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Alien and Earthly Rubbish

A news story appeared in the last few days explaining how Richard Dawkins visited a Muslim faith school in Leicester, perhaps to promote his new book, The Magic of Reality: Richard Dawkins has attacked Muslim faith schools, saying that they … Continue reading

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Who was Jesus?

I recently saw an intriguing video called What Would Jesus Not Do? whose detailed arguments easily transcend the deliberately crude animation.  It points out the logical fallacy of equating Jesus with God through the lack of medical, social or scientific … Continue reading

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The Fountain of Youth

The legendary fountain of youth, said to restore the prime of life to all who drank from it, was mentioned as long ago as the fifth century BC by Heroditus, who wrote that Ethiopians owed their longevity to properties of … Continue reading

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Divinity – a natural ideal for the mind

There does seem to be a tendency for all cultures, all peoples, to invent gods.  They may differ in detail, but I think I’m right to say- anthropologists will tell you – that all peoples have gods of some sort. … Continue reading

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Extra! Paradise damaged, religion not responsible!

Today Alex Hawkes of the Guardian writes that “UK riots were product of consumerism” – according to city analyst Tim Morgan, Tullet Prebon’s head of global research: “We conclude that the rioting reflects a deeply flawed economic and social ethos… … Continue reading

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Darwinism’s little problem: eugenics

Whereas science is a neutral process of intellectual discovery, as interesting and  useful to those with faith as those without it, atheism is an interpretation of that science which declares consciousness, Divinity, Universal design, and by extension religion, to be … Continue reading

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The Sins of The Fathers

I saw an interesting article today, finding fault with the religious concept of “the sins of the fathers”.  The idea that the Bible threatens generations yet unborn with punishments – based solely on the actions of parents – is often … Continue reading

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