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Freeing the Spirit of Extravagance!

Astute readers will see I haven’t written much the last 10 days – ah, but that’s because I have been reading.   And if you are wondering what could possibly stretch my attention span that far: This book is one every … Continue reading

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The Religion, the Science, and the Atheism: Fasting

The Religion: The Bible presents fasting as something that is good, profitable, and beneficial. The book of Acts records believers fasting before they made important decisions (Acts 13:2; 14:23). Fasting and prayer are often linked together (Luke 2:37; 5:33). … Continue reading

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Judging the Fabric of Society: the Buddhist Amygdala

“The amygdala pervades the organisation of thought and behaviour at all levels.” Ralph Adolphs, expert on emotion, memory and social cognition, California Institute of Technology “By attuning the brain to all manner of threats and pleasures.. the amygdala helps to … Continue reading

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The Persistence of Spiritual Vision: the Symbols of Jack Kirby

1. Humanity’s heritage: Symbolic thought I’m 71 years old.. I used to read the first science fiction books, and I began to learn about the Universe myself and take it seriously.  I know the names of the stars.  I know … Continue reading

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Synthesis and Understanding – the Spirit of Art: Tom Thomson

Yesterday an exhibition of paintings at the Dulwich Picture Gallery came to an end after nearly twelve weeks; it was called “Painting Canada: Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven”.  It was a really stunning display of 52 large canvases … Continue reading

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Divinity – a natural ideal for the mind

There does seem to be a tendency for all cultures, all peoples, to invent gods.  They may differ in detail, but I think I’m right to say- anthropologists will tell you – that all peoples have gods of some sort. … Continue reading

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I dreamed last night that my blog count reached 26,569.  I have no idea what the significance is but it’s encouraging – my attention was drawn to the number, which was in a heavier font, light gray italic something like … Continue reading

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