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The Pen of Science: Still Mightier than the Sword

No matter who you may be, where you may live or what you may believe, the events of 9/11 changed your life. It was the pretext for the invasions and the bombing campaigns which plunged the entire middle east into … Continue reading

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Learning About State Terror

Imagine you live in a village of 270 houses.  One ordinary day, three homeowners return from work to find their houses demolished with explosives, and all who were at home, dead. The government is already on the scene.  They explain … Continue reading

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Twin Terrors: the IDF and ISIS

This is Jerusalem, in 1900.  Different religions living together: no checkpoints, no wall, no dissent, no soldiers launching missiles.  Just peace. Please note: all photos in this post link to a petition to bring Israel and Netanyahu to trial for … Continue reading

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Mandatory Tests for Fatal Diseases in Politicians

I think it’s high time we grew up and demanded proper MRI scans to test leaders for signs of sociopathic tendencies BEFORE they get into power, and start wrecking the planet. Their massacres and wars and torture operations would speak … Continue reading

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