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Mankind’s Oldest Technology

Unveiled today – and at last people are looking up from their iphones and their feet, and enjoying something that surprises them.  You don’t get this from television or iphones – only from the human hand and eye: mankind’s oldest … Continue reading

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Living with Michelangelo

Ever since I read about the Sistine Ceiling at the age of 17, I was fascinated with the larger than life character of Michelangelo.  I wrote elsewhere on this blog about his spiritual dimension but here I want to write … Continue reading

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Art and Religion

An article in the Independent this morning revealed Stonehenge to be a trove of carved art, prompting surprise that art could be found in what was assumed to be some kind of religious structure. One all-knowing commenter sniffed, if it’s … Continue reading

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A Wander Through Time

We’ve spent the last three days in London, a town we live near to but which we never get enough time to explore on a day trip.  I lived here years ago, in both poverty and wealth, and it’s fascinating … Continue reading

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Who was Jesus?

I recently saw an intriguing video called What Would Jesus Not Do? whose detailed arguments easily transcend the deliberately crude animation.  It points out the logical fallacy of equating Jesus with God through the lack of medical, social or scientific … Continue reading

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Materialism Damages Mirror Neuron Activity

People with an upper socioeconomic status or background tend to be less engaged in conversations. In a Berkeley study where two participants were filmed while having a conversation, the participants of the higher socioeconomic status or background displayed more disengagement … Continue reading

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A Meeting of Minds

The abrasion between the rational atheist and the man of faith is not an invention of modern times; it is part of mankind’s history.  In the time of the Vedas, 1500 years before the birth of Christ, feelings often ran … Continue reading

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