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Truth: A Strange Substance

I remember Gopi Krishna once saying that truth is a strange substance, that it grows stronger in adversity and enlarges itself in the face of opposition.  With this in mind I have confidence that the hijackings which took place on … Continue reading

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Thanks for Another Day!

This morning I saw a hearse making its sombre way along to the local church.  The sun is shining today and I felt so grateful that my time wasn’t up yet.  Although after today’s post, it might not be long! … Continue reading

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Intelligence and Stupidity

There is no attractiveness like that of a new man. The sleepy nations are occupied with their political routine. England, France and America read Parliamentary Debates, which no high genius now enlivens; and nobody will read them who trusts his … Continue reading

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Conquering Hearts

It must have been early 1979 when I took a night job in Toronto as a security guard, to save for my escape to England, away from a place where everything closed on Sunday.  Late one night in the labyrinthine … Continue reading

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