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Science and Religion: The Story So Far

I started in the mid-nineties when nobody was interested in such an esoteric URL.  Regardless of belief in divinity, new research shows the biological benefit of spiritual practices, and has overturned long-held beliefs about genetics, the brain, and even … Continue reading

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Freeing the Spirit of Extravagance!

Astute readers will see I haven’t written much the last 10 days – ah, but that’s because I have been reading.   And if you are wondering what could possibly stretch my attention span that far: This book is one every … Continue reading

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The Willing Pupil

‘Any engineer would naturally assume that photocells would point towards the light, with their wires leading backwards towards the brain.  He would laugh at any suggestion that the photocells might point away from the light..  Yet this is exactly what … Continue reading

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