The Year of Living Naturally

It’s been twelve months since I was diagnosed with cancer and judging by the reactions of the doctors I seem to have already beaten the odds, which leads me to believe I will in all likelihood continue to do so.

If anyone thinks I flouted medical recommendations out of recklessness, they’d be mistaken.  I refused chemo, radical neck dissection and radiation only because none of them work worth a damn.  Even a Professor in the Harley Street ENT clinic did not, when asked, produce a shred of evidence or any studies that showed they did. Research shows the opposite: chemo contributes barely 2% towards five year survival in America and Australia, and even then, only in very rare cases of cancer, while ruining 100% of the bodies it touches.  And how could it possibly work? With only a static molecule it shaves the tumours at a lumbering, clumsy rate compared to the fast-as-light efforts of those cells to stay alive, while coaxing the surviving parts to become super-tumours, and in the process destroys your own body along with the only mechanism which can protect you.

Maybe people turn to chemo because they don’t want to change anything in their life, or don’t understand the problem, or because of wishful thinking that if someone else tackles it they’ll succeed; despite the chaos having welled up for years from within (cancer cells, being about 12 micron across, will number more than 100,000 in a cubic millimetre. By the time the tumour’s presence can be felt, they will number in their hundreds of millions, or even in the billions) they expect a cure to come from a flamethrower outside.  But we’ve been through all that already, so let’s look at what a person can do for themselves.

Researchers compared every possible diet and found that the most natural was best.  And a study of all deaths in the United States in 1990 showed that only 20,000 were due to drugs, while 800,000 were due to tobacco, a diet of plastics and chemicals, and alcohol.

Amid the clamor, Dr. David Katz is emerging as an iconoclast on the side of reason. At least, that’s how he describes himself. From his throne at Yale University’s Prevention Research Center, where he is a practicing physician and researcher, said sea of popular diet media is the institution against which he rebels.

It’s not that nutrition science is corrupt, just that the empty promises of memetic, of-the-moment diet crazes are themselves junk food. To Katz they are more than annoying and confusing; they are dangerous injustice. (


From – from a range of diets, the elements producing the most health were natural and plant based

If conditions in my body had created the tumours, only reversing them cold stop the spread, if not dismantle them.  So the first thing I did was get rid of all sugars, processed food, coffee and alcohol in my diet.  This meant, respectively, that the tumours were no longer getting the glucose energy they needed to grow, I was no longer ingesting saturated fat molecules which were slowly suffocating my cells, and I was no longer reducing my (intracellular) pH levels.

I replaced these with juiced vegetables, the Budwig diet, and as much organic produce as I could get.  These steps in turn provided fresh enzymes and raised my pH, started to re-invigorate my cell respiration with healthy unsaturated fat molecules, and no longer had to worry about genetically polluted food loaded with toxins and pesticides.

Changing the habits of a lifetime to turn the body around is bound to take time.  But there are loads of other things a person can do.  Firstly you can drastically reduce the toxins you’re absorbing every day.  Any aftershave or perfume with “fragrance” on the label already has at least 400 chemicals in it which the skin and glands will absorb.

Drinking mineral water instead of tap water means you’re no longer accumulating fluoride – which is not naturally occurring fluoride but a toxic factory waste called either sodium fluoride or hydrofluosilicic acid, which is described as an “unstable, poisonous corrosive”, in your own body.  This stuff is so feared that spillages require hazmat suits, and China pays America to take hundreds of tons of it off their hands.  The Soviets freely admitted following Nazi Germany’s lead in adding it to their concentration camp water, to make the prisoners “docile, subservient, and stupid”.  Trust me, this is not going to help your health!


Simplified immune system chart. You should see the complicated one!

Changing shampoo from a tar-based (carcinogenic) product to a natural one, and using a fluroide-free toothpaste further reduces the load on the struggling immune system.  Membranes under the tongue dissolve chemicals in the mouth straight to the bloodstream, but the FDA don’t know anything about this!  Because you’re advised not to swallow toothpaste and mouthwash, manufacturers can put whatever they like in it, and that means whatever makes the most money: importing toxic sludge that nobody wants, then selling it to people to wash their mouth out is a capitalist’s dream.  The burning sensation from mouthwash is exactly that – a forest fire of the essential environment in the delicate membranes, carrying the damage straight into the bloodstream, to find its way into the liver and kidneys.

