The Long and Winding Road

The total eclipse of the Sun must have been a huge shock to early man.  Explaining it in terms of what he knew, it was an awesome sign from the Heavens, an admonishment, a warning that unseen powers could remove in an instant everything he took for granted.

No matter how blasé people become about their mechanistic Universe, we remain fascinated by the solar eclipse; for some it is an odd coincidence of distances and diameters, for others it is still a sign from the Heavens, for others, an annoyance because these invoices must be out by 5:30.  Paradoxically the solar eclipse lights up what is already within is, and the wonder remains because truth really is not a destination but a journey – in every field, the journey unfolds more truth as time goes on, and what is true for one generation is a cause of hilarity for the next.  A sure sign of ignorance is the certainty of any truth as absolute, because for an endless road of discovery, the trait most in demand is the will to move on.


Strangely, scientists say life may have originated in clay – the formative matter pointed to by religions from which God extracted intelligent life. Clay seems to encourage and protects formations of amino acids. How odd..

Events in life that seem beyond our power to alter have exactly the same effect today, and no better example is the storm in our depths when we are hit by cancer.  No word is more dreaded, in the baffling lexicon of the dispassionate doctor: for some it represents a curse from the Heavens, a retribution of sorts.  A long standing aquaintance in Greece was appalled to find one of her best friends had been quietly removed from circulation and laid to rest by her mother without a word to anyone.  Much later she found her friend had succumbed to cancer, which to her mother had seemed such a disgrace that she ensured her child suffered and died in secrecy.


When it was finally shown that the Earth moved around the Sun, it seemed we now knew the greater truth behind the mechanism, though the Universe at large remained a curiosity.  Only much later was the Universe the center of the investigation, and only recently replaced by its hidden dimensions. Where is the final truth?

No matter how we may look down on such superstition, explaining the process doesn’t remove the impact.  I’m reminded of Kurosawa’s film about postwar Japan, ‘I Live in Fear’, in which Toshiro Mifune, an elderly Japanese businessman, is so terrified of another nuclear attack that he moves his reluctant family to South America.  Mifune understands there is no rationale behind the actions of political maniacs willing to roast whole cities alive from a safe distance, and he realises there is nothing an ordinary citizen could do to prevent such an atrocity; to survive his understandable fear of the unknown, he takes whatever extraordinary steps are open to him.

Antikythera mechanism

Here is a Greek mystery in reverse: a complex clock mechanism salvaged from the Antikythera shipwreck. We understand the mechanism is to calculate the longitude based on daily astronomical movements; the problem is that it dates from about 87 BC, long before we thought such technology was available

From a distance, this film will seem indeed seem like “a searing indictment” of our own society; many live in fear of a nucelar holocaust, while others think wishfully of it, hoping it might at least erase the horrors of war once and for all, and knock sense into those who now stockpile their weapons.  There is a similar sense of panic in the minds of those who have cancer and those who do not.  Those who are healthy try discreetly to avoid those who are struck down, as they stare unseeing past the homeless on the street, because they are a living reminder of possibilities awaiting anyone.  Those who suffer will take any means at their disposal to forestall the process or eliminate it altogether, agreeing wholeheartedly to medical procedures so awful that their own bodies, for a time, are burnt from the inside.


Gear chain diagram for the known elements of the mechanism. Hypothetical gears in italics (Wikipedia). It may have been built by Hipparchus, as it uses a theory of astronomy unique to him

Japanese women traditionally have low rates of breast cancer, but on moving to America, contract it at the standard Western rate. Thus a genetic cause is easily disproved, but the fear of cancer is great enough to overwhelm logic, and so presumably sane people have healthy organs surgically removed in case they may develop cancer in the future.  The company which makes money from the tests, of course, endorses this self-mutilation whole heartedly.

To us, cancer’s causes remain hidden; like the lazy grashopper, having delegated the gathering of knowledge to others while we amuse ourselves throughout the seasons, we then rush to them pleading for a scrap of it when the skies darken and the chill wind blows.  At the beginning of the 20th century perhaps 1 in 30 people contracted cancer, and perhaps 1 in 100 died from it.  Now the figures are 1 in 2, and 1 in 3.  Does anyone not think this is odd?  The mystery was unravelled by a team of geniuses in Germany: one, Otto Warburg, who won the Nobel Prize for discovering a key catalyst in cell respiration, found if you deprive a normal human cell of oxygen for any length of time, it takes on the characteristics of cancer cells, in that it converts its energy mechanism to run on sugar instead, and grows uncontrollably.


