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Mind, Body and Spirit

A study by Dr Anna Phillips, of the University of Birmingham, involving neutrophil – a white blood cell hungry for bacteria – found that grief in older people sabotaged the neutrophil’s ability to work properly, for weeks and months after … Continue reading

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Yesterday I went for a checkup at Bedford Hospital’s ENT department. I met with the two surgeons most familiar with my case, who always gently recommend chemotherapy and radiation, which I, equally gently, always refuse. This time they both observed … Continue reading

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Chemical Nation

Interesting to read that the American Academy of Neurology say chemotherapy is now known to destroy brain function: Studies in breast cancer patients find rates of chemo brain ranging between 17 and 75 percent. [One study of 42 women found] … Continue reading

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What They Don’t Tell You About Cancer

When I found myself with stage III squamous cell carcinoma, and in need of a year of drastic treatments, I was shaken enough to consume half a bottle of wine and the strongest espresso, to ponder my options.  As it … Continue reading

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