Even dental floss comes with a coat of teflon and petroleum – the last things you want being rubbed into gums or into small cuts made by the floss itself; natural silk floss lasts longer anyway.  Stop using vaseline on your lips, as it’s only a short hop away from gasoline.  How do you think they came up with the name?

Enzymes like bromelain, papain, trypsin and chymotrypsin can be obtained in capsule form, and they gradually chip away at the tough protection around tumours.  Bromelain comes from pineapples, concentrated in the core, and remains potent even as the fruit rots. Papain comes from the papaya fruit and works best at higher temperatures, so is perfect for feeding to the body in papaya tea.  Taken apart from meals, the enzymes are free to find sources of inflammation and congestion and do their thing.  They are the fastest mechanical machines on Earth, performing as many as 30,000 cycles of locking, cutting, and ejection per second.  How did these coffee grinders find their way into the DNA of fruit?

superoxide dismutase

Superoxide dismutase

In melons there is another enzyme the body makes less of as you grow older: superoxide dismutase.  This machine processes O2 molecules which have been negatively charged by the addition of an extra electron (forming a dangerous “superoxide”) at the absolutely stunning rate of one million superoxides per second.  At first researchers assumed this machine couldn’t work anywhere near that quick since it couldn’t randomly come into contact with that many O2- molecules in a second.  But nature isn’t random, and her technology always exceeds the imagination of man!  They looked closer to investigate the recorded speed of reactions: it turns out the mouth of this marvellous bit of nanotech has electrically charged flaps which attract the superoxides like a vacuum cleaner sucks in dirt – throwing the corrected parts out the other end at an even faster rate.

You’ll never see this kind of technology in the human world because the design is too complicated.  Manmade enzymes copied from natural ones (made different to obtain copyright) work at about 2 reactions per second. Nature holds all the best patents, and inside these machines are sprung, hinged, static and rotating components which require a superhuman understanding of the interactions between thousands of electrically varying surfaces of amino acids all in motion at every instant.  These things self-assemble from a 2-dimensional strip, meaning even 3d printing isn’t new – the ribosome has been doing it for more than three billion years.  Remember that a year ago no engineer in Europe or America was able to make for me a large-size teaching aid of a working hemoglobin molecule despite having the complete assembly plans laid out in front of them, and knowing in advance the electrical properties of each component.  Too complicated, I was told!

The other thing I do is get as much sunshine as possible: something difficult to do when the sun is obscured by NATO chemtrails practically every day.  The sun activates hundreds of genes – vitamin D is only one benefit but it’s a big one, as studies show D can break down fibroid cancers.  And forget about sunscreen – sunscreen itself seems to be causing melanomas after the skin soaks up the strong chemicals and the immune system has yet another battle on its hands.  Just use your own sense of when enough is enough – and maybe wear a hat!

A great find is using coconut oil butter instead of margarine.  One teaspoon of margarine has enough useles, suffocating saturated fat molecules to provide 50,000 of them to every cell in your body.  On the other hand, the coconut (cold pressed, organic only) product has medium chain fatty acids which neurons can also use as a source of energy. It survives heating, so can be used for cooking.  You can’t beat natural technology – all the products are compatible with each other and fully compatible with the human body!  When did you last see a warning on blueberries to consume no more than 10 per day?


When a giant hand reaches out from the Earth to offer you food, it seems churlish to refuse

Visualisation has been strongly linked to extended survival in cancer patients, and this ties in with the work of Bruce Lipton.  Lipton was a genetic scientist when he found that cells taken from an unwell person and put in a neutral environment actually did very well and exhibited more energetic characteristics.  He theorised that it was the environment created by the individual which was damaging the cell, as there was nothing wrong with the cell itself.

This led him to wonder: where was the brain of the cell?  He was able to show, by removing the entire DNA, that a cell could live just as well without it.  It maintained itself, moved towards food sources, and reacted away from toxins.  He realised the cell’s outer membrane was loaded with sensors designed to pick up given stimuli from the environment and believes it is this array of detectors and their associated interior signalling mechanisms which form the true brain of the cell.  This is why the emotional environment is so critical to recovery, something my father, a hematologist, noticed from his work more than two decades ago.