Kurosawa’s 1995 I Live in Fear: “a searing indictment of our times”

No less than three other scientists from this man’s laboratory went on to win Nobel Prizes. And a fourth contemporary, Dr Johanna Budwig, traced the cause of modern cancers and set about finding an answer.  In the early 20th century, fat molecules, essential for cell respiration, caused a problem in the field of manufacturing where it was discovered they went off too quickly from exposure to air.  A process of saturation essentially froze these fat molecules so they could no longer react to oxygen, and the problem was solved.  The resulting product was only a few atoms away from being plastic.  In fact, if you leave modern margerine out, the bugs will avoid it as they know what is food and what isn’t.


Ants rejecting GM corn

These foods were useful in wartime conditions of lengthy storage and transport – also a requirement of mass manufacturing.  I’ve started ordering food from a local organic farm, and am struck by how quickly the food goes off.  Picking up some distilled water last week from the warehouse storing all my supplies, I noticed in one corner a palett of Qavers – the bright yellow packaging taking up several cubic metres – which must have been there for some time, as they were covered in dust.  They don’t expire until 2015.  Not all food is equal!

As Budwig pointed out, nobody stopped to consider what would happen to the human body when exposed to these fats over a lifetime.  The cells, deprived of an oxygen-enabling source of food, when conditions are right, turn to other forms of sustenance, and cancer results.  The body signals hunger in a vain attempt to gain some useful molecules, and over time obesity starts to enter the stage, crowding the other actors off.  Budwig developed a diet rich in natural fats which, she found, had excellent results in curing cancer.


If one came off this diet it was harder still, on returning to it, to eliminate the tumour, as if the tumour had somehow learned to survive.  Nor was it foolproof: she found, for example, it could not cure cancer in a woman staying in an abusive marriage.  If this sounds strange, remember the immune system is subdued under stressful situations – so much so that during transplants, stress hormones are given to the patient so the immune does not function normally and reject the new organ.  Cancer specialist Dr Carl Simonton found all his cancer patients had incurred a significant lifetime stress event a year or two before the tumour had become noticeable.


Oh no! Molecules again – just when we were enjoying the grasshopper! Triglyceride fat molecule. Incidentally, start to cook your food in natural, organic coconut butter because the medium length unsaturated fat molecules provide an alternative fuel for the neurons, and are claimed (by a doctor who treated her husband, an Alzheimer’s patient) as being able to reverse dementia

So the causative mechanism is partly a corporate decision while the opportunity is a matter of our stresses and immune system, and also apparently, the pH of our body.  The reason any individual doesn’t have cancer is unarguably due to their immune system, whose job it is to tidy up such situations before they get out of hand.  So detroying the immune system in the process of curing the patient is all backwards and violates the medical pledge: “first do no harm”.  I recently visited a Harley Street ENT specialist to get a second opinion and reassurance that I had nothing to worry about.  After a camera examination he politely disabused me of that idea and painted in vivid detail the end I could expect and which I could even mark off on a calendar.

“The McDonald’s hamburger on the right is from 2008; the one on the left from 1996. And they both look fairly edible. Karen Hanrahan has kept a McDonald’s hamburger since 1996 to illustrate its inability to decay. Aside from drying out and having ‘the oddest smell’, it hasn’t changed much in the past 12 years.” (you can follow @ahamburgertoday on twitter, or click on the image to the source blog).  This is a chemical mix – it is not real food, and it is highly dangerous.

The well-intentioned advice was to rush me to the chemo-radiotherapy he suggested at Charing Cross but, typical of me, it provoked an opposite response – I signed up instead to a four week, non-destructive, immunological approach, to be carried out in California.  I feel a sense of failure, as I wanted to demonstrate that cancer could be beaten by the individual. For some weeks, on an impossibly convoluted regimen, I seemed to succeed – my plasterer cheerfully observed how the lump seemed to be shrinking, attributing it to his magnificent skills as a builder.  But then some vitamin components ran out, and I failed to replace them as the hard-edged pills were painful to swallow – and anyway, I seemed to be in the clear – while others were replaced by different brands, and as the summer wore off, the sun (an essential part of therapy according to Budwig, being a limitless source of photons) became hard to find; gradually the genial comments ceased.


The wonder remains: people in Pam Cove, Queensland watching the eclipse of the sun (

There’s no way to tell what would happen if I continued my natural diet alone and in peace, but I’m not at peace with the prognosis.  Therefore it behooves me to put down the fiddle and ask help from those who harvested 60 years of experience with the immune system.  This group presently has an 87% success rate (even with those who have been given up as hopeless) and seem lively, engaging and intelligent.  Perhaps the California air will encourage more writing as well.

