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The Daily Psychic

Some time back, in preparation for a new debunking TV show, the writer Richard Dawkins had a discussion with an invited guest, the scientist Rupert Sheldrake. Sheldrake had sent beforehand a number of research papers showing that psychic events, or … Continue reading

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Intolerance versus Islam

Richard Dawkins stirred up some debate recently when he tweeted: Some perceived an insult and accused him of unscientific, prejudiced thought.  Others rose to his defence and the same old merry-go-round trundled on awhile until another luminary, Simon Cowell, took … Continue reading

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The Rise and Fall of Civilisations: the Moral Genome

“The laws of Heaven operate in such a way that the mortal himself rewards, punishes, absolves or convicts himself.” .. Gopi Krishna Whatever Einstein charged for revealing the Theory of Relativity was probably on a par with Copernicus’ fee for … Continue reading

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What Happens in Vagus..

A fascinating article appears in New Scientist this month (July 13th) entitled Wishful Thinking, by Emma Young. It focuses on the function of the 10th cranial or vagus nerve, which connects the brain to the lungs, digestive tract and heart.  … Continue reading

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Shall the Geek Inherit the Earth?

A useful feature of enormous cathedrals or religious icons is that they exercise and expand the imagination.  They also give a different perspective; they flood the mind.  Emanating a sense of other-worldliness, they can protect against the fear that our … Continue reading

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Genius and Mystical Experience: Ayrton Senna

Originally posted on ScienceAndReligion.com:
26th April 2013: I’m reposting this in enthusiasm for Senna, and for the current F1 season, which seems like one of the most interesting so far.  Since I wrote this in 2011 I took my…

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If Accountants Designed the Universe

Let’s be honest: life is not a commercial decision.  If it had been up to accountants and lawyers, the Universe would never have been built – but let’s sit in on their pre-release committee meeting and see how they’re getting … Continue reading

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