Dr Joanna Budwig herself noticed her therapies didn’t work on women who remained in abusive marriages.  This alarming idea tells you something important about the roots of disorder in our bodies, and something useful about the immune system – do what makes you happy!  In California the son of the famed Joseph Issels, Christian Issels stared at me over his desk: “when you go back, don’t go back and do the same thing- it’s not working.”  So now I give myself more time for technical projects rather than trying to impress with speed of delivery. People aren’t impressed with speed unless they understand the difficulty of the job, and they can’t be expected to; the faster you deliver, the less people think it’s worth.  There’s no hurry – maybe despite what the doctors say, you’ve got time.

Another thing you can do is get to the gym: after you start imbibing vegetables and dumping processed foods you find yourself with more energy, but if you want to kick start this process, get some Ubiquinol, which is the reduced form of Ubiquinone.  This molecule is produced less by the body as we age, and noticeably so after about 35. It forms part of the electron handling chain within the mitochondria – the mitochondria is the area holding tens of thousands of the astonishing ATP synthase, described elsewhere in this blog.

Rather than getting a kick from coffee which ruins your pH and produces a lethargic and addictive coming down period, go natural.  After exercise, the additional resources the muscles consume mean less to feed the tumour.  Just a change in diet caused me to drop 18kg (about 39 lbs) in 12 months.  Imagine finding you’ve been carrying a bowling ball around for a decade and the difference in wellbeing when you finally put it down!  Following the natural hours of sleep allows the body to heal faster.  I could have said this whole post in one phrase: go natural.  But you want proof!

And only last week I started some yoga lessons – this is great for expanding and stretching the limbs to help the lymphatic system.  The teacher is talented and very patient, the class very accepting of one who has the flexibility of a brick, and room is calm and quiet.  The world stands still for an hour while, amidst like minds, you get to grips with your own self.

Now that’s what I call a prescription!


It’s a complicated machine – give it what nature intended, and form a research group of one. (David Goodsell, The Machinery of Life)


It’s incredible that this colossal machine still works at all after half a century of poor diet and food-grade plastics; perhaps we’re lucky to get off with just cancer
(Assembled from David Goodsell’s fantastic The Machinery of Life)

About iain carstairs

I have a great interest in both scientific advances and the beauty of religion, and created about 15 years ago with the aim of finding common ground between the scientist and the believer, and to encourage debate between the two sides.
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11 Responses to The Year of Living Naturally

  1. Teo says:

    Hi Iain, can you please recommend good books to read on curing cancer naturally? Thank you!

    • Hi, sure, well, I can tell you what I’ve read – the first book I would get is “Cancer: A Second Opinion” by Josef Issels. If you can’t find it let me know and I’ll see if I can locate a spare copy. He goes through the entire history of cancer therapies over the past 2000 years, putting everything into context. Once you read that you’ll be far more educated about the true requirements of cancer therapy than any modern doctor out of medical school.

      Another book which is impressive for information about natural products is “The pH Miracle” by O Young. He’s a bit fanatical about vegetables – I found you have to factor in your blood type as well to decide about meat – but the information on pH and the mechanics of what happens under every supplement is very good. Joanna Budwig wrote a book called “Cancer: The Problem and Solution” which is really an excellent view into the atomic and aerobic qualities involved in the formation of cancer and how it must be dealt with, no matter which approach you take.

      Louise Hay wrote a great book called “You Can Heal Your Life” which is inspiring. She’s writing from the emotional side of disease; since the immune system is part and parcel of your emotional defences – to me it seems it actually is your emotional defences, somehow coded into microbiology – it’s part of the cure to understand how to fortify it from the inside.

      And lastly, if you want good advice I’d recommend two sites: one is which has peer reviewed papers on any number of supplements and new ideas, including Protandim, which I’ve just ordered from Germany, and the other is Natural News has lots of good information, via a very energetic delivery, from someone who has a rock-solid belief in natural products and the belief that established medicine is out to get you! It isn’t out to get you, of course, it’s just that it is steaming along like an ocean liner and not always the direction yuo want to go.

      That’s a handful of reading but they’re all valuable sources, and they’re immensely encouraging – probably the most important thing of all. Good luck!

  2. susan grace says:

    Hooray, Hurrah and copious calls for Cheers! I’m a big fan of sensible amounts of sunshine, coconut oil, yoga, breathing fully and deeply, healthy food, exercise, and eliminating stress to the best degree we can. We can add in little changes over time, baby steps; for others who have life threatening illnesses, a radical overhaul may indeed be called for.

