Some News from the Sharp End

I received today a much awaited blood test measuring my levels of Acetyl-N-Alpha galactosaminidase, or Nagalase for short.  This is an important marker for cancer patients because Nagalase is produced by cancer cells to disable the macrophage assembly line, meaning cancer can rise as the immune system falls.

The addition of GcMAF – a macrophage activation factor already present in the human body – via nebulising or subdermal injections tends to overcome this, and boost the rate of macrophage assembly; the macrophages in turn find and digest tumour cells, leading to a more favourable balance.  The macrophages will even take debris from the tumour cell and present it to elements of the immune system as dangers to be on the alert for, causing other macrophages to be put on high alert. Levels of Nagalase fall as an indication of success.  But you can’t own the design for GcMAF – Nature holds that patent.  All you can do is manufacture it efficiently.  Remember this for now!

The immune is an incredibly complicated system, with built-in intelligence on many levels, able to recognise billions of different threats by the time we’re in middle age.  Imagine a security team able to identify every person on Earth and you’ll appreciate how complex this really is – especially since these cells are always being replenished, carrying the same accumulated store of learning from birth.

Hyperdermic needleLevels of Nagalase should be pretty low – around 0.5 nanoMol/ml, but in cancer patients they’re generally always elevated.  Mine was 3.8 on the 2nd of February, and must have been much higher before I began GcMAF, but it had gone down to 3.4 by the third week in March.  The level reported today, from a sample 2 weeks ago, was 2.24, a highly significant drop.  In fact charting it revealed an almost straight line, dropping 10% of its existing value every 6 weeks – a little like a new car – and that’s pretty impressive too.

Other levels looked promising: gc-globulin, a big multi-purpose piece of molecular machinery (55,000 daltons) was double what it should be, indicating this was busy fulfilling its role clearing up actin filaments – long pieces of which are scattered to the winds when a cell dies.  Survival of trauma patients is reflected in the liver’s production of gc-globulin because among other things (including a role in the macrophage assembly) it’s a clean-up artist with a big role in healing.  Low levels mean the body’s resources are being overwhelmed.


Gc globulin shown larger than actual size

Large amounts of gc-globulin are found in fluids crucial to humanity: breast milk, seminal fluid and cerebro spinal fluid among them.  This is intriguing because the caduceus, the ages-old symbol adopted by the medical profession has been equated to the symbol for the regenerative and mind-altering power contained within the human system: an inverted triangle being the base of the spine, from which two intertwined serpents representing ida and pingala, twin nerves running up to the brain, coil around the central axis of the spinal cord.  At the very top is a pair of wings, representing the wings of Mercury – linking mankind to the Gods.  This is one of the most fabulous visual metaphors ever created, and shows the ancient world knew more about the big picture of our own biology than we do, and realised how to encode and preserve this knowledge for those who came after.

The sad fact is that in 2,000 years none of the computers or books we surround ourselves with now will survive.  Unless we leave memorable concepts behind us in a form which survives the centuries, our highly ordered “modern world” will only leave behind a puzzlingly empty black hole – a new dark age.  That might seem entirely fitting for a war-torn age worshipping self-satisfaction and material wealth, but a new awareness is most definitely dawning across the human race, and luckily for us the final chapter has not yet been written.


A puzzling legacy!

The biological mechanism to effect the union between man and the universe was given the name kundalini: a coiled-up store of energy residing at the base of the spine, working in a subtle way through the entire race as a gradual evolutionary energy, but rising to ever more acute activity in the individual bodies of the intellectual, the creative, and finally the genius.  Above all these is the enlightened luminary – a genius in the spiritual realm; the difference between this extremely rare class of individual and the secular genius is that the latter is aware of ideas arriving in their brain as if from nowhere, whereas the former is aware also of the source of this inspiration, a living intelligence which they referred to in ways befitting their cultural upbringing.  This level of consciousness is the next evolutionary step for mankind, and is as different from our normal consciousness as ours is from the instinct-bound animal mind.

Imagine the bewilderment and even shock for an animal to suddenly gain human consciousness – with its intense self awareness, vastly increased mental horizons, reflective moods, access to a vast store of knowledge contributed by other brains via language, romance, appreciation of beauty, and its creative and intellectual leaps, and you can imagine the wonder which luminaries experienced and tried to express when their mind merged with a universal mode of consciousness.  Their efforts to communicate this in ordinary human language, and the magnetism they exerted over ordinary people, formed the genesis and appeal of all the major religions of the world.

