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Meditation and DNA

The following is an abbreviated version of an article written by Skye Ranier and published on NaturalNews.com. It includes the research of DNA expert Bruce Lipton and experiments reported in Plos-One, all of which reinforce other research presented on S … Continue reading

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Blame Where It’s Due Please, Mr Fry!

Generating mainstream press saturation this week in a way no amount of bombed refugees, human slavery or scientific analysis of the impossible 9/11 WTC building collapses could ever hope to achieve, English comedian Stephen Fry launched an astonishing tirade against … Continue reading

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From the Body Electric to the Wichita Lineman

Some very imaginative minds are turning their attention to the mechanisms inside the human cell, and not before time – molecular biology is proving to be, by far, the most fascinating and relevant field of research for humanity. Far more … Continue reading

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Persistence Seems To Pay Off

Every now and again I read something which fills me with amazement about the stubborn, relentless persistence of the human mind. Researching the structure of dolomite, a variation of calcium carbonate which incorporates magnesium and which, because of its great … Continue reading

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More Non-Random DNA Wonders

Links to the following five research articles are given at the end, for those who wish to delve more deeply, but the gist of each remarkable point is as follows: (1)  The codon bases have a non-random correlation with the … Continue reading

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The Sins of The Fathers

I saw an interesting article today, finding fault with the religious concept of “the sins of the fathers”.  The idea that the Bible threatens generations yet unborn with punishments – based solely on the actions of parents – is often … Continue reading

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To Be, Or Not To Be

I think nothing sums up the aggressive atheist’s bashfulness about reality like their famous “infinite monkey theory” – the idea that a monkey typing randomly would produce the works of Shakespeare, given an infinite period of time. Having such a … Continue reading

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