The Pen of Science: Still Mightier than the Sword

Cheney reacting to 9/11

September 11, 2001: Self-elected Vice President Dick Cheney watches nearly three thousand of his citizens meet a grisly end.  Cheney declared an investigation “wasn’t needed” and asked Senator Tom Daschle not to investigate at all.  Eventually he refused to testify unless (1) it was behind closed doors (2) no writing or recording would take place (3) he would not be under oath (4) George Bush would testify at the same time, by his side.  Clearly nothing to hide, I think we can all agree

No matter who you may be, where you may live or what you may believe, the events of 9/11 changed your life.

It was the pretext for the invasions and the bombing campaigns which plunged the entire middle east into war, creating hundreds of thousand of refugees (the UK-France channel tunnel was closed at Calais only a few days ago by a large crowd of  refugees), leaving somewhere between one and four million dead, and shattering millions of lives.

Operation Iraqi Freedom liberated Iraq's gold and oil, but little else

Operation Iraqi Freedom liberated Iraq’s gold and oil, but little else

It was the pretext for the Patriot Act and the NDAA, allowing dissenters to be arrested and imprisoned indefinitely without ever knowing the evidence which prompted their kidnapping.  It was the pretext for a chain of black prison sites in which ordinary people disappeared – many through simple cases of mistaken identity, confusion or on the hear-say whispers of undisclosed others – some never to be seen again.  Many still languish in Guantanamo Bay, without having been charged of any crime.  It was the pretext for unprecented surveillance of your phone calls and emails, a project strenuously denied and fnially sheepishly admitted by the NSA – a fine example of trustworthy governance.

In another secret campaign, strenuously denied by both Bush and Blair for years and only admitted under the weight of incontrovertible evidence years later, some of the unfortunates delivered to Guantanamo Bay were first shipped to other countries – including Egypt – for torture.  Two Iraqi civilian arrived, as an inmate later reported, “in catastrophic shape, lacking their fingernails and toenails, blood still running from their ears and nose, grown men weeping like babies”.  Others met a grisly end in Uzbekistan dungeons, from which survivors reported hearing “clipped British accents, directing each of the interrogators’ questions”.

Syrian refugees wait outside turkish border

Syrian refugees wait outside Turkish border. 9/11 was used to justify the looting of Iraq, a chaos which caused the rise of Western-backed ISIS, which was used to justify Western bombing of Syria, creating 2m refugees

Some were kidnapped from international airports on the orders of Jack Straw and Tony Blair, and shipped to Gaddafi’s dungeons. Unluckily for Straw and Blair, one such dissident later became commander of the Libyan rebels, and demanded Britain admit to what its henchmen did to his family.  These particular victims, paid off this year by well over £400,000 to avoid an embarrassing court case, included his daughter (“these people stole my childhood”) and his heavily pregnant wife – taped immobile to a stretcher, with – in an astonishing act of cruelty – one eye taped open and one taped shut, by two masked men and one masked woman, all with British accents, for an “excruciating seven hour journey” to Libya, where they were immediately chained to walls.

The head of Mi5 was to write jovially of the affair to Gaddafi, still in power at the time: “I do hope you have received the shipment” in a letter later found by rebels raiding Gaddafi’s files.  That was one very expensive letter, for you and me, that is – since all the desperate hush money thrown at victims was taxpayer money.


During the US-led invasion of Iraq, the country was systematically looted of its gold and oil reserves. As one Iraqi refugee – now a taxi driver in Toronto – explained to me: “everything now go to America.

Perhaps, you feel that none of this affects you.  But, if you’ve flown since 2001 and were manhandled, humiliated or stripped in the name of “terror prevention”, or, like Professor Richard Dawkins, had your jar of honey confiscated after check-in, you’ve been affected by 9/11.  Speeches are still made hearkening back to 9/11, to justify more surveillance, more laws, longer prison sentences, secret tribunals, drone bombings, or the battering down of various doors in the name of “terror prevention”.

police state

The police forces in America now meet protests dressed in the same combat gear used by US invasion forces and varying only in colour; in more recent photographs, even the colour is now a uniform Marine khaki.  Likewise, armoured cars and even tanks are given to police forces to patrol even small town America

The rise of the American police state, where officers can no longer be distinguished from US military forces dressed for the desert in the middle east, the current chaos in Iraq and the subsequent rise of ISIS can be squarely blamed on the invasions justified by 9/11.

14 years later, every week without fail, newspaper headlines scream of “terror” as if they, too, were somehow keen on stoking it.  But why?  Well, a moment’s thought is enough to realise that few of us, hardly any of us, actually an infitesimal fraction of nine billion people, have actually seen an act of terror in real life.  The only place we see it is in the media.  So for terror to stop having any widespread effect, all the media would have to do is refuse to report it.  Tell us the facts if you must, in a restrained, factual way.  But they do the exact opposite.


