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Phenomenal Solar Non-Eclipse!

A series of unlikely coincidences will lead to a stunning non-eclipse of the Sun today – for the first time in over one thousand, five hundred days. For, due to reasons astronomers still do not fully understand, during a few … Continue reading

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The Reality of Chemical Spraying: peculiar air in NATO countries!

I’m in the UK, and relatively new to the chemtrails idea, but I’m also an occasional artist and noticed over the last couple of summers that it was impossible to get a clear blue colour in the sky as a … Continue reading

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Welcome to Bedford – No Limits (to council salaries)!

It is hard to understand but people no longer have any respect for others, or for the law.  I live with two children on a narrow, one-way street, with a 20 mph limit.  When I moved in, it seemed to … Continue reading

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Waging War on the Brain

When my son was 7 and joined the school football team, I asked the school’s PT teacher if they could be told to avoid heading the ball – a child’s skull is softer than an adult’s, and the brain is … Continue reading

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The Eterntity of the Mind

One of the difficulties in maintaining a blog when you don’t actually know much about anything is that without a fresh idea or feeling nothing can get written that everyone doesn’t already know.  After a sterile couple of weeks, luckily … Continue reading

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Exams, Alzeheimer’s and Parkinsons

I read today that Michael Gove, the Edcuation Secretary, thinks that GCSEs are “not stretching enough” and need to be made tougher.  It might be better if he took the education system to pieces, and threw most of it away. … Continue reading

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