Regretfully therefore I temporarily down tools on my latest 35 square metre fresco until mid December, returning “refreshed, invigorated, and in tune with life” for Christmas.  One must think for oneself and not live in fear and ignorance, but also must not suffer in shame and secrecy, and admit when their meagre store of gathered knowledge has been exhausted; it is a long, and winding road indeed.

In the meantime – eat well, and stay well!

About iain carstairs

I have a great interest in both scientific advances and the beauty of religion, and created about 15 years ago with the aim of finding common ground between the scientist and the believer, and to encourage debate between the two sides.
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13 Responses to The Long and Winding Road

  1. Thanks Ian for another enlightening article. Put your trust in God. Thanks again for all the articles to date, I’m looking forward for more in the years to come.

  2. I’m so struck by your comments about the eclipse lighting up what is within it, the unfolding of truth, responding to bad news with one’s own energy for solutions. I hope so much that the California therapy helps. At least, they will have the sun.

    • It’s a good point, and in fact there was a doctor, named Day, who survived a very late stage cancer by giving up her hectic work as a pediatrician, and adopting a placid, rural life. She eventually called it “NEWSTART” – Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunshine, Temperance, Air, Rest and Trust in God.

      I think in the end it isn’t really up to our willpower; we follow something, but who knows what it really is? And a shorter life isn’t always worse than a longer life, by any means. It is also nothing to do with merit – how many lives more noble, deserving and more valuable in every way have been snuffed out in an instant, in wars, disasters, accidents. To me this feels different, like there is an answer to be found, and I’m excited by the possibility. Those doctors and technicians are going to be sick of me asking questions. Although I wish I could have solved it all with coconut oil or something – wouldn’t that have been an achievement!

  3. Cheng says:

    Have you find a naturopathic doctor who is willing to give you advice on combating cancer naturally? There are really many natural cures on cancer. I think they will know which methods suit you best.
    Wish you recover soon!

    • Well, I searched for experienced naturopathic places, consulting referral advice sites all over, but they seem very hard to find. I found a dentist locally who said cancer could often be atttributed to toxic amalgams in fillings. They have a holistic approach, using IV vit C etc. As it happens, I have a wisdom tooth with a mercury filling done in about 1979. It’s sat right between the two tumours, but my oncologist said the link to mercury, and to root canal work, cited in a number of studies (one reporting 147 out of 154 women with BC had root canals on the same axis as their tumours) was nonsense. Nevertheless I applied to the dentist – filling in a colossal multi page form in which every category of your health has to be evaluated – and three weeks later heard nothing at all. I went to a well known health place in London but they were only interested in selling supplements (which I bought) and whose lymph massage technician confided in me that the manager urged her to talk me into as expensive a session as possible “because he’s got cancer”. Time seemed too short to run around trying the typical British cottage industry approach and I think I have to go to an established place with some credentials. Thanks for the good wishes!

  4. Cheng says:

    Hope this video can give you more useful information.

  5. Lawrence Johnson says:


    Godspeed. IF anyone can wrap their brains around the complexities of this, its you. I believe there are answers out there. Keep searching and we’ll keep praying.


  6. CherryPie says:

    I wish you well with your treatments in California.

    A friend of mine is studying Japanese medicine with a skilled practitioner in the arts (Chris Roworth). I recently attended a demonstration by Chris (my friend wanted me to take photos for him). I was quite astounded by the results that were demonstrated. These were physical adjustments to the body by physiotherapy and acupuncture. The dietary treatments were explained but obviously could not be demonstrated.

    I blogged about it here:

    I would trust Chris’ judgement to advise treatments for me if I was in ill health.

    Non of his online profiles adequately explain the potential of the treatments…

    But this link perhaps gives an incite to his field of experience:

    In the meanwhile… Keep thinking positive thoughts.

    • I’d like to read up on that, and fortunately I now have four weeks to do so, without any other significant mental work to carry out. Today I walked to the Old Town of San Diego – actually a state park – and it began to sink in that I’m not in England anymore. How refreshing to see the Sun in a blue sky, and not immediately drowned out by these wretched, infuriating and ridiculous chemtrail streamers. What they hope to achieve by this insanity is beyond me, and the mess they are making now with this GeoEngineering or whatever it is, must be the worst mistake science has ever made in collaboration with governments.

      And that’s in a very strong field indeed which inlcudes GM food, building housing estates on toxic dumps, spraying cheap housing with carcinogens to see what will happen, the Porton Down experiments, fluoride, shoddily run nuclear power stations, eugenics, the National Health computer system, chemotherapy, lobotomies, experiments on orphans at the Incarnation Centre in New York – the list is like some grotesque Frankenstein museum.

      I feel I have taken in a whole English summer through my skin, in a single day, and look forward to another 27. A refreshing thought indeed! Thanks and kind regards

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