Forgotten? How could we? And in September 2015, lest the multi billion dollar killing machinery empire run into protests from those paying for it, Dick Cheney – along with his far-far-rightwing daughter – have threatened “bigger attacks, with worse weapons, to come”.

What they fail to tell us is even more telling: the damage from US drones hitting wedding parties, school children, farmers, families, houses, villages.  As it turns out, entire countries are raising generations of children afraid to go out.  The sound of an airplane overhead is enough to scare them witless after constant attacks by circling reaper drones.  Not because of their media, but because all gatherings of people, bystanders included, are targets for incineration.

The bodies are never identified by America: if they were standing up they’re “suspected militants“; if sitting down: “plotting terror attacks”.  Babies are “collateral damage”.  Seeing frantic friends and family wading thrugh the rubble of his devastation, Obama saw an opportunity: let’s bomb the rescuers.  Seeing the crowds at the funerals he saw another opportunity: let’s bomb their funerals, for Christ’s sake.  What did they call this brutal murder?  “Double dipping”.  Our media don’t care to report on the victims and the trauma we’ve left them.  They’re nobodies.  When they come fleeing to our shores we protest they’re “chasing our benefits”.  The New York Times wordsmiths daintily call drone bombing “a vexing constitutional issue”.  War criminals?  Tsk!  A few bad apples.  La-di-dah.

michael hastings inferno

Journalist Michael Hastings was highly critical of Obama and the Pentagon who, he said, “had declared war on the press”. The only recourse was “for the press to declare war on them”. In June he confided to friends he was onto a big story, but felt he was under surveillance. “I’m going to go off the grid for a while.” Concerned friends set up a meeting on June 20th, 2013, for him to tell them what he knew. The meeting never took place: this photograph was taken on June 18th.

We’ve heard only last week that £20 billion is needed for our terrifying nuclear killing machines ..“to prevent terror.”  I’m not kidding.  Yes, someone is getting very, very rich from the terror industry – for that is precisely what it is.  A new and booming business in which oil and gold and lithium mines are commandeered and looted, countries bombed back to the Stone Age, dissenters kidnapped and imprisoned, or incinerated by reaper drones from afar, citizens treated like dirt, and mass surveillance undertaken in secret – with the catchphrase: “if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.”

exploding towers 1

“Some people have suggested that the weight of the tower crushing down on the girders caused them to flex and they sprung sideways by a spring action. But we are not seeing isolated jumping girders. We are seeing a major fraction of the mass of the building .. reduced to small pieces of rubble and fine dust, and being explosively ejected in all directions.” Beyond Misinformation, p 21

And this catchphrase comes, incredibly, from those who for fourteen long years have avoided and dodged any scientific investigation into the most significant crime of 9/11 itself: the destruction of the World Trade Center buildings!  What has the government got to fear? Well, read on, and you’ll find out!

Yes, if you live on Earth, 9/11 has most certainly affected you.  So it may come as a shock to hear that the most significant cause of death on 9/11, the collapse of buildings full of people, was never scientifically investigated.  The evidence was cleared away before investigators were allowed on the scene, and physically destoyed or shipped to China before it could be examined.  The causes were never explained.

The perpetrators – whoever they were – remain unnamed and unpunished, and free to strike again at a time of their choosing.

Science to the Rescue: Beyond Misinformation

bookletBut now the first scientific study of the World Trade Centre’s collapse has been published, entitled Beyond Misinformation.  And I think this single document is quite capable of causing the terror industry to collapse at the same rate of free-fall acceleration, carrying with it the crooks, profiteers and assorted psychopaths who plundered the middle east, sacrified millions of lives, caused worldwide terror and sectarian strife, and made vast fortunes at our expense.

Science reveals how those three mighty buildings fell – towers 1, 2 and 7.  The first two were seen live on TV, but the third is almost never mentioned in the media despite it having been a colossal 47 stories tall, larger in mass than any steel framed building in Britain.  A group of 2,500 architects and engineers have backed the publication of this 48-page, lavishly illustrated report which comprehensively demolishes the media’s thrice-daily repeated story of what happened on 9/11.

Molten Metal 1 Pg 31Despite what you’ve been led to believe, the astonishing conclusion of this report is that these three mighty towers were not brought down by fires, nor by the aircraft crashes these buildings were specifically designed to survive.

They were brought down by a high grade, highly specialised explosive material called nano-thermite.  To judge from the physics of the events and the ample visual evidence, charges were installed on every single floor and against every major column of these three towering structures, well before 9/11 itself.  Incredible though this may seem, this is what science says about the destruction of the three World Trade Centre buildings.

