to something we cannot consciously explain.  We know the human mind does have an ability to  detect what is significant to us without a reasonable intellectual explanation: it is said that women can detect genetic signatures in pheremones, finding a mate attractive even in spite of appearances.

In Collodi’s 1883 Pinocchio, the memorable idea that the puppet’s nose grew whenever he told a lie must have seemed an absurd stretch of the imagination – Collodi couldn’t have known that telling a lie does actually cause an extra influx of blood to vessels in the nose.

Flavio Briatore

Thank Heavens for women’s ability to see the inner man! Supermodel Gregoraci and F1 billionaire Flavio Briatore

If there was an entity most suitable to represent cancer, it would have to be the vampire: a remorseless, energetic, malicious life force active at night, alive and yet not like us, taking any opportunity to divert a blood supply for its own use from within your living tissues, carrying you, by stages, to the grave.  In Bram Stoker’s 1897 Dracula, van Helsing protects Lucy from the Count by placing garlic around her neck, a strange idea which was actually borrowed from much older Romanian folklore.

Kirby Jimmy Olsen 142

Jack Kirby’s 1970’s story featured a scientist who projected popular films onto the sky of a miniature planet, saturating the occupants to such an extent that they adopted the features of the fi;ms’ characters.  This tendency to become what we saturate the brain with often comes in for scrutiny when causes are sought for aberrant behaviour

How important is the imagination of man?  Unfettered by stubborn worldly problems, it can uncannily predict scientific advances, as in Jules Verne’s incredible 1865 story about a manned projectile flying to the moon from a launch pad in Florida.  Florida! How crazy is that?  The imagination seems to grasp a possibility in its entirety long before it could become a reality.  In an absolute sense, every enterprise begins in the imagination, and how else could we achieve anything, even the writing of an essay, without first imagining it?

Religious lore, too, has been coloured by imagination, a neccessary device to invoke ideas beyond words, and for which there will be as many languages as in the temporal world, each with its own character and appeal.  But at the core of each is impressed the idea that by following a certain way of life, one rises to a transcendent level of consciousness, and by ignoring such precepts, degenerates to a discordant and painful existence.  What else is this, if not the story of man’s evolution to genius, or his degeneration to insanity?

Even so, the prescience of some imaginative tales is very hard to explain.  Everyone is familiar with the Titanic, which sank in April of 1912 after hitting an iceberg in the North Atlantic.  Well, a story written 14 years earlier by Morgan Robertson also features a triple-screw ocean-going luxury liner with the same top speed, the same capacity of 3,000 and displacement of 45,000 tons, which sinks in the North Atlantic after striking an iceberg, in April.  Great loss of life was incurred because the owners, considering the ship indestructable, never thought it worthwhile to put too many liferfats aboard.  The unsinkable ship was named: the Titan.

Iain Carstairs Twitter Jules Verne

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” ..Albert Einstein

About iain carstairs

I have a great interest in both scientific advances and the beauty of religion, and created www.scienceandreligion.com about 15 years ago with the aim of finding common ground between the scientist and the believer, and to encourage debate between the two sides.
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5 Responses to A Scientific Defence Against Vampires

  1. STAN HOBISH says:

    Imagination is the highest kite one can fly. Thoroughly enjoyed your essay.

  2. Dale Pond says:

    Such great comments about the imagination, which as far as I am concerned is by far the greatest active principle to encourage and utilize in the adventure of our daily life. After experiencing an intense kundalini awakening, the importance of imagination, which I believe is related closely to the act of faith has become ever so strong within myself.

    From one of your other blogs where you talk about your son going to school and being forced to leave that behind and just learn, well, that is a sad state of affairs and shows our ignorance about the power behind imagination. Your quote from Einstein is well taken.

    Since that intense experience I have been drawn to the energy healing modalities which are very exciting and full of promise. I have found when the imagination or faith is put into play, amazing results can take place. Right now I am opening myself to that sphere of the imagination and allowing myself to participate with the unseen energies that are all around and in each one of us.

    I suppose since time does not exist that is how the imaginative mind is able to see into the future, or the legitimate psychic who can read one’s life circumstances. In the scheme of our evolution there is still so much to imagine. I think in the past our evolution was suppressed from many directions and now many are gaining back that momentum and opening themselves up to what is a natural phenomenon of life itself. Thank you for sharing and may you utilize your own wonderful imagination in new ways as you journey back to health. You are truly an inspiration.

  3. A pleasure to hear from you, Dale – there’s a CD someone sent me yesterday about a speaker called Bruce Lipton talking about where mind and matetr meet – “the new biology”. This is the field of the future! Whatever you’re doing, put down that freshly made loaf of bread, or bottle of whisky, or better yet tighten your grip and watch this:

    I have a few things to write about health soon including an amazing fact which even my oncologist knew nothing about today, and which almost made him exclaim in surprise! I remember when you and Paul came to London and we sat around telling jokes at lunch with the kids – Napoleon with all his power and glory said he had not known six happy days. Well, that day was one of my happy ones!

  4. Bob says:

    “How I Cured Myself of Cancer” by Henry Wagar. Alive! Books. How? 40 day vegetable juice fast/diet.

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