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Blame Where It’s Due Please, Mr Fry!

Generating mainstream press saturation this week in a way no amount of bombed refugees, human slavery or scientific analysis of the impossible 9/11 WTC building collapses could ever hope to achieve, English comedian Stephen Fry launched an astonishing tirade against … Continue reading

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A Scientist Visits Heaven

The following extracts are from Map of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon Explores the Mysteries of the Afterlife & The Truth About What Lies Beyond by Dr Eben Alexander, published by Piatkus; first quoted in the Daily Mail, October 19th, 2014 When … Continue reading

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Banned in Pakistan? Don’t Complain!

Having spotted something about prayer which I wanted to comment on at the Richard Dawkins Foundation, I registered and made a post, which in due course received a caustic reply from an RDF member. Coincidentally this author raised the issue … Continue reading

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The Men Behind the Curtain

There’s a certain point in the evolution of an idea when the swirl of debate around it reaches, as Malcolm Gladwell might say, a tipping point. A certain kind of accusation that things are not what they seem to be … Continue reading

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Phenomenal Solar Non-Eclipse!

A series of unlikely coincidences will lead to a stunning non-eclipse of the Sun today – for the first time in over one thousand, five hundred days. For, due to reasons astronomers still do not fully understand, during a few … Continue reading

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Rebuilding the Brain

A while back I wrote about stress and the brain and how it related to schoolchildren pressured to perform on exams, after I read Alzheimer’s and dementia were strongly linked to stress. Teachers, generally academics, often say such pressure didn’t … Continue reading

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A Scientific Defence Against Vampires

In my search for useful cancer information I came across a site this morning called, about a young man from America who turned to a raw vegetable diet in preference to chemotherapy, after an operation to remove a large … Continue reading

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