Molten Metal 3 Pg 33Tens of thousands of copies have already gone to decision makers and political figures in America, and I was fortunate last week to receive a crate full which I began to distribute to newspapers, police stations and MPs here in the UK.   Until we know who demolished the Trade Center buildings, we cannot be sure that elements within the government itself are not the very terrorists we have been told it is a criminal offence to support.

This eye-opening report is thoroughly researched, full of science, revealing photographs, witness statements and pages of references.  Its review committee includes a

  • Professor of Engineering and Physics from Maryland
  • a Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering from Canada
  • a Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering from America
  • the former Head of Architecture at Kingston University, London

..and other fully qualified professionals in the fields of Archiecture and Engineering.  The report dismantles the NIST report, which can then only be seen as a cover-up based on speculation, not science.  In fact NIST’s report flies in the face of known science, some statements being so blatantly wrong they could never have come from even a high school science student, and it is suprising to find NIST did not even attempt to explain the full collapse of the towers and did not even check for explosives, probably because they were told not to.  For a document which cost millions and purports to explain the murders of nearly three thousand people, this is an utter disgrace.

Just as I offered on Twitter, the first 30 people who send me their address will receive a free copy when the 3rd mailshot goes out this week.

If we really want to bring an end to the terror industry, the first thing we must do is find who rigged the buildings, and who pressed the button.  We need to know who authorised the killing of nearly three thousand of our fellow human beings in New York via the demolition of the World Trade Centre buildings.  And the sooner, the better.

Explosions Eyewitness p 442015-09-11-13_34_18-Beyond-Misinformation3-777x286Explosions Eyewitness p 45

About iain carstairs

I have a great interest in both scientific advances and the beauty of religion, and created about 15 years ago with the aim of finding common ground between the scientist and the believer, and to encourage debate between the two sides.
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8 Responses to The Pen of Science: Still Mightier than the Sword

  1. This is possibly the clearest description of what has gone on and is still going on. My partner, Leaf, and I have frequently been accused of subscribing to conspiracy theories and, even worse, spreading disagreeable stuff that, it seems, so many just can’t stomach, let alone believe.
    I think we need to find some courage, face the true enemies and get together to change our world. As long as so many are being dummed down by false news coverage, a whole array of gadgets – many of which, perhaps most, are capable of spying on us – and degraded entertainment, the job is going to be made even harder. What galls me particularly is that those of us who try to raise awareness in the hope that good will prevail, are doing it for EVERYONE. Time the rest pulled their weight before we destroy our planet along with thousands of innocent humans and other living species.
    Horrific though the thought may seem, we have to admit to ourselves that we’re being governed by a bunch of sadistic psychopaths.

    ps. I’m hoping that benevolent ETs, who I’m convinced are lurking in all corners and dimensions, step in to give the decent folk among us a hand!

  2. Yes, many people feel the buildings weren’t demolished simply because those in charge “couldn’t have done it”. When you point out how exceptionally easy it would be for them to do just that, with Marvin Bush on the board of Stratesec, in charge of security at both the WTC and Dulles Airport, and more specifically the reports via Susan Lindauer of the CIA that trucks were coming and going from 0200 – 0500 for some weeks just beforehand, their protest becomes “well, they.. just wouldn’t have done it”.

    I think it may have been Hitler who said the ordinary man, when facing a vast and dreadful conspiracy, is handicapped by his refusal to believe anyone would be evil enough to carry it out. Many of those around me are in the same boat, and it’s a tribute to their faith in human goodness. One poor soul, struggling in the face of evidence, eventually blurted out, “perhaps the buildings were designed to come vertically down, so they wouldn’t harm anyone in the surrounding area. Did you ever think of that?”

    Well, no, because buildings are not designed to fall down at all. But I didn’t say anything, and left it there. How can you disabuse a person so kindly disposed to humanity of his beliefs? The whole thing is a terrible mess and I fear we are all in for a rude awakening of one sort or another when this sinks into the mass mind. Men like Cheney and Bush have apparently purchased land in places like New Zealand and Panama, with private airstrips. With our money, by the way.

    Meantime I sent everyone on Larry Silverstein’s staff, and his major tenants, a PDF copy.

    Thanks for the comment, and let me know when ET arrives – I have a long list of questions for him!

  3. John Douglas says:

    Iain, you forgot to put the link; here it is-

    The main page link for ‘Architects and Engineers for 911 truth’ is here-

    The alternative view is here-

    I have spent the last 50 years ‘getting my hands dirty’ in the construction industry so I almost know what I am talking about and I am not convinced by the conspiritors’ theories because that is what they are – theories.
    Even the demolition expert quoted by, Danny Jowenko, concedes that the two main towers were not brought down by CD even though he believes that was the case for WTC7.
    My question for the advocates of controlled demolition is quite simple: how was it done? Details of the manhours and materials involved in preparation and details of procedures etc. would be helpful in analysing what happened.