This is the evolutionary energy in man – represented by Mercury gesturing towards the stars with one hand, and in the other holding a metaphor for the biological mechanism carrying us in that direction.  In the genius a much more powerful torrent of this energy flows directly into the brain, extracting various subtle elements from the nervous system and the whole body to maintain its vigour.  This is why the genius has to be slightly more careful with their life and body than a normal person needs be, and their amorous life has to be somewhat conserved to maintain a reserve of fuel for the unexpected crises we all face in life.  The recklessness of so many geniuses when carried away by fame and the opportunity for excesses it brings can lead periodically to debilitating, unproductive mental states precisely because their whole body is, occasionally, in a state of depletion, leading sometimes to depressions, or in other cases to the horrors of insanity.

This is why one’s mode of life is stressed in all religious texts – pointless unless there were biological implications, and why genius traditionally has been affiliated with insanity.

Those who succeeded in awakening kundalini, either through genetic gifts of birth, or of lifelong effort, are known to everyone: they are the world’s enduring religious icons: Shankarachariya, Ramakrishna, Guru Nanak, Moses, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed.  It is not ignorant hysteria but a deep seated recognition within the racial consciousness which preserves their names and the uplifting examples of their lives, for generation after generation.  They will remain venerated, outlasting by a huge margin their critics and detractors, until they are excelled by new illuminati in the ages to come.

Modern writers have got themselves in a twist trying to reconcile these observations with the crude idea of random mutations – one Scientific American article suggested that perhaps insanity had an evolutionary benefit for genius.  Well certainly, just as writers’ cramp is helpful to authors and broken legs are a boon to skiers!  Today’s email from Scientific American cheerfully “debunks” the idea that creativity is a gift – apparently if you buy their ebook you can release your creativity and be as productive as the worlds’ geniuses ever were.  Though if it’s written by Michael Shermer, I wouldn’t hold your breath.

science of creativity

Science writers try their hand at creativity. In other news: politicians begin charitable work, and heavyweight boxers perform Swan Lake

This evolutionary energy emerges from a highly intelligent source – the ingenuity of biology is only one example of its handiwork – and safeguards are built into the human brain to prevent tainted elements from entering and causing damage.  In that event, there is sometimes an effort by the body to expel the subtle essence, if tainted, via a highly increased and irresistable libido.  It is this mechanism behind the genius’ periodic but intense desires, alternating with a complete lack of interest, or even repugnance – during which time the energy is flowing completely to the brain.  In healing, too, it is understood that the desire for congress is absent.  Why should this be, unless the underlying mechanism has somehow had to reverse itself?

There are born geniuses who have no interest whatever in romance – who even feel revulsion at the very idea: one example was Leonardo da Vinci, who in his detatchment once mused that without highly attractive women the race should die out altogether, so repugnant the sexual act seemed to him.  We all know that the brain sends us signals like annoyance, for example, during situations draining its resources in times of need, like endless chatter or loud radio noise while trying to park a car.  The need to “multi task” in modern offices causes chaos in the brain, and a feeling of great discomfort and even anger arise at new unwelcome distractions.  The aim is for us to consciously remove the irritation, or remove ourselves!

This same mechanism is at work when some romantic unions collapse, if one partner is on a different evolutionary curve than the other – once the constant libido poses a danger to the brain’s crucial store of energy, then in an act of self-defence, the brain signals distaste towards the innocent partner who was formerly the apple of the eye and source of all eternal sunshine and joys etc.  The resulting confusion and alienation for which neither partner is consciously responsible, can bring an end to a union based quite typically on mutual attraction.

But in the bigger picture, it is this intelligent energy which the yogi aspires to coax into a higher activity through constant dedication, daily practice of meditation and self control, and by bringing their life somewhat into alignment with universal laws, always able to rise only within the genetic limit of that particular individual.

Fantastic though all this may seem, this energy is also responsible for healing, which (finally!) relates to the subject at hand.


A dapper bronze Mercury, perhaps giving the finger to Big Pharma

Mercury, always pictured holding the caduceus, was man’s link to the healing and uplifting power of the Gods, and kundalini the mechanism which effects this union in the biological world.  In this view our biology is a tightly organised whole, made up not of unreliable, randomly wandering components, but always strictly subject to law and order.  Every religion has symbols for this source of all knowledge, also known as the serpent power, but so little is commonly understood today about kundalini that it may as well be a black art.  Nevertheless some tantalising and otherwise inexplicable facts about the human body do point to the existence of this very mechanism.