    We each have to look at our own lives and decide how to proceed, and we can take information such as you have so generously provided in your blog and weave it into our individual lives the best we can. A positive outlook is important, and being with right community. For me, I made a choice not to drink alcohol, and to get support, positivity, spiritual recharge and community from a 12 step program.. In those programs people are really working on themselves and trying to become happier, more positive and spiritual beings. It’s amazing what people are doing in the recovery programs.

    Now my next step is cutting back on coffee (which I am doing due to personal decisions and observation of adverse reaction), and turning instead to green tea which makes me feel pure and healthy. All the good advice in the world can tell us too much caffeine and alcohol are not good for us, but it doesn’t sink in until we decide from within ourselves to make a change. Your changes came from within you but were supported by good advice and direction from knowledgeable folks. But when it came to actually implementing the changes, you yourself made the decision and I say hooray, hurrah and big cheers to you, Iain.

    • I didn’t mention the supplements yet – things like Nigella Sativa, Moringa Olifera, Wheatgrass, Curcurmin, Omegas etc. But that’s a story for another day. Great to hear from you again!

      • susan grace says:

        My beloved late Father made his own wheatgrass (for a time there), ate organic foods, was a vitamin freak, and yet he had severe stress in his life that he probably didn’t manage well. He died of cancer. All that organic food and daily vitamin use helped him no bit to avoid cancer. So I say LIVE, be happy, have a good attitude, manage stress; dance, sing, and enjoy some sugar here and there if one so chooses. Everything in moderation.And then there is a woman I know – victim of childhood sexual abuse, an alcoholic for many years, has an anxiety disorder to boot, is a constant worrier – well she is fast approaching her 83rd birthday! Go figure.
        One of my favorite writers on the brain and human potential, Pandit Gopi Krishna, back in the 1970s nailed stress as a killer. He said modern life was like taking a baby, swinging him around like a washer machine…and what would that do to his brain? It would probably damage the brain of an infant. We all know the dangers of shaken baby syndrome -brain damage. So Krishna went onto say, if one were looking down on modern society and seeing all the hurry-scurry, rushing here and there, stressors of modern life building one upon the other – well what is that doing to the human brain? I will be having knee surgery soon (torn meniscus) and my anesthesiologist asked me about medical history. I honesty said that I had dealt with mild depression (who hasn’t in modern life, or when one is a care taker of an aging parent among other responsibilities), and I said to the doctor “would you like to hear what drugs I take to address depression?” I could hear him pause on the other line, and I replied “yoga, exercise and chocolate!!” He replied “yes, chocolate, that is a good one! Keep it up”. Of course it’s the delicious dark chocolate variety
        AND we shouldn’t forget gratitude! Practicing gratitude changes our bio chemistry in positive ways.

  3. Rob says:

    From my reading, get the sun at solar noon and in the appropriate dose (10 to 15 minutes, less if you have not had any exposure). It is the UVB that converts to D – so the angle of the sun can reduces it ( So the simple 10 minute dose would need to be an hour or more later in day. However that would cause damage since you are also exposing your skin to an hour of UVA which will cause premature aging, wrinkling, cancers.

  4. Cheng says:

    I introduce you about Nick Gonzalez last time. Have you contacted him at the end?

  5. Yes, I saw some of his videos but I’d already started taking pancreatic enzymes, serrapeptase, bromelain, trypsin and chymotrypsin, so I was already convinced about his ideas.

    I believe he was preceded by John Beard, who I’d read about last year, and who cured himself of pancreatic cancer using enzymes (I think he discovered that whether the pancreas was operating or not changed the pgrowth of the foetus). But I would certainly contact him if I took a turn for the worse, thanks. The enzymes are very powerful machines!

  6. a prescription for good health 🙂 A huge one which was alluded to only briefly in the “do what makes you happy” is to clean out one’s emotional and mental thinking patterns.

    • Absolutely right, for so many reasons. I said it elsewhere but again, Joanna Budwig concluded from decades of work with her patients it was not possible for someone’s immune to get them back to health when they stayed in an abusive marriage. This idea seems dubious to one who has been trained to believe a pill holds the solution. So, try making a double-blind peer-reviewed placebo comparison trial on that. Of course, impossible! But turning to that very last resort, common sense, the immune must surely have to be as free from unpleasant stress as possible. I guess life can heal, if we let it!

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