    But, it is in the past and it is pointless quibbling over details You wrote elsewhere (in a slightly different context but it is applicable here also) – “This kind of debate can go on forever – which greatly suits the mind of the debaters – since none of it even begins to address the real problem.” (same link as your quote below)
    And the main point of your post remains as valid as ever.
    The USA is barely 240 years old and for virtually all of those years it has been at war with somebody or other, even at one point having a civil war.
    By coincidence I was reading an old post of yours in which you wrote-
    “The problem is not guns, the problem is that so many would be so frightened of their own society that they want one for defence.”

    America as a nation and Americans individually seem to be living in permanent fear of what other people ‘might’ do to them and really and truly believe that every problem can be solved by killing other people.
    You may recall a video I posted a few months ago in which Alan Watts said “…this is a society dedicated to the destruction of life”
    Alan Watts offers no answer, I can offer no answer. Can anyone offer an answer?
    As far as I am aware nobody has come up with a satisfactory answer to the question posed here-

    “La guerra es la forma de conflicto socio-político más grave entre los humanos. Es tan antigua como el hombre mismo, su forma ha ido variando conforme la misma sociedad. Cambia el tiempo, el espacio, los uniformes, las armas, las tácticas, pero son las mismas causas: La ampliación de los dominios, el control del poder, la ambición de las riquezas, la imposición de ideas políticas, económicas y/o religiosas, el sometimiento y la destrucción del enemigo. Los resultados también siguen siendo los mismos: Angustia, destrucción, mucho dolor y mucha muerte, pero sobre todo, la bestialización del hombre.”

    • Thanks for the links – and I’d be glad to send you the document so you can see for yourself. I’ve read it cover to cover and I can’t see any problem with their reasoning. In fact I’d say that there isn’t a scrap of evidence for the official story at all, none that I can find, and the more you evaluate the science, the less plausible NIST becomes until really you get down to levels of absurdity. I’m sure someone is going to swing for that crime.

      I’m seeing a fantastic series on Netflix at the moment: Ken Burns’ “The West”. I’m about 5 episodes through, nursing a wisdom tooth operation, and though it’s a little old (1996) I don’t see how modern CGI could ever improve it – likely would only turn it into a Discovery Channel whoooshhing zooming fast-spinning-us-rapidly-on-three-axes-to-show-off-what-the-CGI-can-do vertiginous headache inducing nightmare. The American spirit is fantastic, but violent, as you point out. At the moment they’re trying to build a railroad across the continent, in “the greatest enterprise under God”! Chinese labourers are working like, well, let’s not go there – but the steel rail lies cold and hard and the mountains they go down.

      I can’t wait to see if they succeed!

  4. leaffielding says:

    There are so many contradictions in the official version of the events of 9/11 that make it seem like a false flag operation. If you haven’t heard that term, it signifies a means of starting a war based on false premises: Hitler did it by dressing German soldiers in Polish uniforms, getting them to slip across the border and attack a German customs post, killing some of the German border guards.
    The US administration did it to kick off the Vietnam war with the so-called ‘Hanoi incident’ with the Vietnamese alleged to have attacked an American naval vessel. Later – after 3 million Vietnamese deaths and some 55,000 American deaths – the Yanks finally admitted that the Hanoi Incident never happened. I suggest 9/11 was a false flag operation designed to kick off the ‘War on Terror’… and just look at the ongoing global consequences of that nightmare.

    • Oh, this is for sure – in fact the list of false flags goes way back to the naval war with the Spanish:

      Even Pearl harbour had an element of self harming. The codes had been cracked and Washington knew an attack was imminent, but they failed to pass this on because an attack would justify US participation in WW2. The Bush’s bank was already financing the Nazis and IBM was making a fortune from Hollerith machines, software and advice. It’s an ugly story at the top, but the herosim and courage of the ordinary American is undeniable. I long for the day when THEY run things – not these chicken hawk armchair general draft-dodging types like Cheney and Bush.

  5. Richard L Vetter says:

    Yes, the pen is mightier than the sword when you wield it selectively along with photos….to manufacture  your personal conspiracy theory(s).  All the world’s turmoil, deaths, starvation, mass migrations, Ebola, AIDS, and whatever else lies on the shoulders of America.   Have a G’day….  R. L. Vetter, PhD; PAS; Dipl. ACAN; PresidentAGRI-BIO SYSTEMS, INC. 2811 Edgewater Dr. Elgin, IL. 60124 Tel:847-888-2382 Cell:630-564-8523

  6. Happy to send you a copy of the report, and then you can draw your own conclusions. Please let me know if I have stated anything that isn’t true, and I’ll be sure and correct it.

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