For example, in cases of asphysxiation, kundalini is said to sometimes arise spontaneously in a last ditch effort to save the brain, and I suppose this must at least partly release a vital store of the gc-globulin found in fluids associated with reproduction.  The link between deliberate, reckless asphyxiation and arousal is a well known and too awful a topic to bring up here but desperate aspirants in ancient India occasionally resorted to this same method to arouse kundalini – in the hopes of bringing with it all the gifts of mystical experience and the knowledge of the Gods – when all other attempts had failed.

Related to this, it is fascinating to read that serious head injuries in toddlers can give rise to unfortunately early sexual awakening, which is inexplicable unless the two mechanisms of healing and sexuality have the same engine behind them.  All of which indicates the reproductive and emergency healing mechanisms are two sides of the same coin – as you might expect, as both require the rapid formation of new life – but also indicate that when the latter is stimulated by a serious crisis, the former can be awakened too, and once aroused cannot be shut down again.

Veritably a Pandora’s box, to cite another mythical parable, similar in some ways to the Garden of Eden, in which tampering with a God-given mechanism brings unreckoned results never to be undone by human hands.

But that’s enough ancient history, and so back now to our more familiar corporate-organised world!

Even one of the Saatchi brothers couldn't convince this mobster-led government to allow new treatments

Even one of the Saatchi brothers couldn’t convince our mobster-led government to allow new treatments to infringe on Big Pharma’s stranglehold.  I think those are bulletholes

Everyone by now has heard about the spate of deaths in the alternative medicine world over in America.  One nurse told me the common link was apparently GcMAF: all of the individuals who met their deaths at the hands of unknown assailants seemed to have used GcMAF in their practices.  We know Big Pharma can get pretty heavy: you won’t protect any hundred billion dollar business with timidity and deference.  Monsanto is only in the food business but facing stiff opposition from the public they went and bought Blackwater, a band of merciless cut-throats better known for carting heavy artillery around in Iraq and using it on civilians when caught in traffic.  A mercenary bunch, and no mistake, but required for a food business..?  Sure, because it’s money that’s being protected, and that requires muscle and black ops every bit as much as Fort Knox, Kellog Brown and Root, Halliburton, Dick Cheney’s 9/11 ops or the Pentagon and Capitol Hill.  It’s only about the money.

Well, an ex-Merck employee in Santa Barbara spoke out recently against their own black ops department whose job was apparently to put the frighteners on doctors protesting Merck’s dodgy vaccines, Vioxx fraud (100,000 Americans lost their lives because Vioxx “studies” were gleefully pasted together by the PR department and signed off by bent scientists) and so on.  An appalling realisation converted her, Saul like, to an anti-Merck spokeswoman, who then found her house was being broken into on a regular basis.  Expensive alarm systems, video cameras and new locks didn’t change things.  Not for theft, but just to let her know her every move was being watched. After one such break in she hunted for her laptop, hidden safely in the depths of a laundry cupboard, and found with relief it was intact.  Soon after, she returned home to find her CCTV had recorded a man entering the house, disabling the alarm, walking to her laundry cupboard and removing her aptop, laying it neatly no the floor.  And if the message wasn’t already clear, he placed a stone statue of a duck on her patio table.  She queried this with a friend familiar in this trade, who explained.  “Do you feel like a sitting duck?  Because that’s how Merck sees you.”

This was all reported over at Mike Adams’ NaturalNews.Com in detail.


Well done to Merck for the brilliant idea of teaching the immune system to recognise cancer. Imagine that!

When I first heard about GcMAF last November something told me I should get there quick – so I did, going to Lausanne in the first week of December and gaining much from my experience.  Well, here is something you might not know: the MHRA arm of the government, like the enforcers for the mob, shut First Immune‘s Guernsey GcMAF operation down in February, blandly citing a “manufacturing irregularity.”  But whereas with any normal irregularity, you’d expect advice or a warning and another knock on the door in two weeks, here things took a very sinister turn indeed.  Remember too that even with a colossal pile of victims, nobody at Merck was punished for their fraudulent Vioxx PR, or for hiding evidence linking Merck vaccines to autism, or for that matter, for the appalling savagery of chemo therapy which ruins lives permanently – regardless of the fact that cancer cells laugh at it.

Director David Noakes‘ accounts were frozen, as were his credit cards.  Banks were instructed not to deal with him or his firm.  His house was raided, as was his ex-wife’s, and – get this – that of his elderly parents.  The stormtroopers apparently asked if the elderly couple knew why they were there, and were taken aback to hear: “of course, you’re here to make sure a cure for cancer is never found.”  The clinic I attented in Lausanne was raided by a group of agents who one nurse told me resembled the Gestapo in their manner: the same staff who had dealt so carefully with us were held for ten hours and quizzed “as if we were terrorists”.  One was so shaken by the ordeal it was thought she wouldn’t work again.  And to top it all off £100,000 worth of GcMAF stock was stolen.

I’ve taken GcMAF on and off for months and never had a problem.  Other patients I know have had the same experience.  It is, after all, a natural product of the human body, and First Immune’s manufacturing process has Yamamoto behind it, a highly published professor who is the world authority on GcMAF and its actions.

So I smelled a rat, and filed a FOI request.  From the information then supplied I found that a chap on the MHRA board is an ex-director of Merck.  Anyone who’s been a director of a company that big will have a life inextricably linked with it.  Imagining they can be impartial when their kids probably have summer jobs there and their friends at the golf club and health spa are fellow directors, and assuming they would have no shares or ties to protect is imbecilic, given that they’re now in a position to protect the patents and livelihood of the company which gave them their cushy life. And what right does a chemical manufacturer have to affect treatments available to us, the public?  The whole thing is a farce, but the way companies stay around is by melting into the government, and the way politicians grease their skids after being sacked for theft or incompetence or sexual scanadlas or pedophilia or drug taking is to go work for companies and ply their old boy network contacts.  Just ask Tony Blair.  Don’t be appalled – this is how it’s done.

Venn of Pharma and Gov

And you’ll never guess what happened next!

In March I saw that Merck with great fanfare revealed to a waiting world their new patented chemical immune stimulant called Pembrolizumab for the cancer market, at a mere £110,000 per year per patient.  Don’t worry, folks – the insurance and the NHS will pay for it, and so what if the country is bankrupted by it?  Surely it won’t affect you!

By comparison, enough GcMAF for the same period would cost at most £18,000.  The Daily Mail headlines obligingly blared out Merck’s news as if Merck had single handedly invented the immune system and then trained it to hunt down cancer cells.  That’s a simply marvellous feat.  Although they didn’t use these exact words, they called it the biggest revolution since completely useless chemotherapy – which actually destroys the very same immune system Merck now says is oh so crucial to your recovery.  Yet somehow for seventy years the AMA and the ACS have been telling everyone that immune therapy is quackery, blackballing and banning researchers and doctors who disagree, and that only toxic chemo and deadly life-sapping radiation can cure cancer.

Never mind chanting for the separation between church and state – such are the friendships between corporations and state that it’s actually written into law that you can’t say you can cure cancer without any of this crap.  And now these same charlatans, quacks, PR hacks and witch doctors are pushing an immune stimulant instead, protected by mindless shills like quackwatch, metabunk and Scientific American’s own casanova Michael Shermer.  Imagine that, if you can!

Since then an oncologist with 20 years’ experience who gave up on the devastation produced by that miserable lot and is now in the alternative field, tells me some trials of these chemical immune stimulants have been so awful for patients that some actually walked out.  A desperate cancer patient, walking out of a life-saving trial in disgust?  That’s absolutely unheard of.

But there’s money to be made, and making money is all about mathematics.  Now, I don’t know about you, but when I put two and two together, I always get four!

About iain carstairs

I have a great interest in both scientific advances and the beauty of religion, and created about 15 years ago with the aim of finding common ground between the scientist and the believer, and to encourage debate between the two sides.
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2 Responses to Some News from the Sharp End

  1. John Douglas says:

    Another fine piece Iain. Fits in well with my own ‘rule of thumb’ which is that doctors are best avoided! 🙂

    A word of caution however about Kundalini from Paramahansa Yogananda; scroll down to where it says The true meaning of Kundalini awakening-

    And then have a look at this advice-
    Inclusus are these words of caution -“If you generate an energy[i.e. the Kundalini] that you’re not ready for, it can burn up your nervous system”

    If you think about it, those words are a restatement of the passage in Proverbs 9:10 – “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.”

    • Well, that’s very true, and I found both those articles to be very knowledgeable. Anyone who has read Gopi Krishna’s autobiography – Kundalini: The Evolutionary Energy in Man, later published as Living with Kundalini, will realise that even for one mentally and physically prepared for it, and dedicating 17 years of their life to it, awakening this energy is fraught with danger. Gopi Krishna, who I was lucky enough to meet in the 1970’s, discouraged his own children from this path because he realised how dangerous it was.

      The important thing is to establish the biological basis of all of this. Then future generations have a chance of success: science has the tools now to start investigating the real mechanism of evolution and perhaps why some people are more genetically prepared than others.

      So everything that affects people’s thinking and encourage a new view of the world, makes a difference and moves the future closer. I salute you for likewise trying to spread new ideas about these new ambitions!

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